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Vedic Spells: Spell of Immortality (a.k.a. A Health Spell)

Chandra Performing the Siva Puja
The Lore: 
As said in the post concerning Chandra, Daksha cursed Chandra to death. Chandra asked for the help of Lord Surya who is a great healer. Surya (being Chandra’s uncle) tried to help Chandra nourishing him all day long, every day, but Chandra’s powers started to fade. So Lord Chandra went to Great Lord Brahma, who advised Chandra to ask for the help of the Great Lord Siva.

Chandra performed the Siva Pooja and chanted the Mrityunjaya (sometimes Mahamrityunjaya or simply Maha) Mantra ten crore times (1 crore = 10.000.000, 10 crore = 100.000.000). Great Lord Siva was pleased and released Chandra from the curse.

The Mrityunjaya Mantra is considered to cure all diseases and to save the one who chant it, or the one for whom is chanted from death. Firstly it is written in the Rig Veda (on the 59th hymn of the 7th mandala, aka R.V. 7.59), and later the Yajur Veda restate it (on Kanda I, Prapkthaka 8, hymn 6, aka Y.V. I.8.6). In both cases the hymn refers to Lord Rudra (Siva) and the mantra in the scripts starts with his name in accusative case (the name of Rudra used is Tryambaka = he who has three eyes) and it is of the gayatri metre, but it has four verses, like the Gayatri Mantra.

The Spell: 
Write in Sanskrit the mantra (like it is given on the picture below) on a piece of paper, and now write the name of the sick on the back side of the paper. Take a picture or a statue of Great Lord Siva and light a candle to each side of the picture or statue. Offer water and milk to the God. Light a candle for the person for whom you are praying for. Offer sandalwood, jasmine, and camphor as incense to the God (or if you want use other incenses that you trust more). Then repeat the mantra for one mala (108 times) or continue to 100.000.000 times if you can.

Keep doing the ritual every day until the illness passes. After the first ritual take the paper with the mantra and role it to a cylinder. Bind it with red string or ribbon (red is sacred to Rudra) and give it to the sick person to have on his body.

In roman letters the mantra goes:
Om Tryambakam yajamahe
sugadhim pusti vardhanam
urvarukam iva badhanan
Mrytyor mukseeya mamritat

The Om syllable is not on the Vedic texts but it is added in front of every mantra.

The translation of the mantra is:
Om we worship the Tree Eyed One (Tryambaka, name of Siva)
The sweet smelling one who nourishes everyone and fulfils our lives
Just as the cucumber is liberated from its bondages
May the He liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.

Now in Sanskrit the mantra is:

For smaller cases the seed mantra that seems to express the Maha Mantra is:
Om jum sah
Om houm jum sah

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  1. well i would like to ask you something
    i have read in many new age forums that all these mantras have nothing special in them........its all belief, if you believe that chanting raaaaaaaaraaaaaaa will give you immortality (like the maha mritunjay mantra) than it will happen

    what do you think

    is this all about belief or there is something special in every mantra......?

    1. Well, your question is quite peculiar as you practically ask me if I believe that it is all about belief or there is something more than that.

      Belief is essential in any spiritual act, being it prayer, spell casting or even visualization. If you believe that something will not work then you don’t add your spirit in the procedure and it is going to fail. And if you believe that a mambo jumbo like the raaaaaaaaraaaaaaa example will work, then you are going to use your spiritual power and this may be enough to do the job.

      I personally am a religious man, so yes I believe that these mantras have something special. Now, you may don’t agree that by their creation they did have something special. But it is quite easy to come to the conclusion that nowadays they do.

      Let me explain. If I strongly believe that repeating the word “abakuba” (if I am right this means nothing to any language, if not, that is what I mean anyway) will make me let us say richer, then by doing so I start creating richness, and after that my belief in the word becomes stronger and it easier to create wealth by using it and so on. But if too many people come to believe the same thing and use the same word then the word will obtain a power of its own, so even if somebody use it with the hope, not belief but just hope, to give him or her riches, it most probably going to work for them as well.

      The ancient mantras have been used by too many people for about 3000 years or more. Think that India has the 1/6 of the global population. So even if you believe that in their creation had no power, it would be rather impossible to think that now they have no power. Personally, believing that they had power from the time of their creation, I believe that now they have even greater power.

      So the question is do You believe that these mantras have power of their own or not. If yes, use them, if you are not sure, try them and see for yourself, if not, then use the powerful abakuba spell J.


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