A spell to disperse grief and sorrow

Life is not all about mirth and joy. This is something that every mortal human being knows. A life can be sometimes full of...

Marie Laveau Water – Recipe and Uses

I bet you all have heard about Marie Laveau Water. This mystical water with magic in every drop. But who was this mystical person...

Dream Incense – Magical Recipe

Dream Incense. A simple yet most powerful recipe of an incense to help you see more vivid dreams, remember them, and to work with your dream magic.

a thousand-year-old Illustrated ‘Magic Book’ of Herbal Remedies Available for Free

The Quest for the Herbal Magic is older that we can possibly know. Herbal Magic is what gave life to biology, modern medicine and...

Coffee Potions

Coffee is our favourite magical potion, one we cannot start our day without. Have you thought that each coffee beverage you prepare, what you...

Tea Magic: Health Benefits and Magic Properties

Tea is a beverage with a very long history - probably the longest in human race. Legend has it, that the Chinese emperor Shen-nong...

How to make and use Bat’s Blood Ink

What is Bat's Blood Ink? How to make Bat's Blood Ink and how to use it for removing supernatural problems and protection from evil spirits.

A Witchy Remedy for Sore throat

A magic Jar with Ginger, Lemon and Honey to fight symptoms of Common Cold and Sore Throats

Flying Potion and Flying ointments

Tonight Witches ... we Fly! How to Make and How to use a Flying Potion  

Citrus oil Lamps, the magic flame of Orange, Lime, Lemon &...

How to make and how to use Oil Lamps made of Citrus Fruits: Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit

A Magic Potion Against Anxiety

Advanced Potioncraft: How to Make and Use a Potion against Anxiety 

Tea of Immortality and Eternal Youth

A special Herbal Blend to help you live longer, better and keep you young and beautiful

A Devil’s Trap’s Recipe

A Devil's Trap's recipe. Learn how to make and use the Devil's Trap for protection against evil spirits and malevolent magic.

Healing Magic Potion: Lavender Lemonade

Potioncraft: our Magical Lavender Lemonade and how to use it

Liquor for Joyful Lust

How to create a homemade magical Liquor for Joyful Lust

Florida Water

Florida Water Recipe and its Magical uses

Magic Potion to shine like the Moon

The Craft of Magic Potions - A Magic Potion to shine like the Moon We have seen that Lord Chandra, the Moon deity is of...

The Forty Waves Magical Recipe

Initiation to Sea Magic. Who wants to be a Sea Witch ?

Witch Herbal for Yule, the Winter Solstice

Find out the Magical Herbal blend to enchant Yule, the Winter Solstice  




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