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Creatures of Light and Dark : Black Dogs (Hounds of...

  Creatures of Light and Dark the Black Dogs Are the Black Dogs Allies or Enemies, Good or Evil?  Magic and Lore behind these mysterious creatures Black Dogs, Hounds...

Hermes, the Divine Messenger

Greek Pantheon: Hermes (Mercury), the Royal Divine Messenger

The Three Fates, The Triple Goddesses of Fate and Destiny

The Greek Moirae and the Norse Norns. Who are they? How can they affect our Fate?

Creatures of Light and Dark: Kingdom of Salamanders

Planes of Existence: Salamanders, the Elementals of Fire

Creatures of Light and Dark: Psychic Vampires

The Psychic Vampires the lore, the truth and how to Recognise them Although there is not such an extended bibliography concerning real life incidents of...

Creatures of Light & Dark: Vampires

Vampires: What about them? In this first part about vampires and vampiric entities we are going to study the blood sucking kind of them. Almost everyone...

Thor, the Nordic God of Thunders

Thor was the son of Odin, King of the Gods, and the giantess Jörd the personification of Earth, while some claim that his mother...

Freya (Freja) the Scandinavian Goddess of Love, Beauty and War

Dear readers, as you may have already observed my colleagues have began to present you with information about the Greek, Egyptian and Hindu pantheons....

Agni, the Hindu God of Fire

Why Summon Agni's Power & How divine Fire can Bless your Life.