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How to See Erotic Dreams

DreamWorld series of Spells & Recipes

The Forty Waves Magical Recipe

Initiation to Sea Magic. Who wants to be a Sea Witch ?

a thousand-year-old Illustrated ‘Magic Book’ of Herbal Remedies Available for Free

The Quest for the Herbal Magic is older that we can possibly know. Herbal Magic is what gave life to biology, modern medicine and...

Ritual baths: Harvesting the Power of Water

Beloved ones, today I will talk about one of my favorite topics in Witchcraft, one that is often not well understood and often overlooked,...

Druid’s Herbal for Imbolc

A guide through the herbal magic of Imbolc - Brigid's Day

Magical Pomander Balls for a Blessed Solstice and New Year

Beloved ones you may have started your preparations for a blessed Yule and fortunately looking forward to a Merrier New Year leaving behind the...

Witch’s way against Depression

Herbal Magic and Aromatherapy against Depression and Sadness. How to banish sadness with a Magic Spell