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As above, so below

The Pandora’s box Spell for a Peaceful and Blessed home !

Spells for your home. Peaceful Home Spell. The Pandora's Box Spell, She Who Has All the Gifts. An ancient blend for Blessings and Peace at...

Labyrinth and its Magical Powers

The Occult symbol with ancient Mystical Powers

The Morning Dew of May. The Ultimate Nature’s Elixir

The Sabbath of Beltane and The Morning Dew of May. The Ultimate Nature's Elixir

May Holy Water, to Break all Curses

the May Holy Water, a powerful tool to break any spells

Kerykeion / Caduceus, the magic Staff of Hermes / Mercury

How to use the Kerykeion / Caduceus as a symbol of Health and Magical Powers  

Magic of Rose & its Colors

Magical Properties and uses of Rose: the herb of Love and beauty

Elemental Magic of Air: to Raise and Summon a Wind! &...

How to invoke each wind to work with your Magic!

Attraction Spell: Make yourself A Giant Charming Star

The most Powerful Talisman ever created is Yourself!

Secrets of Parthenon

Magical phenomena and the power of Harmony in the symbol of Western Civilization