Wednesday, 22 October 2014

DigitaVaticana: Arcane Manuscripts Digitalised of the Vatican Library

Archivum Secretum Vaticanum
Arcane Manuscripts Digitalised
Shedding light in the mysteries of Biblioteca Vaticana 
The Gates of the Forbidden Library of the Vatican are opening

We've all heard numerous stories about the infamous "Bibloteca Vaticana" the secret Library which lies inside the Vatican Walls under the Earth's surface. For centuries, tons of sacred books, "heretic texts", grimoires and ancient manuscripts were kept there, as an arc of Wisdom, forbidden to access by anyone apart from few. Many scholars tried to guess what they could find there. In fact only in September 2012, in an exhibition Lux in Arcana (Light in the Mysteries) for the first and possibly only time in history, 100 original and priceless manuscripts were selected and displayed among the treasures preserved and cherished by the Vatican Secret Archives.

The scandalous fact that even few years ago no one could access this vast information of knowledge ended up in plenty of theories, guessing what could possibly lie there. We surely cannot easily know especially nowadays when we are deliberately stuck between diverse information in order to cause chaos.

In the Vatical Library lie 80,000 manuscripts, prints, drawings, plates and incunabula (books printed prior to 1500 AD) written throughout history by people of different sects, faiths and minorities from all across the world. The library also includes letters from important historical figures, drawings and notes by artists and scientists such as Michelangelo and Galileo which are considered by many scholars one of the most intriguing manuscripts ever. 

Pope Francis probably decided to turn his back to the scandalous past of the Vatican Library and teamed up with Japanese firm NTT Data to digitise a further 3,000 manuscripts by 2018 (now there are only 1000 manuscripts available in the Site of the Vatican).

In June, the Vatican held a fundraising event for this unique project while escorting guests an exclusive guided tour of areas generally forbidden to the public, including the Library halls, laboratories. Can we expect further change of the Vatican towards other major issues? Will we access the main core of the forbidden Library?

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Planet Vibes: Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Scorpio, October 23 2014.

Planet Vibes
Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Scorpio
The Sacred Marriage will mark a transformation of the whole World.

A solar Eclipse is coming in the first degree of Scorpio, marking the death and rebirth of a matter in everyone's life. Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, in fact another symbol of Scorpio is the sacred Phoenix, the mighty legendary bird of Fire - the soul of the Sun. A Solar Eclipse in the first - and most important - degree of Scorpio talks about a significant and maybe violent transformation happening in the whole World. 

In the sign of Scorpio dwell all our instincts, our hopes and fears and our will to evolve. The New Moon - Solar Eclipse pushes us to end something rotten and inaugurate something fresh. This is not something we are all able to do without effort or even tears. The most difficult changes is the ones we make to ourselves. But when we have changed ourselves, we have changed the whole World. 

Astrology and Magic: 
This is a very suitable new Moon to ask from the Universe and the God(-s or Godess-es) to come closer to your ideal partner. Transform yourself, put and end to anything old your want to get rid off, and welcome what you need to attract.  

Let's take a look to all the signs. 

Aries: Whatever that has to do with money - finances which are not directly connected with you (for example a dept or a heritage) are somehow very important right now, receiving a proper boost and a helpful touch. Your instincts are being reborn. 

Taurus: A new relationship? A new agreement? Anything goes with this - very important especially for you - Solar Eclipse. This New moon talks about a very important new step that you have to make to optimise your relationships, both in your personal life and your career. 

Gemini: Take care of yourself because all this emotional pressure may end up in minor health issues. Have a relaxing massage, sleep a lot and eat as healthily as you can. Your nutrition is extremely important right now. You every day life talks about an opportunity. 

Cancer: You feel like your children are messing with you and your ability to cope with their needs. Your romantic life receives energy boost but i'm not very sure that you can handle it properly. It seems like bad timing but in anyway you will enjoy it...

Leo: This Solar Eclipse - as every solar eclipse but this one in particular even more - affects your home and possessions greatly. Are you waiting to change your home or your place where you work? This is probably the time for that. 

Virgo: The people who are close to you seem to cross your... personal space and this frightens you - at least a bit. You are not welcoming this pressure although it may end up in a very profitable way. Relax and set your boundaries. 

Libra: The previous Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse had shaken your ground and now this Solar Eclipse tries to change what was left to change. In fact this New Moon may bring something new to your finances and your ability to acquire in a more general way.   

Scorpio: The New Moon - Solar Eclipse, the Sacred Marriage of the Sun and the Moon happens to conjunct with sweet Venus helping you to see the world differently... for the first time since 2010. This is the new beginning you've been waiting for and although most things remain the same, you now see what I was talking about all this months. Take a glimpse of your new life. 

Sagittarius: The veil thins, and you are now able to sense what was going on all this time behind your back. People you know - or you thought you knew better - surprise you and you are now able to see deeper inside their hearts and souls. 

Capricorn: This New Moon happens to occur in Scorpio, a helpful sign for you. It may not be very clear right now, but what is about to happen will help your personal relations and your social status. Failure may be just a mask. 

Aquarius: Your heart seems to get anxious - once again - in your work environment, but i promise these turbulances will be the last of their kind. Just try to relax and see things more objectively. In fact this might be a chance to evolve!

Pisces: This may be the beginning of a very interesting - yet hard at first - venture of your life. You will come across new people and a series of event - which may even be karmic ones - will lead you to  an open road of many possibilities. 

Have a blessed Solar Eclipse. May this transformation help each and everyone of us.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Magic & Occult News: Bermuda's Triangle & Siberian Craters share common origin as phenomena?

Are Siberia's craters related to Bermuda's Triangle?
Russian Scientists believe that have found out the truth.

Scientists claim that underground gas explosions caused the interesting phenomenon that appeared earlier this year in Siberia. These craters in Yamal peninsula were reported to be caused by missiles, UFOs, meteorites or even be man-made hoaxes. Yet the marvellous and somehow creepy giant ground holes caused kept many to wonder how all these could happen. Russian scientists now believe that they eventually learned the truth.

"Heating from above the surface due to unusually warm climatic conditions, and from below, due to geological fault lines, led to a huge release of gas hydrates" as scientists from Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum, Gas Geology & Geophysics in Novosibirsk reported to Siberian Times. The scientists believe that the craters are located on the intersection of two tectonic faults. They added up that as a main factor of the explosion - and the creation of the craters - are a huge release of gas hydrates, an icy form (like water's) which contains mainly methane. 

If fact, the scientists continues that the notorious Bermuda's Triangle is a relative (although distant and southern one) to the Siberia's craters. They believe that all these accidents are also related with massive methane release from the ocean. 

Is this the truth? This solution sounds logic enough but let's not forget other phenomena or stories people swear that it's true. Maybe all this methane release is somehow connected with other geological, physical or metaphysical phenomena. 

We'll keep you informed. Stay tuned in Magic & Occult News.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Magic in TV & Cinema: Chakra Cleansing – The “Avatar: the Last Airbender” method

Magic in TV & Cinema
Chakra Cleansing 
The “Avatar: the Last Airbender” method
Many times in TV series or movies Magic is presented in an unreal, bizarre or incorrect way. But some times the accuracy is really surprising and drives us into further investigation of the topic which is shown.  In this new series of Articles we are going to present you the REAL MAGIC which is presented in movies and TV series. You will be amazed by what we found for you...

Let's start with something really inspiring! In Nikelodeon’s anime Avatar: The Last Airbender, the protagonist Aang in order to master and control the avatar mode tries to clear his major chakras, his energy centres.

avatar the last airbender in avatar mode
Avatar the last Airbender of Nickelodeon
maybe the most inspiring Cartoon ever

Starting from the bottom of the body these are

1. The root chakra
2. The sacral or sexual chakra
3. The solar plexus
4. The heart chakra
5. The throat chakra
6. The third eye
7. The crown chakra

The method given in the anime is simplified yet quite accurate, non to say that a very common misunderstanding is also present in the anime, and I am going to underline that. Other than that there is a ridiculous rule that one must complete the entire procedure at once. Well this is just for the anime and has nothing to do with reality. So do it in your own capability. But it is important to start from bottom to top.

Now, for the first chakra the energy that emits is this of survival and what blocks it is fear. Realise your fears face them and purify them with your will to live a blissful life.

The second chakra teaches us to enjoy the pleasures of this world (as also the pleasures of spirituality) and what blocks it is guilt. What are you feel guilty of? And even more do you feel guilty for enjoying some kinds of pleasure, such as the carnal ones? Release your guiltiness and embrace the fact that you deserve, is your divine right, to enjoy every pleasure in this world.

The third chakra is mobilised by our will as well as the enthusiasm to do anything and to better ourselves, our life and the world. What blocks it is shame. In everyday life the meanings of guilt and shame are often confused. Guilt is the feeling that we do something wrong or bad, while shame is the feeling that we are disappointed from our own selves. So, find out what are you ashamed for and forgive, accept and love yourself as is.

The fourth chakra shines the light of love and is blocked because of sadness and distress. Accept the powerful healing of love and release all your sorrows from present and past.

The fifth chakra is the chakra of truth and it is blocked by lying to oneself. What lies do you say to yourself? What conditions do you have to accept yourself? All these are the lies that block the throat chakra. Face your true self and love your true self as is.

The sixth chakra rules intuition and is blocked by illusion. Intuition is in fact knowledge received from our higher spirit while illusion is something that seems to be intuition but is generated from ego. The greatest illusion of this world is that we are totally separated creatures while in fact we are all connected.

Finally, the seventh chakra is illuminated by the pure cosmic or divine energy and is blocked by out attachments in the material world. So to clear this chakra and receive even more cosmic or divine energy one should release all attachments of this world. And here is the misconception of Aang and of many as well.

Aang fears to release his attachment to Katara thinking that by doing that he will loses her or maybe his love for her. This is also an illusion of ego. In fact by releasing all attachments to the material world we can enjoy this world better and we can have healthier and happier relationships. Attachment is not generated from love neither it produces love. It is generated from insecurity and lack of trust to the cosmos and it downgrades love.

So this is the meditational exercise to clear your chakra as given by The Last Airbender. There are two basic ways to perform it. The one is to go from first to seventh chakra through one session and repeat this session occasionally for as long as you need.

The other way is to give a full session to the first chakra. Repeat as many times as needed and then go on to the second chakra, and so on.

Of course you can find another way that is more suitable for you! The most important thing is to enjoy the process. So do have fun!

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Planet Vibes: Lunar Eclipse, Ivy Full Moon, October 8 2014

Planet Vibes
 Lunar Eclipse, Ivy Full Moon
Let Love show this World the way. Love is the only way.

There's a Lunar Storm coming. But why does a storm always have to be a hard thing? Maybe because we sometimes need a push to break free from things that should have been freed long time ago. The Great Lady of the Night Sky is in Aries in the 15th degree where she falls under the Dominion of Andromeda's Alpheratz (Head of the Woman in chains or Andromeda's Head), a very fortunate fixed star which with a mixed nature of Venus and Jupiter like. From there the Moon shines her bright moonlight to humanity promising honour and wealth. Alpheratz is a very magical star known from the ancient times about her conjuring properties utilising it's power into many rituals and spells.

Unfortunately if this star has malefic influences can be easily corrupted spreading omens of violence and death. Thankfully the Moon receives also a positive feedback from Jupiter and Mars, the Great Triangle of Fire. This is the time to take fate into our hands and start a new venture into the weird, wild and mystical World. Our enthusiasm receives the proper boost (which can also be magically conjured with this Eclipse Spell)

This Great Triangle of Fire gives this world the proper awakening. This is a very important time to see this World ascends to a more advanced spiritual and awareness level. Love, Peace and Cooperation are the subjects which will be discussed mostly during this Lunar Eclipse in private and globally. Unfortunately, with Mercury retrograde from 4th to 22nd of October will delay the progress and cause misunderstandings. The truth will prevail. Love is the Way.

Astrology and Magic:
This is a VERY VERY magical time. First you can take a look at the Eclipse Magic article of ours and get to know the magical opportunities of each eclipse. 
Enthusiasm can really be boosted right now! Fame, Wealth and better health can be improved. And of course, Romance with a pinch of magic dust will never be the same! What are you waiting for? Dust off your wands!

Aries: You are the centre of the cosmic attention. The Moon shines from your Sun sign shedding light to your inner needs and buried emotions. You want to wake up from a nightmare and fight for what's rightfully yours. During this fight you might lose something but you have to take your life in your hands and work to make your future better. 

Taurus: It seems like the energy of the Lunar eclipse is not very easy to handle and you'll probably end up catching a cold or other minor health problems. Please take good care of yourself and do not exaggerate especially close to the Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse. Try to tame your rage in your work environment cause misunderstandings are very likely to occur. 

Gemini: It seems like your social status receives a strange push forward in a way that you are probably not ready to handle. Love and Romance distracts you but you may find yourself erotically charged in a way you never felt before. You'll feel alive but somehow blurry. Get yourself together and deal with your emotions. 

Cancer: This is not a very fortunate Full Moon for you creating issues in your home and your job. You have to be extra careful in your negotiations and manage every detail with a clear mind and a peaceful heart. Take things slower. Look at the details. Organise yourself better. Money may come from unexpected source. 

Leo: I really hope you got not legal issues to deal with but if you have you should be really careful during this Lunar Eclipse. People who are really close to you may worry you in a way that you may feel distracted and neglect things you have to do.  On the other hand the Great Triangle of Fire favours you and bursts your will to live! 

Virgo: Money makes the world go round and you are amongst the people who know it better as an Earth sign. This time all your financial issues seem to bother you in a way that push you to find solutions. Depts and heritage will probably call for your energy. Just keep calm and try to relax your mind in order to find the most optimal solution.

Libra: An earthquake is coming as far as relationships are concerned. This is why you need to be extra careful with everything that has to do with negotiations, cooperations, marriage and legal agreements. This Lunar eclipse affects you the most and all these huge amounts of cosmic energy has to be treated wisely.

Scorpio: The Lunar Eclipse affect your everyday life and your career environment. Your emotional defence is decreased and you may act impulsively when a certain irritating matter will appear in your job. Sudden changes may happen that you will feel unable to control. Remember that you are still under the Saturnian dominion, something you have to take into serious consideration. You feel rebellious and you want to break free... and you will.

Sagittarius: This Lunar Eclipse favours you and you will to expand you social status. You become - even more - popular and the phones ring more that previously. You want to socialise, go out, meet friends and flirt. This is what you'll pay more attention these days and I think you should because there may be a golden opportunity there. Grab it!

Capricorn: Your home seems on fire and many matters demand your attention during this eclipse. You have to let some things go and try to relax, although I understand that this is really difficult to happen especially when the problems come from within the walls of your own home. On the other hand you may need to deal with them but remember NOT to burst into emotional flames. Just let some things be right now!

Aquarius: The social needs become more intense right now. There seems to be a matter on how you deal with information right now. News and gossips seem to bother you a bit but on the other hand you seem to be benefited by all this mess. It seems like you open your eyes and see the truth and act with precision and effectiveness.

Pisces: Your financial status is at stake right now and this means that you can both lose and gain right now. The cosmic energy focuses on money that may not be yours to deal with at the first place. Heritage and depts have to be dealt with responsibility and foresight. Your intuition will help you. 

Eclipse magic

Have a Blessed Lunar Eclipse

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