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Ancient Formula Recipe: How to Make Rosewater

Rosewater or Rose Water is an ingredient used for centuries. Essential in your Cuisine, Essential in Cosmetics, Essential in Magic ! You can find Rosewater in...

Holy Water: How to make it and its Magical Uses

Guide to on how to make Holy Water and its Magical Uses

How to See Erotic Dreams

DreamWorld series of Spells & Recipes

The Forty Waves Magical Recipe

Initiation to Sea Magic. Who wants to be a Sea Witch ?

May Holy Water, to Break all Curses

the May Holy Water, a powerful tool to break any spells

Healing Magic Potion: Lavender Lemonade

Potioncraft: our Magical Lavender Lemonade and how to use it

The Morning Dew of May. The Ultimate Nature’s Elixir

The Sabbath of Beltane and The Morning Dew of May. The Ultimate Nature's Elixir

Follow Me Boy Oil: Recipe and how to use !

Powerful Hoodoo Recipe: How to create and use the notorious Follow Me Boy!

Black Salt, how to make and use it

Original Recipe on how to create and use the Black Salt