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What’s my Birthstone? Anything You Might Want To Know

Birthstone - Anything You Might Want To Know! We've all heard of birthstones and come across them at some point, and with this article...

Demystifying Centring

Centring is the process of focusing on the energy that is at the center of your being. Traditionally centring and grounding are used together...

Benefits of Grounding & How To Do It…

Grounding is the process in which we maintain an appropriate amount of energy by releasing any excess energy and sending it back to the...

How to Bring a Little Zen to Your Life

The last article I wrote focused on was about how you can raise your own personal vibrations, and today I want to look at...

How to Raise Your Vibration

In my last few articles I have been concentrating on energy and the process of grounding excess energy. This article is going to venture...

Signs & Symptoms of Being Ungrounded

Through my Facebook posts I have written about the importance of being grounded, ways of grounding, yourself. I don't think I ever really did...

Witch’s Esbats – all you want to know

For my fourth instalment of the Frequently Asked Questions series I am going to look at the questions I have been asked about Esbats.  Here you will find...

Magical Altar – Do it Yourself

Magical Altar and how to do it! As the second instalment of my Frequently Asked Questions series, Altars is another very common source of questions, and...

The Magic of the Phoenix Animal Guide

For as long as I can remember I have had a Phoenix with me, she isn't always visible but I can always feel that...

Crystal Magic Initiation – Part Deux

This is the Second part of the Crystal Magic Initiation in order to become a powerful and wise Crystal Witch. The First part can...

Crystal Magic – Initiation

Crystal Magic's Frequently Asked Questions. Since I became a qualified crystal healer here in the UK I have been inundated with questions about crystals and...

Witch’s Sabbats – all you want to know

The Witch's Sabbats Frequently Asked Questions  The third instalment of my Frequently Asked Questions series of article looks at the magical celebrations of the Wheel...

Are you a Rainbow Witch ?

Introducting myself as a Rainbow Witch, by Nixie Vale. Are you too? 

Magic with a Penniless Purse

Magic and Paganism with a Penniless Purse. What happens if you are not rich... yet!  By Nixie Vale

Book of Shadows

Frequently Asked Questions about the Book of Shadows, by Nixie Vale

Colour Magic: What Energies each colour attracts

How to use Colours to bring Magic in your Life. 

Creating an Altar for Litha , By Nixie Vale

The Altar of Summer Solstice - Litha. Magical Correspondences and the Lore of the Solstice

Litha Deities

Gods, Goddesses and Spirits to Celebrate and Tap into their power for the Summer Solstice. By Nixie Vale

The Great Andara Debate , By Nixie Vale 

What are the Andara Crystals? The Great Debate presented by Nixie Vale




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