Monday, 1 September 2014

Planet Vibes: Vine Full Moon, September 9 2014

Planet Vibes
Vine Full Moon in Pisces 
September 9 2014 01:39am GMT
The storm may be rough, but Peace always prevails afterwards.

The most weird Full Moon of this year - yet - is approaching on the 9th of September. The Moon will conjunct with Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Teacher in Pisces, the sign of humanism, imagination and deep feelings while both of them will oppose the Sun from Virgo, the sign of pure practical logic which always longs to heal and correct what needs to be altered. Our deepest wishes and fears seem to find their way from our heart's abyss.

zodiac signs astrology magic spells

Chiron in Pisces preaches about the deep wounds of humanity... endless Wars, religious and other types of extremism, hunger and diseases. All of these are going to manifest greatly while the Moon (publicity) will shine light on them shocking us once more with something ... big! The good news come from Venus which will conjunct with the Sun blessing us with Love and positive thoughts. We really need that. After a storm... peace prevails and Venus always has peaceful impact. 

The Signs which are mostly affected by the huge amounts of Lunar energy is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces while Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn are mostly favoured.

Astrology and Magic
This Full Moon may be really hard for most of us but it's also one of the most magical ones! This Full Moon's energy is not very easy to handle so if you are new to the Craft the most appropriate type of Magic is Peace Magic and Healing Magic. For the more advanced practitioners, Karma Magic, Dream Magic and Astral Magic is really favored.

Aries: This Full Moon occurs in your soul's deepest secrets. It may be a beginning of great changes in your life as everything that has such an impact in our lives always happens in our hearts first. Your everyday life may be affected. Take care of yourself as minor colds or accidents may delay your plans. 

Taurus: This Full Moon speaks about changes in your social status and your love live. Have you reached to a point that you feel you cannot go any further and you need a fresh start? Do feel alone and you wanna flirt? This maybe your chance!

Gemini: This Full Moon affects your very much and this may not be the best time for you. This may be the time you realise you cannot control everything. When something gets destroyed it may just make room for something fresh and new to bloom.

Cancer: This Full Moon wakes up your will to travel the World and learn new things. A journey is being organised and this may be a start for something very very good. You are amongst the ones who will get out of this Full Moon! Blessed be!

Leo: This Full Moon shines light on your financial status. Something in your pocket and your possessions bother you a lot right now. Changes need to happen and you are very close to a verdict as far as money is concerned. Relax and act with a clear mind. 

Virgo: This Full Moon happens on your sign and more importantly on your relationships and your will to negotiate. Be careful when you want to cooperate with others (something that almost always happen with Virgos) because they may not have what exactly you have in mind. Happy Birthday!

Libra: This Full Moon shines light on your routine and habits. You need to take care of your health because problems may occur concerning your vitality. You need to rest, you need to feel stronger and eat healthier. Meditate and work out daily. Take also care you job as some misunderstandings may occur.

Scorpio: This Full Moon seems to favour you even though you may be so tired from the Saturnian effect on you guys that you probably cannot perceive it. The Full Moon tries to make you see beyond what you already know about your friends. Are in love with someone close to you? Chiron speaks about your wounded heart but on the other hand this may free you. 

Sagittarius: This Full Moon shakes the ground of your home. You need to change things but this is not the right time. This full Moon is rather hard on you thus you have to preserve your energy for what is really important. Keep your relatives in distance until you are ready to face them!

Capricorn: This Full Moon shines light on legal issues and what you plan for your personal evolution. Be careful when you drive and your transports. On the other hand this Full Moon - even if it seems rough - favours your long-term plans. Take good care of your dreams.

Aquarius: This Full Moon rings - again - the bell for your current financial situation. Although you probably thing that there is nothing you can do, I would advice you to calm down and look very carefully. This Full Moon may show you the way.

Pisces: Yiap! This Full Moon happens right on your sign! This means that you probably feel the power of this Full Moon weeks ago. Take care of your health and remeber to rest and eat properly. The energy of the Full Moon is so great that requires from you the essential maturity to handle. Meditate and let this energy flow in you peacefully.

Have a Blessed Full Moon!
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Medical Astrology: Signs and their possible diseases or Health issues

Medical Astrology
What's your sign's Achilles Heel?
Astrological Signs & health issues, diseases and accidents
From Chaldeans and Hippocrates to modern Western World

Medical Astrology is a term not very widely used lately, probably due to the amazing evolution of Western Medicine. Epidemiology and health statistics as well as other facts are being constantly analysed by the proper medical organisations such as the World Health Organisation and other official and unofficial bureaus. Yet, very recently, it seems that an astrological wind blows over the strict scientific community.

health problems diseases aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces

A conservative MP (Member of the British Parliament) named David Tredinnick, has stated that Astrology could play a very important role on predicting and analysing possible health problems for the population, thus helping insurance companies deal with them more properly.

David Tredinnick studied astrology for 20 years both Western and Indian Lahiri system. Although a member of the health committee and the science and technology committee stated bravely in the BBC News that "...there is no logic in attacking something that has a proven track record...". 

As we already stated as Magazine, Astrology is a very important knowledge, every magical practitioner should invest in! Watching the Stars move may help us understand better ourselves, our motives, our advantages and disadvantages and much more parts of our psyche. 

The roots of Medical astrology can be traced back to the Chaldeans, Sumerians and Assyrians. In ancient Egypt astrology was used widely in treating and diagnosing diseases while in ancient Greece, Hippocrates paid much attention to the movement of the Stars as he considered that Astrology to be a very powerful weapon in the hands of a Medical Doctor. However if you face - or your think you may face - a health issue you should always consult with your Medical Doctor first! 

The first sign of the Zodiac governs the Head, Face and Hair. If you are Aries or you got significant planets in Aries then you probably got a lot of headaches or even migraines. You should also visit very often a dentist because teeth are also under Aries' dominion (along with Capricorn). Pride plays a very essential role in this sign thus fear of failure stresses them so much that they always want to give their best in anything they do. This pushes them to hurry in almost everything they try to cope with. The drive fast, the move fast, they work fast. This can cause many accidents especially when they use sharp or mechanical objects or even vehicles. Mars fiery power however can make their recovery miraculous and as you keep sexually active and enthusiast then your life-force will replenish your body periodically with vibrant health.

The second sign of the Zodiac governs the Throat - Neck and also co-governs the Lungs and the Sinus area. If you are Taurus or you got significant planets in Taurus then are you probably blessed with Good health as Venus blesses you with a harmonious relationship with your body. However problems, accidents and infections in the areas described above are very common to Taurus. Their vocal cords and tonsils are highly likely to be stricken first whenever they neglect themselves or they lose their imbalance. Vulnerable to colds and coughs when they lose balance, you have to take extra care of yourself in the Winter. Taurus is also traditionally linked with multiple eating disorders or metabolism issues as the thyroid glands are under Taurus dominion. Aerobic exercise should be a daily concern.

The third sign of the Zodiac governs the Arms, the Shoulders and the Hands as well as partly the Lungs (along with Taurus). If you are Gemini or you got significant planets in Gemini then you are probably always on the run, ever-moving, ever-thinking, ever-doing stuff while others always wonder how you manage this multi-tasking so easily. The thing is that the speed that you always try to do stuff makes you anxious all the time. Moreover you are definitely the worst patients because you just hate staying in bed. This constant anxiety makes you guys very prone to depression and psychosomatic diseases like allergies, asthma and chronic bronchitis as well as habits which will temporarily make you feel better like alcohol and smoking. Please try to relax and meditate!

The fourth sign of the Zodiac governs the Stomach and the near stomach-area. If you are Cancer or you got major planets in Cancer you are very emotional no matter if you perceive it or not. You constantly feel the need to be secure with much love and material bliss. If you can't feel that then you probably stress you stomach so much that you probably suffer from stomach ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Moreover, your constant change of emotions in addition to your sensitive stomach, make you prone to eating disorders which will only make you feel worse. Try to start a balanced diet full of vitamins, probiotics and chamomile amongst other things! Do things that help you relax and make you feel better. 

The fifth sign of the Zodiac governs the Heart and Chest area as well as the Back. If you are Leo or you got major planets in Leo then you are probably blessed with Good health and wellness. This comes from the effect of the Sun, the "planet" traditionally linked with the Vital energy or Chi if you are fond of the Chinese culture. The thing is that this born-with wellness should not be taken for granted and Leo have to be extra careful because being a bon-viveur is something your body can not always endure. Large quantities of Good Wine and gourmet Food may be mouth-watering but not safe for your health. Exercise a lot!

The sixth sign of the Zodiac governs the Intestines, partly the stomach area, the female reproductive system and the Nervous system. If you are Virgo or you got major planets in Virgo then you are very likely to be healthy and always maintain a really healthy condition as Virgo rules health and the functions of the body. However, Virgo tends to overanalyse almost everything, leaving them lost in endless work hours and their tries to make things better. Your sensitive emotions make easily cause your health troubles even if your thoughts are the only source of them. Your will for perfection, whether you still try for it or abandoned it, stress you so much that you are prone to digestive disorders, ulcers, gas pains and colitis. When something slips your plans you feel like you lost the ground under your feet and that's when eating disorders or alcohol addiction may begin. Exercising is essential for you and may I propose you walking or jogging outdoors and by looking at the Sky and a gentle breeze can easily blow your troubles away.

The seventh sign of the Zodiac governs the Kidneys and the Water balance in your body. It also governs the Skin and all Glands of the body. If you are Libra or you got major planets in Libra, your constant need to feel and achieve balance can cause headaches and anxiety disorder. All these symptoms might also be cause from your tendency to make peace with diverse tensions in your psyche. Allergies and skin disorders are also very common in Libra as they are results of your emotional turbulences. Music may be the key to unblocking yourself and your repressed soul which longs for beauty and harmony. Yoga and energy-powering activities can benefit your body functions as well as your emotions helping you avoid depression too. 

The eighth sign of the Zodiac governs the Genitals, the Bladder (along with Libra) as well as the Prostate gland. If you are Scorpio or your got major planets in Scorpio then you are probably prone for longevity as your strong Plutonian structure help your endure nearly every difficulty life may give you. On the other hand Scorpio has such a sensitive side that only few can understand - sometimes not even themselves. Throat issues may also occur due to their inability to express their emotions in a right way. Stressful situations that require rebirth from their ashes and deep emotional scars - almost always from your childhood - may affect your reproductive system as well as your ultimate power - your libido. Scorpio's rough life-force should always be directed in a more productive way and not be repressed because if that happens self-destructive situations may begin. Your competitive nature will find it's bliss in Sports while your body will enjoy a good cardio. 

The ninth sign of the Zodiac governs the Liver, the Hips and the Thighs. If you are Sagittarius or you got significant planets in Sagittarius then your positive attitude towards live help you maintain a satisfying health status. Jupiter's positive touch of enthusiasm and optimism rarely gets you into trouble and the problems almost always begin when you lose faith in your Heavenly Father (Jupiter) or you exaggerate by enthusiasm. Accidents (when you drive a vehicle or in sports) are very common in the lives of each Sagittarius. Try always to keep your positive side but always take into consideration the safety instructions of everything you do. Although you are very capable in coping with nearly everything, you should pay much attention when you mess with things or situations that can hurt you - physically or not. The liver is very essential to metabolism and your almost always gain weight near your thighs, something you have to take care of as your liver may acquire fatty infiltration. Exercise and keep your optimism.  

The tenth sign of the Zodiac governs the Bones, the Joints (especially the area near the Knees) and the whole Skeletal system (including the Teeth as well). If you are Capricorn or your got significant planets in Capricorn then your are probably blessed with a very tough body which can endure nearly everything. The Achilles' heel of you guys is depression which can cause many upside-downs in your life AND of course you body due to the serotonin disorder - try to relax regularly. Exercising is so essential to you! You should right now consider how to put regular work-out plans in your daily schedule - if your face health issues ask your medical doctor to guide you through a personalised work out. Your competitive nature calms during sports and your hormones balance better. A diet high in Calcium (unless you are advised otherwise by your M.D.) is often a very important factor of your wellbeing as orthopaedic issues are very common to you guys. Saturnian effect on you help you more as you grow up improving the way you perceive your body functions.

The eleventh sign of the Zodiac govern the Calves, the Shins and the Ankles as well as co-governs the Circulatory system & heart (along with Leo). If you are Aquarius or you got significant planets in Aquarius then are probably someone who give into sports even in a more "personalised" way, thus granting you with a balanced body. The problem of this sign is routine. Your hard work is indeed very important but you should never neglect your body's needs. Aquarius possesses a vast pool of Chi which can be activated whenever they want to. This makes illnesses behave rather odd to them making many people wonder. It is very important to keep exercising and keep a healthy diet, as Aquarius tends to depress over the years. Keeping a youthful body reassures their power. If they don't then possible circulatory problems may occur - especially in their legs. 

The twelfth sign of the Zodiac governs the Feet and Toes. If you are Pisces or you got significant planets in Pisces then your imagination is your most powerful and most precious weapon. Dreams and nightmares play a very important role in your lives. Insomnia is a very common problem Pisces suffer from. Unfortunately when they feel they are not surrounded by love and affection they very often try to find happiness and calmness in alcohol, drugs or other addictions. Pisces are very prone to mental and psychic problems as well probably because of their very sensitive aura. If Pisces manage to clear their Chakras daily then they may avoid all these because their psychic powers can be directed and manipulated in a more productive way. Meditation and Yoga are very very suitable for Pisces. 

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Planet Vibes: Hazel Full Moon, August 10 2014

Planet Vibes
Hazel Full Moon in Aquarius 
August 10 2014 18:09 GMT
The World is tough, but hope shines always! 

A full Moon, one of the Brightest Full Moons of the year, this is the time for the Moon of the Lovers... Lunar orbit is closer to the earth while our souls long for a break from the tough reality we face nowadays. Something inside us pushes us to perceive the bigger picture, the reason why all this is happening. This Full Moon is the an explosion to the roots of this World. This Full Moon is a very important time for Humanity.

War and natural disasters seem to fill the news and this is because this Full Moon is severely hit by earthy and strong Saturn from Scorpio (16th degree). We need to dream of Love and Heavens but it's definitely not easy! Humanity is shocked by brutality because we have yet to understand the meaning of Love, Compassion and Peace.

astrology magic hazel full moon super moon

The weak conjunction of Jupiter who just entered Leo and Venus helps a bit but it's not enough. We just become more thirsty for Love. 

Astrology and Magic: 
Venus in Cancer promotes Peace magic and spells for peace in Family. This Full Moon is a very strong Full Moon to change what needs to be changed and remove bad luck! It is also very very fortunate for Love and Romantic Magic.

Aries: Your romantic life receives a huge wave of energy. It's not probably the most suitable time to heal every scar that these months left on you. You have to be patient and look for signs. It takes time to make things better. It will get better!

Taurus: Your home, your roots, your family seem to bother you right now. Do you need a change? Does someone you love need your attention more intensively? This Full Moon seem to demand more of you. Just be careful and everything is going to be ok! Meditate!

Gemini: The close friends and relatives seem to be a bit disturbed right now. You cannot easily understand their feelings and this seems to cause much anger and frustration to them. Maybe you have to calm down and see what they are going thought. Either way, after this Full Moon your relationships will improve. 

Cancer: Expenses seems to gather up round the Full Moon and your pocket needs to breathe! So keep calm during the effect of the Full Moon (from 8th of August till 12th) and things are going to get much better because Venus will enter Leo signifying an improvement in your financial status. Try coping with most of your problems till 8th or after the 12th!  

Leo: The cosmic energy is focused directly on you and your will to co-operate with others. It seems like you have troubles making yourself clear to your supervisors, other people in your work environment and the ones you love the most. Try to understand that if you'll relax then more people will see the true part of you. Let yourself shine! Tip! If you are born around 10 of August, this will be a very important year for you!

Virgo: This Full Moon seem to be pretty fair with you. On one hand we got travels and journeys and on the other hand we got dreams and new projects. During this Full Moon an opportunity may occur so you have to be ready to perceive it and take it!

Libra: Your social status is receiving a blast during this Full Moon, a rather fortunate blast if I may. Something is changing, you feel more charming, more smart and more successful! You just have to see all these twice before you make any long-term decisions. 

Scorpio: This Full Moon just clarifies what needs to be done. Let's face it. This demanding period you walk through ends soon and the gifts of Saturn will be fully perceived by the end of 2014. Till then keep calm and enjoy the ride! Meditate, it will help you a lot!

Sagittarius: This is not exactly the hardest time you've been through! On the contrary this Full Moon may cloud a bit your social life but it can bring golden opportunities for you and your life! Please open you eyes and seek for them... 

Capricorn: Your financial status receives a shock during this Full Moon probably because of the emotional expenses you'll make. It could probably help you if keep in mind that all you need is love and a better plan. Keep track of what you buy and refill your heart with Love and Light!

Aquarius: You are definitely the protagonists of this Full Moon. The Light of the Moon shines directly on you and your lives expressing your feelings, your dreams but also your fears. You need to shout out loud for many things but before you do any of these just remember that it would be better to reach for what is truly important for you! 

Pisces: Your cosmic awareness seem to trouble you right now probably because all the World is really messed up! You need to calm your emotions and reassure yourself that you do whatever you can to make this world a better place. Dust off your wands... and do magic! 

Have a blessed Hazel Full Moon!

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Elemental Magic of Earth: the Holed Stones, a priceless enchanted item

Powerful Real Elemental Magic
Magic and Spells for your Vacations
Holed Stones,
a priceless Gift from Mother Nature

Sometimes the most powerful Magic does not require sophisticated spells or complicated rituals. Sometimes Magic just occur in front of your eyes, while having a coffee with your friends, while you are having sex or even while you sleep. Sometimes Magic just happens and you wonder the mystic laws that may lie beneath these moments. 

A true Elemental Witch & Mage knows this and uses the easily obtainable ingredients for his / her Craft. Magical Recipes Online support every practitioner who wants to take this Spiritual Path of Elemental Magic. We already provided numerous articles and will continue to explain and enhance this sector of Elemental Magic because everyone can practice it even in countries where Magic is forbidden by law. 

One of the most precious items an Elemental Magician may ever possess is a plain stone with a naturally crafted hole in it. The hole must be found with the stone in it and not create it yourself. These holed stones are also called Holeys and sometimes hag or even witch showing of course the importance given to these items by witches over the ages.


A Holey's size may very of course as it can be found everywhere, shaped by nature. There can be found small pebbles or even large stones! Large Holed Stones have become Sacred Monuments and Sites all over the ages. In the United Kingdom and more specifically Cornwall, there is a Sacred formation of standing granite stones known as Mên-an-Tol, which actually means a "Holed Stone". Many tales about miraculous healings and fairy magic have been told for centuries, tales of myths and Druidic rituals. 

So while at beach and thinking about your next refreshing dive in the emerald sea, take a few seconds and look for these stones. Found one? KEEP IT for its a really priceless gift, Mother Nature just given to you. Ancient tribes considered it a powerful tool of connecting with the Great Goddess. A Holey in fact represents the Sacred Vagina of Great Goddess, where all Life sprung from. It is considered that this powerful item can be used for numerous magical purposes but some believe that it should only be used for just one! 

Beach Magic Spells Summer Sea Witch
a wonderful photo found in the Web. Please inform us about the owner.

How to use a Holed Stone:

* Depending on where a Holey is found, is considered that looking through this hole - with your other eye closed - you can see the spirits of Nature who dwelled by this stone. This is because a Holey is by all means a Sacred item or can even become a Sacred Site like Mên-an-Tol, belonging to the Great Goddess Herself! This sacred item was believed to attract the spirits of Nature, to honor the Great Goddess. Because of this, a Holey, is an item to connect yourself with the endless rivers of Her energy. So found in the Sea, looking through a Holey may help you discover Sea Spirits, Mermaids and Mermen, while if found in a forest, a Holey can help you connect with Trea Spirits etc.

* An Elemental Wizzard / Mage / Witch can wear it on his / her neck to enhance his Elemental Magic. It is considered a very important tool to direct the magic of the Elements, especially Earth.

* Worn on your neck a Holey can allegedly regenerate your vital energy and refresh your body, mind and spirit with shining new magical and healing energy! To do this you can also hang the Holey over your bed!

* Worn on your neck like a pendant, a Holey is considered to protect you from evil spirit, dark arts and the evil eye! For protection, a Holey can also be put on an altar or buried under your house. Ancient tribes buried a Holey under a coop to protect their poultry!

* Because a Holey represents the Sacred Vagina of the Great Goddess, sticking a small branch of tree that fits exactly in it (the Penis) and throwing it in the Sea is considered a really powerful Love Spell. It is believed that true love will come to you! 


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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Planet Vibes: Holly Full Moon, July 12 2014

Planet Vibes
Holly Full Moon
July 12, 11:25 am GMT
A Holly Full Moon and a Divine coincidence. 

These are only few words trying to describe the astral mess we will deal with the upcoming Full Moon. Moon on Capricorn, right opposite to her favourite sign, shedding some light to the ever-bright Sun shining through Cancer, the sign of ancestral institutions like family. Mercury on the last degree of Gemini, staying there only to inform us of this great Astrological Event making all humanity perceive its greatness.

This Full Moon seems to affect deeply the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Sun conjuncts with Jupiter leaving Cancer after months blessing one of his favorite signs a bit more, while Pluto conjuncts with Moon reviving the anger and frustration of the masses. We should definitely expect reviving of great protests.

The dance of power seem to join Mars from the formerly peaceful sign of Libra and Uranus the planet of change and global awareness from Aries. It seems really inevitable for something very interesting to happen. And it will definitely have global effect.

holly full moon astrology planet vibes

Astrology and Magic 
During this Full Moon every kind of Power Awakening spells are very favoured because of this great power which comes from the Great Cross of the Cardinal Signs.

Aries: An earthquake in your home, in your family, in your job environment. You are deeply affected by this Full Moon with a touch of extreme feelings and thoughts. Try not to be driven only by what your fiery heart. Please ground yourself, relax and clear your mind. The Rest of the Month is going to be better!

Taurus: Escaping routine is the main quest right now and you focus too much in this certainly rational need of yours. Energy is focused on travels and journeys and I just feel the need to propose you to organise everything you can and just leave everything else to the Higher Powers, trusting them that everything is going to be OK!

Gemini: Storm is over. Or at least most of it! A major change in your financial status seems take place this month and the beginning might be during the effect of this Full Moon. You need this change so take your change and go for it!

Cancer: I'm afraid that your thoughtful and carrying nature will be altered with anger and rage especially towards the one you care the most, the ones you cooperate and the most important people of your life. The positive fact is that all these will create a better place for you so do what you have to do but stay faithful to the Law of Love.

Leo: You already feel it. In your dreams, in your thoughts... you feel it deeply in your heart... change is coming! After 12 years of waiting - finally - Jupiter crosses your sign and this Full Moon is the harbinger of Change. Stand up, flex your muscles and rub your hands. It's time.

Virgo: Jupiter entering Leo is both a good and a bad thing. For starters the next twelve months will be full of deep feelings you never thought you might have had or you might thought you've forgotten them. It's time to wake up your great magical powers and shed some light to the alchemist in you!

Libra: This Full Moon shines light in the relationships you currently have and your social status. This time your friends seem to play a very important role and you are really looking towards them for their affection and Love. You can somehow use this Love to wake up the truly loving and sweet soul you hide, especially after the tough touch of Mars the last months. 

Scorpio: You heart and feelings seem to boil under the pressure of new responsibilities. Saturn seems to refuse to let you feel the freedom you so desperately need to feel. On the other hand Saturn promotes your life in a way you can only perceive after his heavy touch will cease to affect you. Till then meditate and take full advantage of his gifts.

Sagittarius: Your pocket seems to hide a black hole in it cause you troubles in your life and your dreams. You need time to relax and feel financially secure but right now it not the perfect time for that. This Full Moon will shine on your needs, on your expenses and what needs to be done so that you will feel closer to your goal.

Capricorn: The Cosmic energy is focused right above your heads, right above your shoulders, right above your lives. You are the protagonists of this Divine Coincidence and you should try to find a way to direct this huge amount of energy towards creative channels. You will succeed if you are grounded and focused on your goal! 

Aquarius: Friendships blur and your head turns towards people who may disappoint you during the effect of this Full Moon. The Lunar light shines upon your relationships and how you handle them and your social status. Both are extremely important for your well-being and I want you to be extra careful how you react.

Pisces: You thought you knew and you might have imagined how you wished things could be. Right now and during the effect of this Full Moon you learn how people really are and you finally are shaken by reality. This information should be used wisely and you have to stand up and leave if you have to, or fight if it's worth fighting for. Make up your mind!

Have a Blessed Holly Full Moon!


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