How to improve your Sexual Life the Witch’s way?

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There are phases in our life where our internal volcano of sexual energy remains dormant and the more we get used to this scenario the more difficult it becomes to express ourselves and our desires after this phase of abstinence is over. Of course, all situations differ and many life circumstances may have led us to go through that phase of stagnation which although sometimes painful it is so important to promote growth. This is article is for all of you who are looking improve your Sexual Life. 

Sex and Magic

Therefore, it is time to learn our lessons as good students of life and make the move that will turn tables. As life progresses our sexual energy transforms naturally and manifests in different ways in our life, yet our sexual appetite is part of ourselves and is closely associated with our self-preservation instinct.

How to Improve your Sexual Life

All problems start when we feel unexpressed either because we do not want to express our desires or we do not know the proper route to express them and manifest what we really want in our lives. Unexpressed sexual energy and desire can create further blockages in our body and our psyche. Jealousy, resentment, isolation, lack of communication, feelings of weakness and inability to change our life to the direction we want to are only few of the problems to name that may come as a result of unexpressed sexual energy. So if you are going through a similar phase it is time to claim your own power, receive healing (yes sexual healing as the song goes and all the nice things that come with it) and bring harmony in our lives, the big lesson of the Spring equinox- the winter is over it is time to go forward and wake up the dormant earth for new life to come alive.

Enough with the talk! Let”s see how magic can assist us in regenerating our life and help our sexual energy flow freely:

1) Claim your power

All women and men have power as everything in this world has power. We should never claim that a squirrel is not as powerful as a lion. Every witch knows that power is expressed in many different ways, and yet every squirrel has its own qualities that make him equal to a lion in terms of strength in ways we can witness and in ways we cannot see. Introspection and examining our selves closely can help us understand better our qualities and find our real worth- one that is beyond measurement. Turn your radar to your own qualities and feel proud about them. Put them in good use and harness their true power that can change your life and assist others change their lives. In terms of sexual energy, locate all the qualities that make you feel wanted. What do you find attractive in yourself? which are your personal qualities that have been neglected during this phase?  

Take a piece of paper and write down all the qualities that you love about yourself. Taking this a step further use positive affirmations daily to remind yourself of all your good qualities. Simply read the list aloud to yourself aloud once daily while standing in front of a mirror. Remember this exercise is not about the things you do not like but instead it is about all the things you like and love about yourself. Put a smile on your face and be proud for who you are. An even stronger way is to materialise all these good qualities. How to do that? Simply identify an object i.e. a gemstone, a flower, a feather, seashell, that reminds you of yourself and your qualities. Research as necessary and carry this object with you. Always remind yourself about your good qualities that exist in Nature already and adore them. That seashell is you in a parallel universe. Another way can be to paint your good qualities, write a poem or a story about them or alternatively identify a song that you feel is about you. When you read your qualities remember that story, read that poem, look at that painting or listen to that song. Feel special  and sexual because you are!

2) Identifying and removing blockages

The other side of the coin is to find what kind of blockages do not let us lead a fulfilling sexual life.Some questions you may wish to answer are: which blocks have you created in your own life that do not let your sexual power flow freely? Which are your fears associated with the expression of your desires- do they have a rational foundation? do they serve a purpose?  If you are familiar with your spirit guides you can ask for assistance in locating the answers. If you are new to the Craft you may ask for clarity by writing a letter to your angel and meditate, be patient and listen closely, the answers will come.

Then it is time for cleansing! By cleansing our space and our energy we create the necessary space required for the new energy to come in our lives. Smudging, creating holy water, using salt and water to cleanse our aura in our bathroom or simply diving in the arms of the Sea mother and sunbathing are easy ways that can make a difference. Alternatively you can cast a cleaning spell focusing on the things that you want to remove from your life. For home cleansing ideas you can see our suggestions here. Set your intention, take one blockage at a time and surrender it to the universe to remove it from your life. Remember that this is an ongoing process and it is like the Sea there is always something new to explore every time you dive in. Be bold and ask for all the help you need from our Spirit friends as you are never alone in this journey. Finally, you may wish to cast a spell to remove these blockages such as the Burn your troubles away spell.

3) The bedroom as an altar

Yes claiming our power and removing blockages are necessary parts for successful healing and personal transformation and there are more and even more ways to empower us. One way is to see our bedroom as an altar. Have you ever considered that probably our bedroom is the room in our house that we spend a considerable amount of time in? We sleep, we make love and we usually store our clothes. This is the best place in our house to create an altar expressing our sexual energy and how we would like it to be. Find a space, it can be a drawer, a place in your wardrobe or preferably an open space like a table.

A small coffee table or a bedside table will do perfectly. Once you have located the space, clear it both physically and energetically, and make this corner a corner of love and passion. Traditionally, the first thing that will make a difference is a candle. The power of fire has long been associated with passion and sexual energy. Find a candle that you feel that can express the power of Fire and bring it in your bedroom. Dedicate the candle and its flame to your sexual life, and revive your inner flame. Light that candle every time you want to empower your sexual life and let its flame warm your body and spirit. Empower your altar with decorations that are meaningful to you and communicate your desires and wishes to the Universe and the God(s).

A romantic or passionate image of the state you want to bring in your life, fresh flowers, an oil burner where you can burn essential oils you feel sensual and make you feel special, a piece of pink quartz to bring emotional stability, a ruby to bring passion and good sex, a feather to make your sexual life fly, a root to ensure that your change is taking deep roots in your life, chocolates or sweets of your preference as a remembrance of the sweetness of life and the pleasures of sex the list is endless, let your intuition guide you and create your own special corner, a manifestation of your desires and a way to communicate them to the Universe with an open heart. This is your time, enjoy it!

4) Getting in the mood

Change can happen only if we set our intention clearly in our minds and take all the necessary steps to facilitate change. Change of attitude then! Time to cast our spells! Calling a new love in your life, creating a magical oil like the Follow me Boy, or even better a Sex Euphoria oil (if you have a partner or if you want to be adventurous). If you want to increase your virility or your man”s virility there is also a spell for that or if you feel that you prefer herbal magic then look at our lists below:

Simpler ways are to buy an underwear that you find sexual yet daring or a perfume that you find sexual and attractive. The trick is not to select something that you would never wear, perfume or underwear, instead it is to buy something that you really want and feel that would suit you but you always felt that you could not support it. The important thing is to express yourself and to be courageous to communicate it to yourself and the Cosmos. In addition, do you feel that you want to change your body, feel empowered to do so. Start a healthy diet or get a new gym subscription! You do not need to do that for others but instead to yourself. It is all about expressing you and becoming who you want to be, it was and is always there. Enjoy life, get out more and socialise more, encourage yourself to discover new activities and people. 

Of course, all change in order to be successful has to be done gradually, expressing all your energy at once is like a Fire that will burn out quickly. Instead fuel constantly that fire and make one step at a time. A successful change is not one that we think is happening only but instead like a Stone it is here to stay. Be good and kind to yourself and feel free like Air and let the change flow naturally overcoming any obstacles like Water. Feel blessed because you are and you will always be. It is just a matter of when you will realise it and embrace it. 

You are powerful!

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