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Ultimate Magical Elixir – First Spring Rain

Nature Magic - Ultimate Nature's Magic Elixirs - First Spring Rain

Review: ‘Phoenix herbal blend’ of Rosarium Blends

Phoenix herbal Blend of Rosarium Blends. I was walking down the crowded streets of London with my fellow witches and we visited a store...

Fairy Rings: A magic portal or a lethal trap?

Imagine you wake up in a beautiful morning and while strolling through the lawn or the woods you daily visit you encounter an arc...

Herbal Magic of Chicory

Chicory, Cichorium intybus, is a very common plant of the dandelion family. We usually see it with bright blue flowers, colouring walking paths and...

Liquor for Joyful Lust

How to create a homemade magical Liquor for Joyful Lust   Summer Solstice is coming, and amongst else, the summer Sun is famous for fermenting magical...