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  • Silver Scarab necklace (Silver Egyptian Beetle) handmade $59.79

    Buy a majestic silver Scarab necklace (925 silver) created specifically for all our fans. Ancient Egyptians adored this talisman beyond limits. It comes from god Khefra, the scarab god, whose name actually means “to come into existence”. Moreover, ancient Egyptians believed that Scarabs are made of Underworld matter. Thus, this majestic talisman was associated with Resurrection, Rebirth and Reincarnations.

  • Spikenard Powder $33.67

    Buy Spikenard Powder to use in your Spells and Rituals. A wonderful mix from the indian experts to create an enchanting effect. Smells similar to Patchouli. In the Ancient days Spikenard was precious like gold. Spikenard were used extensively in Rituals for rebirth and to honour the ancestors and was attributed to Osiris and the Sacred Phoenix.

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