Magical Newsletter

Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 16 to July...

Spiritual Advice to help all zodiacs make the best of this week. Find out where you need to focus on and what mental attitude you should adopt.

A Mantra for Pleasure and Happiness

A simple Mantra which helps us heal our lives and previous experiences and also, help us become eternally blissful and happy.

Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 9 to July...

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week: This is a week of new beginnings, letting go of the past (and reason), and going over...

How to see your Past Life in your Magic Mirror

Do you want to know what you were in your Previous Life? Learn how to use your Magic Mirror in order to see visions of your Past Life in it.

Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques : Brain Waves and Binaural Beats

Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques:  Brain Waves and Binaural Beats the Gates of Heaven lie on our divine minds and nature   What I intend to do here,...

Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques : Magnetize what you want through...

Magnetize what you want through visualization   Now, the technique I am going to describe I have taken it from Richard Bach’s “Illusions” and changed it...

Magnetise what your Want through Visualization

How to use visualization to magnetise everything you want. A simple visualisation technique everyone can use and master right away.

Collaborating with the Universe

School of Witchcraft: Why sometimes spells don't work? How to use the Universal Powers to accomplish what you want.