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Elemental Magic of Earth: the Holed Stones, a priceless enchanted item

Powerful Real Elemental Magic
Magic and Spells for your Vacations
Holed Stones,
a priceless Gift from Mother Nature

Sometimes the most powerful Magic does not require sophisticated spells or complicated rituals. Sometimes Magic just occur in front of your eyes, while having a coffee with your friends, while you are having sex or even while you sleep. Sometimes Magic just happens and you wonder the mystic laws that may lie beneath these moments. 

A true Elemental Witch & Mage knows this and uses the easily obtainable ingredients for his / her Craft. Magical Recipes Online support every practitioner who wants to take this Spiritual Path of Elemental Magic. We already provided numerous articles and will continue to explain and enhance this sector of Elemental Magic because everyone can practice it even in countries where Magic is forbidden by law. 

One of the most precious items an Elemental Magician may ever possess is a plain stone with a naturally crafted hole in it. The hole must be found with the stone in it and not create it yourself. These holed stones are also called Holeys and sometimes hag or even witch showing of course the importance given to these items by witches over the ages.


A Holey's size may very of course as it can be found everywhere, shaped by nature. There can be found small pebbles or even large stones! Large Holed Stones have become Sacred Monuments and Sites all over the ages. In the United Kingdom and more specifically Cornwall, there is a Sacred formation of standing granite stones known as Mên-an-Tol, which actually means a "Holed Stone". Many tales about miraculous healings and fairy magic have been told for centuries, tales of myths and Druidic rituals. 

So while at beach and thinking about your next refreshing dive in the emerald sea, take a few seconds and look for these stones. Found one? KEEP IT for its a really priceless gift, Mother Nature just given to you. Ancient tribes considered it a powerful tool of connecting with the Great Goddess. A Holey in fact represents the Sacred Vagina of Great Goddess, where all Life sprung from. It is considered that this powerful item can be used for numerous magical purposes but some believe that it should only be used for just one! 

Beach Magic Spells Summer Sea Witch
a wonderful photo found in the Web. Please inform us about the owner.

How to use a Holed Stone:

* Depending on where a Holey is found, is considered that looking through this hole - with your other eye closed - you can see the spirits of Nature who dwelled by this stone. This is because a Holey is by all means a Sacred item or can even become a Sacred Site like Mên-an-Tol, belonging to the Great Goddess Herself! This sacred item was believed to attract the spirits of Nature, to honor the Great Goddess. Because of this, a Holey, is an item to connect yourself with the endless rivers of Her energy. So found in the Sea, looking through a Holey may help you discover Sea Spirits, Mermaids and Mermen, while if found in a forest, a Holey can help you connect with Trea Spirits etc.

* An Elemental Wizzard / Mage / Witch can wear it on his / her neck to enhance his Elemental Magic. It is considered a very important tool to direct the magic of the Elements, especially Earth.

* Worn on your neck a Holey can allegedly regenerate your vital energy and refresh your body, mind and spirit with shining new magical and healing energy! To do this you can also hang the Holey over your bed!

* Worn on your neck like a pendant, a Holey is considered to protect you from evil spirit, dark arts and the evil eye! For protection, a Holey can also be put on an altar or buried under your house. Ancient tribes buried a Holey under a coop to protect their poultry!

* Because a Holey represents the Sacred Vagina of the Great Goddess, sticking a small branch of tree that fits exactly in it (the Penis) and throwing it in the Sea is considered a really powerful Love Spell. It is believed that true love will come to you! 


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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Planet Vibes: Holly Full Moon, July 12 2014

Planet Vibes
Holly Full Moon
July 12, 11:25 am GMT
A Holly Full Moon and a Divine coincidence. 

These are only few words trying to describe the astral mess we will deal with the upcoming Full Moon. Moon on Capricorn, right opposite to her favourite sign, shedding some light to the ever-bright Sun shining through Cancer, the sign of ancestral institutions like family. Mercury on the last degree of Gemini, staying there only to inform us of this great Astrological Event making all humanity perceive its greatness.

This Full Moon seems to affect deeply the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Sun conjuncts with Jupiter leaving Cancer after months blessing one of his favorite signs a bit more, while Pluto conjuncts with Moon reviving the anger and frustration of the masses. We should definitely expect reviving of great protests.

The dance of power seem to join Mars from the formerly peaceful sign of Libra and Uranus the planet of change and global awareness from Aries. It seems really inevitable for something very interesting to happen. And it will definitely have global effect.

holly full moon astrology planet vibes

Astrology and Magic 
During this Full Moon every kind of Power Awakening spells are very favoured because of this great power which comes from the Great Cross of the Cardinal Signs.

Aries: An earthquake in your home, in your family, in your job environment. You are deeply affected by this Full Moon with a touch of extreme feelings and thoughts. Try not to be driven only by what your fiery heart. Please ground yourself, relax and clear your mind. The Rest of the Month is going to be better!

Taurus: Escaping routine is the main quest right now and you focus too much in this certainly rational need of yours. Energy is focused on travels and journeys and I just feel the need to propose you to organise everything you can and just leave everything else to the Higher Powers, trusting them that everything is going to be OK!

Gemini: Storm is over. Or at least most of it! A major change in your financial status seems take place this month and the beginning might be during the effect of this Full Moon. You need this change so take your change and go for it!

Cancer: I'm afraid that your thoughtful and carrying nature will be altered with anger and rage especially towards the one you care the most, the ones you cooperate and the most important people of your life. The positive fact is that all these will create a better place for you so do what you have to do but stay faithful to the Law of Love.

Leo: You already feel it. In your dreams, in your thoughts... you feel it deeply in your heart... change is coming! After 12 years of waiting - finally - Jupiter crosses your sign and this Full Moon is the harbinger of Change. Stand up, flex your muscles and rub your hands. It's time.

Virgo: Jupiter entering Leo is both a good and a bad thing. For starters the next twelve months will be full of deep feelings you never thought you might have had or you might thought you've forgotten them. It's time to wake up your great magical powers and shed some light to the alchemist in you!

Libra: This Full Moon shines light in the relationships you currently have and your social status. This time your friends seem to play a very important role and you are really looking towards them for their affection and Love. You can somehow use this Love to wake up the truly loving and sweet soul you hide, especially after the tough touch of Mars the last months. 

Scorpio: You heart and feelings seem to boil under the pressure of new responsibilities. Saturn seems to refuse to let you feel the freedom you so desperately need to feel. On the other hand Saturn promotes your life in a way you can only perceive after his heavy touch will cease to affect you. Till then meditate and take full advantage of his gifts.

Sagittarius: Your pocket seems to hide a black hole in it cause you troubles in your life and your dreams. You need time to relax and feel financially secure but right now it not the perfect time for that. This Full Moon will shine on your needs, on your expenses and what needs to be done so that you will feel closer to your goal.

Capricorn: The Cosmic energy is focused right above your heads, right above your shoulders, right above your lives. You are the protagonists of this Divine Coincidence and you should try to find a way to direct this huge amount of energy towards creative channels. You will succeed if you are grounded and focused on your goal! 

Aquarius: Friendships blur and your head turns towards people who may disappoint you during the effect of this Full Moon. The Lunar light shines upon your relationships and how you handle them and your social status. Both are extremely important for your well-being and I want you to be extra careful how you react.

Pisces: You thought you knew and you might have imagined how you wished things could be. Right now and during the effect of this Full Moon you learn how people really are and you finally are shaken by reality. This information should be used wisely and you have to stand up and leave if you have to, or fight if it's worth fighting for. Make up your mind!

Have a Blessed Holly Full Moon!


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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ancient Formula Recipe: How to See Sexual Dreams

DreamWorld series of Spells & Recipes
a guide through the DreamWorld
How to See Erotic Dreams
an ancient Recipe

DreamWorld consists of pure energy, thoughts and emotions of past, present and future. It's a web of parallel universes, of possible and completely impossible situations, a scenery created constantly by our mind's forces. When we Dream we let our wishes, our fears, our deepest and most precious vulnerabilities dig their way out on the surface of our consciousness. 

Sometimes, we wake up with such a clear memory of a Dream that we would swear that it just happened. Our body feels like it happened. And this is somehow a Reality our body felt more true than our previous day experiences. This is why it feels so great when we see a wonderful dream and at the same time why we feel so deeply concerned when we wake up after a dreadful nightmare.

Seeing happy and satisfying Dreams while we sleep, helps our mind relax and during this hours and dump the tension of the past day. And always remember that 1/3 of our lifetime is spent on our bed. If you realise this fact, you will definitely agree with us, that it's very wise to use this time for our happiness and euphoria.

sexual dreams erotic dreams sex dreams
a wonderful piece of art found on the web.
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Seeing sex Dreams might seem childish but in fact may fire up your libido and wake up your sexual charms and appetite. It will help you explore what you do and you don't like. It will treat yourself with refreshing moments of pleasure and that's what it counts! 

So let's get to work! 

You will need: 
1 part of Myrrh (resin)
2 parts of Wormwood (dried herb)
2 parts of Anise (dried herb)

Myrrh was used widely by the ancient Greeks to invoke sexual intentions and charms. This was something that may angered the Egyptians who devoted this sacred resin to Goddess Isis (who was indeed Goddess of Love but also a very sacred figure in their Religion and was considered misuse of Myrrh). Myrrh is a very power ingredient in Magic and will alter your sense of reality at once. 

Wormwood on the other hand is a very powerful invoking weapon in the hands of every practitioner of magic. Wormwood is used to lift our consciousness and become more sensitive to the psychic vibes. In dream mixtures Wormwood makes the dreams vivid.

Anise is an erotic herb used in many love and sex spells. Anise is also used to aid in beauty spells and to increase one's charms. Added in a herbal mix, creates an erotic aura, very distinctive. 

Gather the ingredients and mix them during the Waxing Moon, on Monday and if possible during the Planetary hour of Venus. Mix the ingredients and chant seven times:

Gates of the DreamWorld,
Powers of my mind,
let the sexual visions come forth,
happiness and bliss to find!  

Tip! Burn 1 teaspoon of the mixture on a charcoal in your room prior sleep. Remember to let fresh air clear some of the smoke before you sleep. 

Tip! Do it no more than 3 times per week. Wormwood might make your dreams very vivid. Remember to create a healthier sex life. Dreams are fun, but they cannot replace reality.

created by GreekMage and Poseidon

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How to become a God or a Goddess!

Take charge of what's happening.
How to become a God / Goddess
The tantric way to wake up your Divine nature! 

Ok, I must admit that the title may be a little misleading. What I intend to do in this post and a few following ones is to give you some ways to instil divinity in yourselves and awaken the God/Goddess that you are.

Hinduism and Buddhism teach us that we are created of the “body” of the Supreme Being, while Judaism, Christianity and Islam, consider that our spirits are of divine nature. And I guess that most of the other religions, that I am not so familiar with, would suggest something alike. So, let us awake this divine being that we are.

A wonderful piece of art by RyanRizky

Kama Sutra and Tantra are two schools that use the raising of our sexual energy to help us become united with the divine. The way Kama Sutra is given, a partner is needed, while in Tantra the true partner is the God. And so, in a very simplified manner explained, by making love with our God/Goddess, we become more like him/her.

Depending on the tantric school, the deity may be a particular one, or the personal deity of the practitioner. In the latest case, it is important to understand that the sex of the deity and the sexual orientation of the practitioner are irrelevant. That means that for example, a heterosexual man may practise tantra with a male deity, as well as a homosexual one may practise with a female deity.

But this is for those who intend to be involved with tantra more than is needed for this post. Actually, you don’t need to have practised any sexual or no sexual way of divine union not even meditation to complete this exercise. You don’t even need to understand the meaning of sexual intercourse with a God. What I am going to describe here is a simplified exercise that any one of any religion may perform.

be a Goddess be a God be Divine

Is it going to turn you in a God/Goddess? Well, probably not, not right away anyway! But if you keep practising it, you’ll start awakening your divine nature, and given the time, the achievements will be great.

So, sit or stand, depending on your flexibility, preferably naked, but do as you wish. Now, close your eyes and breathe normally for a while. Just concentrate in your breath but let it be natural. After a while, start thinking of your most beloved deity; the deity’s form and nature.

When you feel that you are in touch with your beloved deity, touch your right foot, and say, loud or mentally “I salute (name of the deity) in my right foot” and imagine that the deity is there. Then go to the left foot and repeat the salutation. And continue till you reach the top of your head. Then open your arms and say: 
“I salute (name of deity) everywhere around me”. 
And touch your chest and say: 
“I salute ... everywhere inside me”.

That’s it. Breathe a little more and you are ready to go!

Have fun and be Divine!

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Planet Vibes: Oak Full Moon, June 13 2014

Planet Vibes
Oak Full Moon
June 13 2014, 04:14 GMT

The Full Moon right before the Summer Solstice and right after Mercury starting (again) his retrograde course creates a rather complicated situation in many many ways. The Sun in the 22nd degree of Gemini falls right on Phact, a fixed star in the constellation of Dove. Phact is the α (alpha) star of Dove, which along with the β (beta) were considered by the ancients the bringers of Good News, the Benevolent Messengers. Although the Chinese call it Old Friends - Old Folks. 

Phact, is believed to be a very important fixed star for the "Aquarian" New Age. Once worshiped by the Ancient Egyptians, Phact play a very important role as in the Natal charts of geniuses like Newton. It is considered to bring beneficial influence all over the World and good news. This Full Moon may cause global events which will push us through the Aquarian Age faster.

Astrology and Magic: 
Anything which have to do with Global information - Akashic Files
Astral projection and remote viewing is favored! 
Invoking Angels is also really really favored! 

Aries: Ambitions play a very important role right now in your life. It seems like you want to aim higher than usual trying to get over a past that you feel estranged from. This Full Moon is considered fortunate for you so aim high and good luck!

Taurus: Things that have to do with your financial status receives a makeover these days. You seek to earn so that you can spend. Remember that money is like a river, you need to understand the importance of both giving and taking. 

Gemini: Cosmos focuses all its energy directly in you. You feel stuck under a storm with Mercury retrograde and you cannot do anything. Things that have to do with your life-partner are rather complicated right now. You definitely need though, all this turbulence to find your own way! 

Cancer: Feeling split in half, depressed or maybe frightened? This is all because of the Sun in the 12th house, the house of your psychological status. You've been a lot but everything is going to change the upcoming New Moon in 27th of June. Hold on and Meditate. 

Leo: A fortunate Full Moon shine upon your social status, a very important sector of your life. You are amongst the ones who are favoured during this transit although retrograde Mercury takes aways some of this glory. Personal and close relationships seem to bother you more right now. Be patient to what people ask and look between the lines.

Virgo: Your career is seem to take most of your energy right now. What you have to do is so much that your energy is depleted. You feel rather lost, swimming in the sea of endless posibilies which have not yet showed themselves.

Libra: You ask a positive feedback from your beloved ones although the past few months you experienced a rather upredictable behaviour from them. You have to look deeper than that. Are your expectations pretty high? Do you ask wrong things from the wrong people? 

Scorpio: A shake in your libido. You vital energy receives a huge amount of energy which in some cases will be directed in a helpful way while in some others rather frustrating one. You feel like you want to be reborn and somehow... you manage it!

Sagittarius: Words which should remain unspoken, feelings which should rather remain hidden find a way to the surface and you feel you lose control. This Full Moon speaks about liberation from the past. This Full Moon is an opportunity to guide all this energy to your future. 

Capricorn: Feelings and fears, dreams and nightmares collapse and create an explosive cocktail of pure magical energy. You who have mastered the control of these you will be rewarded by tremendous amounts of energy. The others will just feel helpless over a huge wave of emotions.

Aquarius: Your sign is directly associated with social affairs and status. You are the ones who keep us all together with a web of global consciousness. This time you'll have the opportunity to reveal the gift of your nature. Get out... amaze us!

Pisces: Maybe it's time for you to realise that the road you are on should change direction. You may perceive that somewhere lies a different purpose for you, a higher one. This is probably the right time to open your eyes and look for these signs...

Have a Blessed Oak Full Moon

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