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  • Basil (dried) $3.50

    Buy Basil (dried) to use in your Spells and Rituals. This is a herb which reputation made it the most famous plant amongst nations and tribes around the Mediterranean sea. In stairs, in balconies, in living rooms, almost everywhere a basil reigns. Old Greeks say “basil helps a house to be solid and a family to be healthy”.

    It’s a common belief that basil brings blessings in everyone in the house and keeps unwanted spirits away maybe more than any other herb in Herbal Magic.

  • Benzoin Resin (Styrax) $15.08

    Benzoin Resin, also known as Styrax, is an extremely precious resin, used by Witches, Mages and Priests since antiquity.  Personally, this is my favourite resin. Witches used it for all Blessing Rituals. Probably because of its association with the Sun and the solar entities.

  • Frankincense Resin $4.60

    Buy Frankincense Resin to use in your Spells and Rituals. One of the most famous resins of all times and part of many magical recipes.

  • Queen of Heaven Incense $25.00

    A handmade incense which combines the use of resins and essential oils in order to create a unique blend. Used by witches as incense in spells and rituals to bless a wedding, create marriage opportunities and bring good luck before and after the wedding. These ladies definitely didn’t leave anything to chance alone.

  • Rose of Jericho $42.25

    Buy a Rose of Jericho to use in your Spells and Rituals.  The amazing ability of this plant is that it can survive for many many years without any water. In fact after the rainy season, the plant dries up, dropping leaves and curling branches into a tight ball waiting patiently for the next rain drops. It can remain in the desert for many years and when the rain finds it the ball uncurls and the plant wakes up. This process is believed to hide resurrection abilities which can be used to achieve various magical goals.

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