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New theory: Stonehenge menhirs were just stilts!

Magic News New Theory Stonehenge menhirs were just stilts!   We have read so many books and articles as we also watched numerous documentaries and movies on what...

Dark Secrets: the Hand of Glory

Real Halloween Stories: Dark Magic Unveiled. The Hand of Glory. The truth behind one of the most infamous black magic techniques. What powers does it really posses?

Le Château des Carpathes, The Vampires of Crete

  Les Château des Carpathes by Jules Verne first published in 1893 Le Château des Carpathes :     The Vampires of Crete!   On the Greek island of Crete, around...

Review: ‘Phoenix herbal blend’ of Rosarium Blends

Phoenix herbal Blend of Rosarium Blends. I was walking down the crowded streets of London with my fellow witches and we visited a store...

Secrets of Parthenon

Magical phenomena and the power of Harmony in the symbol of Western Civilization 

Product Review: “High John the Conqueror” powder of Anna Riva

**** (Four out of Five Stars. Very Good Product!)

Product Review: “Jinx Removing” oil by “Indio Products”

***** (Five out of Five / Excellent Product! )

What is Reiki?

 Interview with a Reiki Healer.

Product Review: “Glow of Attraction” oil by 7 Sisters of New...

***** (Five out of Five stars! Excelent product!)