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Really Practical Magic: a Spell to Sell your Old car with a simple Attraction Formula

Really Practical Magic
How to Sell your Car
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You might be in a rather difficult financial situation or at a place where you are tired from your old car and you want to buy a new one.  But first you want to sell your old car. You may have tried some things and didn’t work (yet!) or you haven’t tried anything so far but you decided to do it. So do it Right! Well this is a spell like you have never seen before. A spell to sell your old car.

how to see your old car

Let’s see. To do that, you have to understand two things which define the actual two phases of the same spell. First you have to understand that your old car might need some cleansing, well not only from the actual dirt on it but also from the astral one. Remember how many times you drove to your work, stressed, angry, depressed… well you should have known by now that the emotional-astral energy you unleashed  have stained on your car. This astral energy might have been cleansed passively by the Sun but some part of it might have endured. These energy remnants reproduce misery and negative feelings for all those possible byers of your old car.

Secondly once you’ve cleansed it, and it is essential to clean it FIRST, you have to make it look and feel more appealing. This action will make your car call the best buyer to it. So we will use an attraction formula for it.

First things first...

Phase one: 

On a waning Moon prepare a Holy Water or use the one you’ve already have. Go to your car and first clean it with enough Running water. I know that this kind of washing is a bit of waste of water but you’ll do that only once. Running water has the ability to neutralise and wash off negative energies.

Now that your car is washed and shining sprinkle some of your Holy Water on your car chanting:

“I Cleanse you with the Power of the Water,
I Cleanse your with the Fire of my Spirit,
You are Clean, Clean as New,
You are Ready to be sold Anew”

Or of course something like that. You can call the Powers of the Angels, like Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael to help you with the astral cleansing or of course any other Spirit you feel. Remember your Spirit is Divine, Eternal, you already have the power, Angels will help you perceive that!

Lemon attraction formula magical recipes online
Fresh Cut Lemon Power!

Phase two: 

On Monday during a waxing Moon you will prepare a most simple attraction formula.  How to make a simple attraction formula? The main ingredients you will is just need 2 lemons (Lemons are associated with the Moon and it is used in attraction spells), some sugar (a very common ingredient in attraction spells) and fresh Mint Leaves (Mint is used to prosperity spells, Spells that involve travel and means of travel and Refreshing the energies)

Simple attraction formula Recipe:

* Put the Juice of two fresh Lemons on a bowl. 
* Add three teaspoons of sugar
* Add 5 leaves of fresh Mint 
* Add equal amount of fresh tap Water (if it’s spring water it is much better).
* Add 1-2 drops of May Dew Elixir if it’s available.
* Stir the mixture clockwise for three times chanting:

“The Moon grows bigger day by day,
My Luck grows stronger day by day,
By the Power of the Moon and it’s attraction Power,
I charge this formula with my simple Desire!”

Now put your hands on the bowl and close your eyes. Do the Hatha yoga Exercise to relax. Now visualize that buyers come, check your car, the love it and they give you much money so you feel satisfied. Focus on your feeling of satisfaction. Keep this feeling of satisfaction. 

When you feel that enough energy has been given to your formula open your eyes and go to your car. Take a piece of cloth and soak it to the formula you prepared. 

Just sprinkle few drops on the front, the top and the wheels of your car. Repeat for another two days. 

Your spell is done!
Change Yourself, Change the World!

Discover, Play, Love!

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