Chamomile and its Magical Properties

How to use Chamomile in your Spells.

by the Witch

That's the exact meaning in Greek language and by this Greeks imply the precious attributes of this herb. Grown almost everywhere in Greek countryside Chamomile is well known for it's healing properties. Chamomile has an antibacterial action and it was used for many years to cleanse traumas and for gargling. Chamomile is a Sun's herb. Thus it has healing properties. Drinking Chamomile tea will help your vital energy (sun's energy) be balanced once again and this will happen in a very nice way (neither very slowly nor spontaneously). Specifically chamomile (as a tea) helps reduce stress and negative feelings and affects your stomach in a very positive way.

Chamomile's Magical Properties in Herbal Magic

Chamomile drunk as tea will help you calm your nerves and have a wonderful sleep with pleasant dreams. TIP! To make a chamomile-tea never boil together chamomile with the water. Boil first some water. Put away the water from the fire. Now add a spoon of chamomile in the boiled water and put a small dish on it to imprison the benevolent gases. Leave it there “closed” for 5 minutes. Take a cup, strain the flowers and drink the infusion slowly. You'll feel calm and balanced (but not sleepy...just calm. This state is of course preferable to someone who is going to sleep afterwards) . Plain Chamomile Spell! Burn some chamomile flowers daily to bring money to you life. Sun is associated with riches. Burn chamomile to get more money from your work, be able to pay your debts more easily and find more way to gain more money! If you enchant some chamomile flowers on Sunday (the day associated with Sun, preferably when Sun is in Leo / Sun is in your 5th house in your personal horoscope / Moon is in Leo).


Chamomile is also believed by many herbal witches to cause pleasant dreams!

Enchanted chamomile can even improve your health (always consult with your medical doctor when you use herbal ingredient and/or you face medical issues) and banish negativity. Sun herbs are banishing herbs in a way. While enchanted Saturnian herbs banish (a bit more effectively) by means of stopping something you want, Sun's herbs banish darkness in a more “happy” way. Saturn just ends the influence, making you room for new things. Sun transmutes the negative energies to bright lights. It's the nature of this “planet” and everything which is associated with. IN FEW WORDS: Drink a cup of Chamomile tea for its healing and relaxing properties and burn flowers for wealth, happiness and well-being spells. Chamomile can also be used in prophetic dreams and banishing spells as an add-on ingredient.


Have always some chamomile in your house and use it at night to banish tense and malevolence. Chamomile potion is not a plain one. It's simpe, yet really powerful. Use it.