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Wind Talismans to Celebrate Yule and the Gift Giving Trees

Lore and Magic of Christmas Tree
How to Magically Decorate your Christmas - Yule Tree
Make your Christmas tree a huge Talisman!
Oh Fir, oh Fir, I like you how much I like you! 
How beautiful in New Year's day, you are bringing gifts on your brunches..

Most of us have seen a natural or artificial fir decorated with lights and colourful ornaments in order to celebrate Christmas or the New Year. And this tradition is older and more world-wided than Christianity.

Christmas tree Magic

In many countries a, specific or not, kind of tree was decorated in order to honour nature, the spirits or the Gods, and gifts were placed on its base as offerings, while in most cases wishes were hanged on its branches, for them to come true.

In most cases this is a practise to celebrate the beginning of the year or a special or sacred day or period. The ancient Greeks would do so near the Winter Solstice to honour Zeus or the Sun God, and later Romans will adopt the custom to honour Janus, the God that actually gave his name to January. Of course it is not only this period of the year that this custom takes place. In Japan the Tanabata festivities use the same practise to honour the meeting of two divine lovers (or two stars if you want), and this happens during summer, and in some northern European countries it was a custom to celebrate Beltane and the resurrection not of the Sun but of the Nature.

In some cases that trees are not very common, the custom takes place without even them as for example it happens for the celebration of the New Year in Tibet.

In any case, if you intend to use a tree, use a green tree or a sacred one at least.

Now, let us decode this custom. In magical terms what is practiced in all these cases around the world and during all eras is the creation of simple wind talismans.

The trees are symbols of the spirits or Deities to be honoured or even just the mediums to ascent our wishes from the material world to the spiritual or divine one.

The gifts offered at their roots are symbols of our thanks-giving to the ones from whom we expect to fulfil our wishes, and the decorations are the actual talismans carrying our wishes. The simplest way to make such talismans are the following.

Write on a piece of paper or cloth your wish and hang it. Use natural clothes such as cotton and wool. Make a knot talisman for your wish and hang it. Or if you are skilful make some ceramic balls or plates and write your wishes on them and then hang them. Other than those use your imagination and creativity. By expressing yourself and your own believes you will honour better your Gods.

The key factor is that the talisman should be able to decay due to rain, wind, and Sun light, for as it decays the wish is carried to the world in order to be fulfilled. So, do not use metal or glass or plastic if you want your wish to be fulfilled during this lifetime.

It is true that in some cases it is the ink to be used that is considered to carry the wish and in those cases the ink is the one that should be able to vanish and not the actual talisman. But this is a practise more common in water based talismans.

Now leave the talismans on the tree until they will be sufficiently destroyed if you use a tree in your yard, or just leave them there and go, if you use a tree in the woods.

While offering your gifts give your thanks to the tree (and the Deities) and while hanging your talismans say a prayer for the fulfilment of your wishes and let the gift offering tree to make them true.

Although you can do something like this any time of the year, the power of Yule in making your wish come true is extraordinary and even one really inexperienced in magic can make it happens.

So, have fun, have a blessed Yule, and an even more blessed New Year!

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Planet Vibes: Elder Full Moon in Gemini, December 6 2014

Planet Vibes
Elder Full Moon 
December 6 2014 in Gemini
A new era begins

This Full Moon is particularly very special. For starters, it's the last of the solar Year, and the last with Saturn in Scorpio. The energy of the Cosmos is changing and the wheel turns... and turns... Mars is entering Aquarius breathing his fiery energy to the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) while helping also the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).  

Mercury in a close conjunction with the Sun is playing a very important role during this Full Moon, affecting deeply communications and transporting. Please be extra careful when you drive or when you talk especially if emotionally charged and especially if you are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. 

On the other hand, the heavy burden - yet blessing of Saturn leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius inaugurating a new Planetary Era. We will talk more about this new Saturnian position in a future detailed post... what we can say right now is that Scorpios (and Taurus) start to fell something heavy is leaving them and see the really blessings while at the same time Sagittarius (and Gemini) start to feel that they have to be more careful from now on.

planet vibes

Astrology and Magic:

This Full Moon is extra potent if you want to banish anything that you feel is bothering you the last year. It is also very powerful for improving your Telepathic skills. Charge your Third Eye chakra and the chakra of your throat. 

Astrological Forecast for the Full Moon

Aries: Your energy is being spent in more and more communication skills towards all those who are close to you. You seem to care more about the needs of others and you spend more time in moving , transporting and daydreaming. This Full Moon favours all these but you just have to spend your energy wisely. 

Taurus: the changes that are about to happen only a Taurus could cause. Slowly yet steadily you created a new sphere of reality in your financial and career status with new opportunities and possibly brand new colleagues. You are the only one who knows what's about to happen. 

Gemini: the cosmic energy is focused in you and the Full Moon shines upon a new Era of greatness which will expect from you all your energy and your cooperation. Saturn is about to leave Scorpio and enter Sagitarius the sign right across yours giving you all the power you need to get rid everything that bothers you. Right now shine brightly. 

Cancer: the Full Moon, wakes up your magnificent intuition and your ability to charm others and your life. This is the right time to open up your inner eyes and observe what happens underneath your lives, what is really going on in your psyche. Embrace your dreams and a brighter future. 

Leo: this full moon catches you and your friends off guard. It seems that you cannot help but care too much about what others think and this cause a clash between what you need to do and what you want to do. Your emotions drive you to claim what is rightfully yours but you have to be patient enough to listen to what others have to say. 

Virgo: this full moon makes you extra nervous in your career environment and you have to be extra careful in how you react to what your boss or your colleagues ask from you. This full moon does not seem to help you, at least in an obvious way so you have to be extra careful in how you react to this kind of stimuli. Meditate 

Libra: This full Moon favours you spiritual endeavours and your thirst for knowledge. If your job has to do with education or your are a student this Full Moon promises evolution is most of what really matters to you. You may also come across a golden opportunity for travel abroad or meet with mentors or people with power. Lucky Moon!

Scorpio: This full Moon talks about the final stage of your saturnian transformation. This is the time to let - what's left of - what troubled you the past 4 years - especially the last 1,5 years - drift forever apart. The alchemical procedure is finally over and you will be able to watch your brand new self after the New Moon of the Winter Solstice. 

Sagittarius: This is the time to see what is really coming. The past 1,5 year you have taken some serious stuff rather lightly and will soon understand that there are consequences of your actions that you could not easily comprehend at time you were doing it. This is a glimpse of what is going to happen the next two years. Open your eyes and look for hints. 

Capricorn: Your everyday life receives a rather huge tide of energy and you probably end up feeling exhausted of all the things that trouble your mind the last two weeks. You are one of the strongest of the Zodiac and this why I hope you'll understand when I'm really advising you to get some rest! You need to calm your self and actions and look at things more... like a child.

Aquarius: This is your Full Moon, a Full Moon which promises you good time and a lot of romance... are you single? Then plan to go out and have some fun! Are you married? Then spice up your life with a romantic trip or a picnic with your wife-husband. Shed pink light in your life these days... you deserve it!

Pisces: This Full Moon talks about news in your home and what you perceive as personal and domestic area. You need to calm yourself and listen to what others ask you. Peace should prevail and you have to let some things go. Do not ask for revenge. Forgive and move forward. Renew your domestic area, buy some flowers to bring fresh energy in your personal room. 

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fire Magic Spell: Burn your troubles away!!

How to lose your troubles with Fire Magic
Fire Magic Spells and Rituals
Burn your troubles Away!

This is a very simple and potent spell that can help you burn away all your troubles, the inner ones and otherwise, but in the same time it is quite... inconvenient in some aspects. Then again, sometimes, some small sacrifices worth the cause. Let's get this clarified...

So, buy a new very very cheap piece of underwear, preferably the one covering your genitals. Any colour and shape will do, but avoid black and very tiny ones, not for magical reasons but for practical ones. Keep on reading and you will understand. If you have an old one that you want to get rid of, that will work even better.

burn your troubles away

Wear this underwear for at least three consecutive days and don’t, I say do not, try to keep it clean from your body’s excretions. Sweat, piss, seminal fluids, menstrual blood, and the likes it is good to stain the undergarment. In fact, the more the merrier. This is obviously one of the inconveniences this spell has.

Now, on the fourth day, still wearing this, hopefully filthy piece of underwear, light a fire somewhere. Obviously take all fire-safety measures. If you have a fire place in your house that will do perfectly, otherwise you need to do it outdoors.

If you want throw some peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus on the fire, to even more empower the spell, as they have some wonderful banishing, clearing and healing properties. Take off your clothes except of the undergarment, except if you are going to use your entire outfit for the spell. You can do so if you can afford it.

Summon the banishing, purifying and healing properties of the fire. Summon the fire Gods and divine spirits you believe in and trust in the fire asking them to give in the fire the power to burn away your troubles and heal you and your life from them.

If you don’t know how to do so, you can use the mantra “Ram” first to awaken the divine fire into your fire and then the mantra “Hum” to give the banishing, purifying and healing properties into your fire. Repeat 108 times each facing the fire.

Now, at long last, take of this filthy piece of underwear. Using a black marker (that’s why black coloured underwear are not suitable) write on the underwear all your worries. If some of them are caused by some specific other persons, don’t write the persons, but the problems that they are bothering you. Obviously if you have many troubles you will need more space, and that is why a small one will not do. Let yourself to be expressed truthfully and freely. If one problem you need to write it more than once, do so.

When you have finished writing your problems, take a good look of this filthy underwear and the filthy situations it describes and symbolises and through it into the fire.

Stand up, looking down your burning undergarment and talk to it. Tell it: 

“As you burn, so my problems do. 
As you vanquish into the flames so do all my troubles.” 

Repeat this phrase as many times as you want.

Now if you have used your fire place at home, go make a quick shower and come back, still naked. If you are in a beach and you can do so, you can go for a quick dive in the sea and come back. At the very least have some bottles of water with you and wash yourself, at least symbolically, of your troubles.

It is better if you let the water air-dry by itself while you are watching the fire, but if you need to – for example because it is winter – dry yourself. Stay naked at least until your undergarment has fully turned into ashes but even better until the fire has completely burned down.

For practical reasons, if you are doing this outside during winter, possible in night time, you can have some small fires around the circle for heat and light, which you can feed with wood for as long as needed, but your main fire, the one needed for the spell must be at the centre of the circle, and – in the beginning – should be greater than the rest, and surely big enough to completely burn your underwear.

If you wanted to use your entire outfit for the spell, you will throw all your clothes into the fire, but write only on those that touch your skin.

Now, the fire has burned out and your worries have gone. You can end this ritual here, or you can do something more to empower your new, worry-free life. I believe that we have created our lives and our personal world, including our problems, by means of our believes, our thoughts, and our actions. Therefore, if a healing doesn’t happen, sooner or later we will recreate the some kind of problems and troubles. So, I really suggest that you will do some self-healing after this ritual. Will it be ritualistic, meditative or of some other kind is up to you.

Whenever you are ending the ritual, wear clean clothes, the whole outfit, not just the underwear. If you performed the ritual indoors, you may stay naked as much as you like. There is no rule against it. But whenever you will need to wear clothes, wear some clean ones.

Now, let us say that you want to continue on the healing progress. If so, do not dress yet. You should have some spearmint oil or peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil with you. All these oils are skin irritators so, have the diluted according to your skin needs in some base oil or some body lotion. I would suggest sunflower oil as the best base for the purpose, or the olive oil as the most protective oil for the skin, but do according to your likes. What is most important is that you will enjoy the outcome. If you want you can mix two, or all three of these oils, or even use some other oil you think of as more healing and rejuvenating.

Either way, have a bottle of the oil of your choice, and a white, yellow, red, or orange candle, or any other colour you believe that describes the new you and your new life. Only one candle is needed but if you like to have more, do so freely. Both the candle and the quantity of your oil can be as great as you want and you think proper.

Light the candle invoking the rejuvenating power of the holly fire in it. If you are working outside, protect the flame somehow. To invoke this qualities of the fire, you can either summon the Gods or spirits of fire that you trust and ask them to make the candle and its flame a symbol of your rebirth in a happier you and in a happier life, or you can use the mantra “Ram” 108 to invoke the divine fire and the mantra “Hreem” to give power to your new self.

Once your flame is blessed, open the bottle with the oil, and pass it through the flame, blessing it with the properties you have invoked into the fire. Then put it between your palms and lift it above your eye level, as high as you can comfortably do so, and rise your eyes to look at the bottle and say: 

“Oh, oil, blessed by the divine flame, help me become a better me, help me make my life happier, help me be totally free of sorrow and full of joy”. 

Keep the oil in this position until you feel that it has answered your call. Repeat the phrase as many times as you think.

Then using the oil anoint your body quietly, imagining your new worry-free, full of joy, life and your new happier self. Starting from your feet going up your head has a nice symbolism but do it according to your likes. If you have used enough of the base oil you will have no problems in any area of your body, so maybe you should test the oil in sensitive areas before performing the ritual to make sure that it is not irritating. Give as much time as you need to this part. It is important to take your time and slowly and calmly do the anointing. Don’t hurry. Don’t stress yourself. Do you want your new life to be stressed and in a haste?

When you are finished anointing with the oil, close the bottle and stay for as much as you want gazing the flame of the candle, and imagining your new wonderful life and the new wonderful self. When you feel you are ready, say to the candle something like 

“Thank you.  From now on please take care of me”

and extinguish its fire.

Release the circle, dress in clean clothes and be certain that all the fires are completely burned out. Gather the ashes of the main fire and either throw them in the sea, or in the winds or bury them in the ground or whatever you find the best way to symbolise that this past has already and completely ended.

Take the candle and the oil with you. For some time, find at least five minutes a day, maybe after finishing your bath, to put some of the oil on you, and light the candle, gazing at its flame and visualising your new self and your new life. If you feel your old worries are coming back do this. Also, have some cotton with the oil, or a small bottle with the oil with you at all times. If you find yourself worrying about something, smell the oil while reminding yourself that your troubles are gone and true joy has joined hands with you.

That’s all! Should I remind you that if you have a health problem either physical or psychological, this ritual will help your healing progress but it does not intent to substitute your therapist or your medications. Also, if your problems are caused by a curse or evil spell, do a complete banishing before performing this ritual. If you cannot handle it yourself, ask a specialist.

Finally, you can perform this ritual in groups, each for their own worries, or even to have some friends with you to support you and offer more power into the ritual, but you cannot do this ritual on behalf of another. Meaning, the persons who want to get rid of their problems should be performing the ritual themselves.

Have fun, and have a blessed, worry-free, full of joy life!

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Totem Animal Symbolism: Koi Fish carp and its Golden Magic

Totem Animal Symbolism
Koi Fish
the Golden Magic of the Koi Carp

Dear readers, I am very excited to present you with an amazing article on the magical meaning of koi fish/koi carp (cyprinus carpio) and his very famous cousin, the goldfish. The word ‘koi’ comes from Japan and it literally translates as ‘carp’. The koi fish is a very old fish prevalent in many civilisations both in the Eastern and Western world and its appearance in dreams, visions and magical journeys is auspicious.   

magic totem animal symbolism
A wonderful photo from davsimon

Koi fish are very hardy creatures and have been reported to live more than  100 years (with one report of a 225 years old koi fish) and are associated with longevity and resilience.  Koi fish are cold water fish and they have the ability to survive and adapt in various climates and water conditions while they are good at swimming against the current; embodying a strong and purposeful energy.  There is a sense of making whatever conditions surround you work, however difficult they may be. The koi carp is brave and a real go-getter, while at the same time remains peaceful and calm.

Koi fish greatly increase the cloudiness of the water they inhabit because they are constantly stirring up the earth at the bottom – do you need to let things be still for a while, to allow the waters to clear?  How are you “muddying the waters”?  Or conversely, do you actually need to shake things up a bit?  Be aware of what undercurrents are operating in your life right now – the koi is encouraging you to look deeper. The koi will find food in all places (even the least expected) and reminds us to keep growing, count our blessings and look for diamonds in the dirt, all challenging aspects of life have something to teach us.

Koi carp are used for ornamental water gardens and as such are a symbol of beauty and harmony. Their rise from the domesticated common carp or goldfish to the more regal ornamental koi carp symbolises ascendance and the appreciation of one’s value.  This animal appearing in your visions may be indicative of your self-worth increasing - realising that you ARE worthy of all good things, and may also be an omen of forthcoming abundance. In Feng-Shui, images and sculptures of koi fish  are used in order to bring abundance and prosperity in the house. Remember, keep your mind and surroundings clear, both physically and psychically, in order to let true abundance to manifest in your life.  

Their colouring can be any combination of orange, red, gold, black, blue and white - red and orange being linked to creativity, sexuality and abundance, survival and the power of Pachamama (Mother Earth), gold being linked to wealth and one’s divine connection to All That Is, white being symbolic of protection, purity and divine light, blue of water, peace and communication, and finally black being symbolic of the shadow, the night, the hidden aspects of life, the dark waters of life where all miracles reside. 

Koi's bright colours put them at a severe disadvantage against predators; a white-skinned Kohaku is going to stand out a mile for predators against the dark green of a pond.  Therefore if a bright white or very vividly coloured koi appears, it may be a message to protect yourself from those who may want to take advantage of you; whilst also encouraging you to simultaneously embrace and celebrate your own vibrancy.

The shadow aspect of the Koi might be revealing itself to you - where are you being overly ornamental, or alternatively where are you not owning your own beauty and power?  There may be something here about keeping up appearances to please other people - can you show the more ordinary aspects of yourself and yet still feel prized and valued?  Is there a balance between wanting to show your best self, whilst also knowing that you are entirely loveable even if you aren’t looking your best today? Or perhaps it is a reminder to be mindful of where you are not making the best of yourself; could you benefit from making a bit more of an effort to “ornament” yourself?  

As they are surrounded by water the koi relate to the astrological water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Water denotes connection to the Divine Feminine, emotions, intuition, imagination, the moon, dreams and the subconscious, water creatures, the mists, healing and all mysterious and magical beings.  Be mindful of keeping your water clear and flowing and remind yourself of the boundaries you set - it is all too easy to absorb others’ energies and become drained by them. Do not let the waters cloud, but if you do proceed with caution.

May the koi carp’s appearance in your life inspire you to persevere with your goals and dreams, enjoy receiving abundance in all forms, balance outward appearance and inner authenticity and embrace your own value, power and Divinity.  As with any symbol given to us, we must always go with what meanings resonate with us personally.  

Love and blessings,
Astaria & The Easy Witch 

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Planet Vibes: Reed Full Moon in Taurus , November 6 2014.

Planet Vibes
Reed Full Moon in Taurus, November 6 2014
Time to see things clearly. Time to break free.

Here comes the first Full Moon after the storm of the eclipses. A Lunar Eclipse at first made us realise how fragile our existence is and then the Solar Eclipse boosted our energy and helped us perceive that Change comes from within so it's always in our hands. Now that the stars have moved different yet equally interesting things are going to happen.

After that fiery storm of eclipse this new Full Moon in Taurus helps us feel the meaning of possessions and attachments in our relationships. If you are attached to someone or something then this is no good. You have to break free. Only love can hold us together, not dependence or addiction. This is the time to make the big step forward, a step to our freedom from anything that hold us back. Is this a rotter relationship? Is this materialism? Now is the time to help your spirit fly!

astrology and magic

Astrology and Magic: 
This is the perfect time to call for magical help in your financial status and to break free from lawn and depts from the past. This is also the time to work your sexuality and bring out the best of it. What are you waiting for? Dust off your wands!

Aries: This is the time to see what is really going on with your pocket. It seems like you need to take some very serious action regarding your financial status. Break free from your attachment to material goods but also keep the balance.! 

Taurus: The stars shine directly to you and this boost of energy is not very easy to handle I admit. On the other hand this is a golden opportunity to make things better in every way. Saturn is only for a while in Scorpio and you are going to free yourself from the Saturnian burden. But all this hides a very important meaning.

Gemini: Something is going on - for a while - behind you back. Are you ready to unveil what is happening behind the scene? Open your eyes, listen - carefully- to your intuition and your dreams and you are going to get your answer!

Cancer: Friends assemble near you and your social status receive a very interesting - and sexy- boost. You hand out with people you love and you enjoy going out meeting new and exciting people. This is a very fortunate Full Moon for you!... and a very sexy one!

Leo: Your job seems to make you a bit anxious these days but all this is not something you can easily handle. On the other hand, all this mess is really temporary if you try to manage your anxiety and your will to dominate other. Try to cope with your career environment and make peace.

Virgo: This is a fortunate Full Moon in your friendly Taurus. It seems like travelling and meeting new people from the abroad is very interesting and you may probably end up having a very good time. Relax and enjoy this Full Moon!

Libra: Something is going on regarding your financial status and the money you manage - which do not necessarily belong to you in the first place. Please be careful with accounting and manage every little detail with caution! 

Scorpio: A very interesting Full Moon, drenched in the fading Saturnian power. You are now able to see what lies beneath all these last four years experiences. Little by little or the piece of the cosmic puzzle unveil and you are able to see the bigger picture.

Sagittarius: Your everyday life is changing a bit during the effect of this full Moon. You are going to experience weird feeling or even encounter weird events. This Full Moon needs you to relax, and take care of your body. 

Capricorn: With Mars in your sign the last days you already feel a burning power in your veins trying to reach the surface. Now that the Full Moon approaches this Power meets its limit and you should try to direct it wisely! It can be a very very fortunate Full Moon!!!

Aquarius: Your home seems to bother you a bit these days because all of a sudden it required more of your energy and attention. You are in a crossroad in your life and this - minor - turbulences are enough to get you nuts. Keep calm and meditate!

Pisces: Your close friends and relatives try to dominate you mind this days but you should not let this happen. It's one thing to love and care for them and another to deplete your energy deposits for every little thing. Take care of yourself.

Have a blessed Full Moon 

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