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Holy Water: How to make it and its Magical Uses

Guide to on how to make Holy Water and its Magical Uses

Florida Water

Florida Water Recipe and its Magical uses

Magic Potion to shine like the Moon

The Craft of Magic Potions - A Magic Potion to shine like the Moon We have seen that Lord Chandra, the Moon deity is of...

The Forty Waves Magical Recipe

Initiation to Sea Magic. Who wants to be a Sea Witch ?

Witch Herbal for Yule, the Winter Solstice

Find out the Magical Herbal blend to enchant Yule, the Winter Solstice  

Witches Herbal for Samhain

Halloween Magic & Spells: Witches Herbal for Samhain

Druid’s Herbal for Imbolc

A guide through the herbal magic of Imbolc - Brigid's Day

Cascarilla Powder. How to make and use it.

The Hoodoo miracle dust of protection, cleansing and repellant of malevolent energies