Magical Newsletter

Kerykeion / Caduceus, the magic Staff of Hermes / Mercury

How to use the Kerykeion / Caduceus as a symbol of Health and Magical Powers  

The Druid’s Herbal of Beltane

 Spells, Rituals and Lore of Beltane: The Druid's Herbal of Beltane

Magic Symbols: Ouroboros (Uroborus), the Circles of Life

The meaning, the Lore and the Powers of Ouroboros, the snake which bites its tail for all eternity!

Collaborating with the Universe

School of Witchcraft: Why sometimes spells don't work? How to use the Universal Powers to accomplish what you want.

Why should someone study Alchemy to do Magic

School of Witchcraft: Lesson 1. Starting with the Basics

Chamomile and its Magical Properties

How to use Chamomile in your Spells.

Basil’s Magical Properties

Herbal Magic of Basil. How to use Basil in your Spells.