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Liquor for Joyful Lust

How to create a homemade magical Liquor for Joyful Lust   Summer Solstice is coming, and amongst else, the summer Sun is famous for fermenting magical...

Magical Recipe: Sex Euphoria oil

The secret of Magical formula "Sex Euphoria" explained

Holy Water: How to make it and its Magical Uses

Guide to on how to make Holy Water and its Magical Uses

A Magic Potion Against Anxiety

Advanced Potioncraft: How to Make and Use a Potion against Anxiety 

How to make and use the Wall of Protection oil &...

A powerful ancient Magical Recipe to protect and guard you from Evil

Product Review: Follow me boy oil, by Anna Riva

***** (Five out of Five / Excellent Product! )

Flying Potion and Flying ointments

Tonight Witches ... we Fly! How to Make and How to use a Flying Potion  

a thousand-year-old Illustrated ‘Magic Book’ of Herbal Remedies Available for Free

The Quest for the Herbal Magic is older that we can possibly know. Herbal Magic is what gave life to biology, modern medicine and...

Black Salt, how to make and use it

Original Recipe on how to create and use the Black Salt