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Sex Spell – How to Increase a Man’s Virility

Beltanes Magic - Sexual Spells : Spells, Rituals and Lore of the 1st of May (suitable for both Gay, Bisexual or Straight men)

Tap into the Triquetra: A Power Awakening Spell

How to Wake up your Magical Powers using the Triquetra!

Attract what you Desire with Sugar!

Really Practical Magic: a Basic Attraction Spell

New Moon, New Job spell

Practical Magic: A spell to find a New Job

Simple Jinx Removing Ritual

How to Protect yourself from Black Magic Spells    

Wind Magic: East Wind

Invoking the East Wind. Magical properties and attributes of the East Wind

A Wishing Spell with Apple

Use the Powers of Apple, to conjure and materialise your Wish just by eating it!