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  • Cleansing Incense (handmade) $19.31

    ‘Cleansing’ is a handmade incense which combines the use of resins, powders and essential oils. Pure frankincense is melted in a ritual way and then, when the time is right, other resins, root and herbal powders along with essential oils are added in a delicate alchemical concoction. Every blend is created under specific alchemical instructions and planetary alignments. Thus, following the old recipes of dusty books of shadows we are ready to give you an alchemical concoction we loved. This is the Cleansing Incense.

  • Hyssop (dried) $18.20

    Hyssop was always believed to carry powerful cleansing properties and was used by witches in cleansing and sealing rituals. Witches sprinkle hyssop around doorsteps to seal their houses from evil spirits or to end a series of unfortunate events. Its power is even mentioned in the Bible.

  • Rue (dried) $10.92

    I cannot deny that Rue is one of my personal favourites with a rich magical history, therefore I may have been a little biased including it in my list. Favoured among the Italian Witches (Strega), rue is excellent for breaking all malevolent magic, banishing unwanted entities and anything that is no longer needed in our lives.

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