Magical Newsletter

Beltane in Ancient Greece and Rome

Celebrations of the First of May (Beltane) – A tradition more ancient than May itself.

Herbal Magic of Lavender

Magical Properties and how to use Lavender in Magic

Triquetra , the triple aspect of the Divine

Decrypting the Triquetra Symbol

Herbal Magic Analysis: Peppermint, the Vampire Repellent

Magical Properties and Correspondences of Peppermint.

Amethyst, the Stone of Endless Perfect Love

Magical Properties and Uses in Spells of Amethyst

Magic Symbols: Scarab , the solar Talisman

Scarab, a living symbol created by Underworld"s matter

Labyrinth and its Magical Powers

The Occult symbol with ancient Mystical Powers

Magic of Rose & its Colors

Magical Properties and uses of Rose: the herb of Love and beauty

Chamomile and its Magical Properties

How to use Chamomile in your Spells.