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    'Prosperity' Oil $32.44

    Formula or ‘Condition oils’ are old as time. Thus have been used by millions of Witches since the beginning of human civilisation. To make them, Witches were picking the appropriate essential oils, herbs and roots and when the time was right, they infused them in a ‘base oil’ under certain alchemical procedures and planetary alignments. This arcane concoction was a ‘quick-fix’, easy to access ritual. One of the most popular condition oils was ‘Prosperity’. Also known as “Wealth”, “Wealthy Way” and “Abundance” oil.

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    'Witch's' Oil (Clavis aurea) $32.44

    We present you the ‘Witch’s’ Oil. Also known as the ‘Clavis Aurea’, a secret recipe from the ancient texts. It was believed that this arcane concoction was an easy-to-access ritual, to gradually build up magical powers and awareness of the Unseen World. Another amazing discovery from our extensive research. Clavis Aurea means the Golden key, meaning the way of discovering hidden wisdom or mysterious meanings in texts, particularly applied in Witchcraft, Theology and Alchemy.

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