Magical Newsletter

Medusa, the Protectress: an inspiring legend and symbol

A powerful divine weapon against all evil

A Mantra for Pleasure and Happiness

A simple Mantra which helps us heal our lives and previous experiences and also, help us become eternally blissful and happy.

5 reasons that make every Witch doubt

Do Witches Doubt themselves? We all try to learn and evolve in our Craft. We learn from what we do right and we learn...

Choose a mandala & discover your hidden magical power

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. As a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism it represents the universe. Through vivid colors...

Creatures of Light and Dark : The Cheshire Cat

  Creatures of Light and Dark The Cheshire Cat!  Most of you have already recognized the beast, and some of you know the beast but you just...

Lemures and Lemuria. Days of Evil Ghosts

What are Lemures? What is Lemuria? How to banish Lemures! May 9, 11 and 13, the Days of the Lemures.

Creatures of Light and Dark : The Banshee

Banshee : The well known Celtic female fairy that mourns the dead. Learn more about this creature, and where it comes from.

Fairy Rings: A magic portal or a lethal trap?

Imagine you wake up in a beautiful morning and while strolling through the lawn or the woods you daily visit you encounter an arc...

Automatic Writing and how to Do it

All you need to know about this form of mediumship and how to practise it