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Choose a mandala & discover your hidden magical power

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. As a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism it represents the universe. Through vivid colors...

How to see your Past Life in your Magic Mirror

Do you want to know what you were in your Previous Life? Learn how to use your Magic Mirror in order to see visions of your Past Life in it.

Your Native American Zodiac Sign

The indigenous tribes of America had developed a very special spiritual connection with nature. As it is the case in the Chinese Astrology, the...

7 Signs You have a Spiritual Gift – Are You Genuinely...

There's a pretty big discussion about Spiritual Gifts and people who claim they've got plenty. Although everyone does have at least one spiritual gift,...

Choose a Sun as Your Emblem – See what it Means

If you were about to create your flag, by choosing a Sun, which one would you pick? Which one describes you best? Each Sun...

Collaborating with the Universe

School of Witchcraft: Why sometimes spells don't work? How to use the Universal Powers to accomplish what you want.

A Mantra for Pleasure and Happiness

A simple Mantra which helps us heal our lives and previous experiences and also, help us become eternally blissful and happy.

A free course on Witchcraft

Knowledge is power, and we know that. Yet, when it comes to witchcraft and to other spiritual activities, what we define as ‛knowledge’ cannot...

Coloring Book of Shadows: Book of Spells

A Magical Recipes Online suggestion: The "Coloring Book of Shadows: Book of Spells", a work published by the author and illustrator Amy Cesari promises...