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  • High John the Conqueror Incense (handmade) $15.50

    High John the Conqueror, is a handmade incense which combines the use of resins, powdered root and essential oils in order to create a unique blend. Only few ingredients in Witchcraft are so adored like the root of the Conqueror. The Root of John the Conqueror or otherwise, is widely used in a variety of magical processes for success and blessings.

  • King Solomon's Incense (handmade) $24.60

    King Solomon’s incense is a handmade incense which combines the use and lore of resins, herbs, powders and essential oils in order to create a unique blend. According to the legend, Solomon was one of the wisest kings ever. He could communicate directly with angelic beings and command other entities due to his powerful magic that he possessed.

    Naturally, this blend’s recipe, as the name implies, is considered to come from this wise king. Also, as you might have guessed, the recipe remains a secret, passed through generations via dusty books of shadows and grimoires. Thus, we hope you enjoy it. Every blend is created under specific alchemical instructions and planetary alignments.

  • Pure Labdanum Resin $47.00

    The famous Labdanum resin is surrounded by an aura of mysticism through the ages and was well respected by alchemists, witches and priests of all times. It was believed that Labdanum can empower any magical ceremony and it was greatly associated with protection, empowerment and spiritual development. It was recommended to be added in all incenses that involved Divine work and the invocation of Celestial entities.

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