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Buy Palo Santo Powder to use in your Spells and Rituals.  Also known as the ‘holy wood’, the Energy of the amazing witchy ingredient is believed to be used since the Era of Incas.

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Buy Palo Santo Powder to use in your Spells and Rituals. Bursera graveolens, more commonly known from the Spanish language as ‘Palo Santo’ which means ‘holy wood’, is a wild tree native to Mexico and South America (the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela). Its citrus, minty scent and yellowish piney smoke became very popular in Northern America from the 1960’s and since then, many forms of the ‘holy wood’ is being used for Industrial or Spiritual Reason. (Get also Piece of the Palo Santo here)

The Energy of the Holy Wood is believed to be used since the Era of Incas, a system of different cultures and peoples that developed in the Andes of Colombia, southward down the Andes to northern Argentina and Chile, plus the coastal deserts of Peru and northern Chile. Incas were believed to be very powerful in magic, thus, picking this wood as one of their favorite tools, means something for us!

Why use Palo Santo instead of other types of Smudging?

  • Because the vibrations of Palo Santo are different than all others! Although it feels like frankincense, myrrh and sage – the effect is different!
  • Incas used it to abolish mala energía – the negative energy. There are many herbs and resins which we use to send away negativity.
  • The energy of this wood is the same because it infuses the room with a sense of Warmth and Love. This mixture of Light and Love is what makes it so special.

Because of all the above, Witches used Palo Santo for many reasons:

  • While other Resins can also help you cleans your house from negativity, it’s wood’s warmth which makes it a powerful ally. It conjures the powers of Love into your home. As the smoke fills the room, magic begins to happen, harmonizing the energies around.
  • Palo Santo not only abolishes black magic and curses it also help you fortify your Magic Shield against all similar types of attacks. Although only Palo Santo is not enough in difficult cases, it gives nevertheless as powerful kick-start.
  • Palo Santo is the ally of Empaths. Moreover, it helps everyone who bears emotional scars heal them in a very sweet way. As mentioned above, Palo Santo conjures the powers of Love and Light. Hence, it prompts our Aura to heal its scars.
  • In fact, it reverses bad luck. Its magical abilities are quite spectacular when it comes to universal possibilities. How does it work? Again, let’s go back to what we said before. It ‘conjures the powers of Love and Light in our hearts.’
  • The Magic of the ‘Holy Wood’ is so powerful that transcends time and space. It acts as a cosmic catalyst for Love and Wisdom. Good spirits are attracted by the vibration of this Holy Wood and come to us.

You will receive 1ograms of Palo Santo powder

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