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Florida Water

Florida Water Recipe and its Magical uses

a thousand-year-old Illustrated ‘Magic Book’ of Herbal Remedies Available for Free

The Quest for the Herbal Magic is older that we can possibly know. Herbal Magic is what gave life to biology, modern medicine and...

Healing Magic Potion: Lavender Lemonade

Potioncraft: our Magical Lavender Lemonade and how to use it

Magical Recipe: Fast Luck oil

Ancient Formula Recipe: the original Fast Luck oil!

A Magic Potion Against Anxiety

Advanced Potioncraft: How to Make and Use a Potion against Anxiety 

Witch’s way against Depression

Herbal Magic and Aromatherapy against Depression and Sadness. How to banish sadness with a Magic Spell

How to make and use Bat’s Blood Ink

What is Bat's Blood Ink? How to make Bat's Blood Ink and how to use it for removing supernatural problems and protection from evil spirits.

Witches Herbal for Samhain

Halloween Magic & Spells: Witches Herbal for Samhain

Ambrosia & Amrita: the Food of the Gods

Ambrosia and Amrita. Lore and Recipe for the food of the Gods: The secret for eternal life. Find out how to make your own, home-made, Amrita.