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The Law of Karma scientifically proven: Helping others brings success to you!

Helping others brings success to you
The Karmic Law scientifically proven.

Everyone knowing the Law of Karma, knows that by doing good deeds he or she will receive the blessings of the Universe, or the Gods. But this is no longer a belief, but crystal-clear scientific knowledge.
Most people believe that happiness is the result of success, but Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky of the University of California, and writer of the How To Happiness book (2008), among others, as well as co-writer of the paper Does Happiness Promote Career Success (2008), has proven through an experiment that happy people tend to become more successful in their professional and personal lives. Therefore happiness is the cause of success and not the other way around.

So, by this we have determined that by becoming happier you can bring success to you. The only thing needed now, is to prove that by helping people we can become happier.

Now, that is a tricky one. Again most people believe that it is the happy and rich people that help others, because they are the ones that have the time and the means to do so. Well, that is just an excuse of course, as helping others doesn’t necessarily mean spending money, as for the time... well we all have just twenty four hours a day, neither more nor less.
karma laws

Elizabeth W. Dunn Ph.D. of the university of British Columbia in her research described on Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness (2008) proved not only that spending money on others promotes your own happiness but also that the amount of money spent has practically nothing to do with the amount of happiness you receive.

In Neural Responses to Taxation and Voluntary Giving Reveal Motives for Charitable Donations (2007), William T. Harbaugh proves that whenever somebody spends money voluntarily or not (i.e. through taxation) in helping others, then some areas of the ventral striatum of the brain are being activated, which are also the ones that are activated when one receives a reward, when one feels valued by others as well as when our basic needs are fulfilled. And so by activating these areas of the brain the feelings generated are the same as if the cause (that is receiving a reward etc) is present. And so, by giving money to others you are becoming happier because of the way your brain works.

Now, even before all these, in 2005 Lyubomirsky in Pursuing Happiness: The Architecture of Sustainable Change show that non-financial acts of kindness had the same results. Worth mentioning that one group of the participants increased their happiness by 40% in six weeks. Isn’t it good enough for you?

Symbol of Karma Law
The Endless Knot
a traditional Symbol of Karma
the interlinking knots symbolize the endless interaction of cause and effect,
an everlasting circle of events caused by us

And so now we have proven that by helping others one becomes happier, and as proven before, by becoming happier, one becomes more successful. Therefore, by helping others one becomes more successful, which is just as Karma suggests.

So do you want to increase your happiness by 40% to welcome more success in your life? Then you may do as the mentioned group of participants of the experiment of Lyubomirsky did. For six weeks perform five (non-financial) acts of kindness each week, but do them all in the same day. (The other group that did their acts one a day increased their happiness by a smaller percentage).

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Planet Vibes: Lunar Eclipse, Willow Full Moon, April 15 2014

Planet Vibes
Lunar Eclipse
Willow Full Moon, April 15 2014
The Light will always win.

The powers of the Night Sky seem to gather up to play an important role to what humanity perceives as reality right now. On the same day a Lunar Eclipse occurs and Pluto begins his retrograde course. At the same time, in the heart of the Cardinal Cross starts to form a Great Cross, focusing great amounts of energy in our everyday life and the struggles of global financial and political crisis. Our world stands upon the edge of a knife yet Angels sing for hope and progress.

The Willow moon was considered by the Druids as one of the most powerful Full Moons with extra energy from the Lunar Realm. 

Venus joined at the start of April the watery Pisces granting us a sense of sweetness in our hearts, while retrograde Mars brings quarrels on the surface and make us focus on our anger and frustration. Mercury in Aries is fiery, quick and impulsive teaching us the art of patience in our speech and actions. 

Eclipse Magic Astrology Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse, as every Lunar Eclipse is an extra powerful Full Moon. Our hearts are filled with strong emotions. We tend to become oversensitive on everything we face. Things we normally wouldn't take seriously we now tend to overanalyse as if it's the most important thing that happened to us lately. Yet in all this Chaos, a very bright light colours brightly the Sky. The Lunar Eclipse happens in the 25th degree of Libra where Spica, the most auspicious fixed star lies. Spica from the Constellation of Virgo is the promise of Spring after a cold winter. From this day and with hard or even harder means, progress will establish in our planet. 

Astrology and Witchcraft. Empower your Magic. Spells that awake your magical powers are very favoured during this Lunar Eclipse. Good Luck spells and Beauty Spells are also favoured. 
Check out the All-time-classic article on Eclipse Magic. From the one and only EasyWitch.

Let's take a look at each and every sign...

Aries: This Lunar eclipse shines upon your personal relationships. Love and commitment, passion and cooperation are concepts which have been clouded the last months. This is the time to clean things up, take the actual burden that you are responsible for and move forward. New Era is coming.

Taurus: Whatever means you may have used to empower you body seem to have partly failed. The light of this Lunar Eclipse shows you that the problem lies in your routine. You may have to cut all strings from it and get free from everything that sucks up your life force. It's time to be honest with yourself and stand up on your own feet. 

Gemini: Cupid plays curious games with your heart. You start to wonder about your choices and what you should really choose for life - partner yet your mind and heard seem to be in a constant quarrel which no one seems to win. You have to become more honest with your feelings. Give birth AGAIN to your adventurous self and you will find the truth!

Cancer: A fresh idea? A golden opportunity in your career that you may face during the next days? Are you ready to follow your heart? Anything goes during this Lucky Lunar Eclipse and you will also feel the strength and power of what you mean family and home. 

Leo: What you perceive as personal choices in your close social circle may seem to bother you during this Lunar Eclipse although you are amongst the ones who are being favoured during this Lunar Eclipse. In fact you may find a way to empower you life-force and this may be the key to any success you dreamed of.

Virgo: Your financial status seem to be at stake here. You need to find a job to sustain your everyday needs yet you seem tired by the latest 1 year struggle in your career. What I would advice you to do is to open your eyes for opportunities yet right now you need to focus on what is stable. Things may change in the end of the month with a new and golden possibility.

Libra: All cosmic energy focuses on your lives right now. You feel you are under heavy pressure and several diverse powers in you try to make you change in many possible ways. You feel your anger climbing high levels and your frustration becomes the major problem for you and your life. The key is to keep breathing and direct all this energy for your own good. Meditate! 

Scorpio: You may feel like you are not in charge of what really happens with you and your life and in some way other forces play a very important role. Your intuition becomes very powerful right now. You now see that you've started a war with yourself long time ago but right now you need to clear things up. The truth is what you have to do is take an honest look at you and your personal goals but not act spontaneously. An saturnian alchemical procedure is right now in progress. Take some time...

Sagittarius: You left half of your self behind the last months and this part of yourself lies beneath your friends and social contacts. You tried to become something that I really doubt you really want to. Let's stop a bit here. Take a look at yourself. Do you REALLY want this? A glimpse of truth will shine during the days of the Lunar Eclipse. Observe! 

Capricorn: Pluto in your sign, the heavy burden on your back turns retrograde on the same day the Lunar Eclipse occurs. On one hand we have the fact that you try to negotiate with your boss, colleagues or yourself with your salary or the work environment. You feel like you are not doing this will all your heart but soon enough every effort will be rewarded. Till then... patience! 

Aquarius: Your spiritual background seem to be in War right now. What you tried to build as a philosophical way of living may need some help. You seem to lost your faith. You shouldn't let this happen. You need to empower yourself and by doing that you will see your powerful inner self grow and evolve.

Pisces: Although Venus lucky touch brings luck to you all April, this Lunar Eclipse may add more frustration to your financial status. Expenses and luck of income may try to drive you nuts but you have to be patient for all that matters is you are evolving and becoming more and more secure day by day. This is just temporary but please be careful.

Have a Blessed Lunar Eclipse

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Establish contact with the Divine. How to ask a favour from your God.

How to ask a favour from your God
How to contact your God, Gods, Goddess, Goddesses
A simple and effective practical spell

how to call my your guardian God Gods Goddess Goddesses

Here we have posted an article about how to ask an Angel a favour. Now, we are going to see how to ask a favour from a God or Goddess. Before I go on, I must make clear that you cannot force a God / Goddess to do whatever you want. He/She is going to do his/her will. But a God would never do anything that you are not asking of him to do for this would be against your free will, and this is something that no divine spirit would do. That is the reason we need to ask for the favour in order to receive it.

And I should also make clear that there is nothing too small or too great to ask from a God, so do ask for whatever you want, and be honest as a God knows you, even better than you do, and so you cannot fool him.

Some people think that a God would only provide whatever is absolutely necessary, but this is not true. A God would like you to be happy, so he is going to offer you all the happiness you are asking for, given that you don’t intend to subdue the free will of others.

Firstly determine what you are going to ask for. Write it down, as clearly as possible. Read it and change it as many times as you need in order to make your request truthful and fulfilling.

Then choose the God you are going to ask for your wish to come true. You may choose your most beloved deity, or a God most appropriate for the kind of favour you are asking. Anything is going to work, but be careful of the nature of the God, as the path he is going to take to fulfil your wish may not be a desirable one.

If you don’t really know the God, learn about him. Read about him. Understand him to the best of your capability.

Now ask yourself, how much time do you need to pray for this favour? How much time of praying is enough for this favour to be realised? And, of course, how much time are you willing to offer? Answer honestly to these questions in order to decide what you are going to do. In generally we use 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 18, 21, 27, 28/29 (that is a full moon-circle) 30, 40, 54, 90, 100 or 108 days, but if you find another amount of days more appropriate, feel free to use the one you believe to be correct.

Also, some would use one day of the week and decide how many weeks they are going to pray for the favour. This is also an acceptable method. If you are going to use this option, choose the day the deity you are summoning loves the most, if there is such a day, otherwise, choose the day you are more certain you can offer your prayers.

Finally, decide the ritual offerings. These are the candles and incense you are going to use throughout the predicated period of praying. Choose these according to your beliefs, to the preferences of the deity or according to the purpose of your prayers. What is of the most importance is to keep them unchanged through the complete period of the ritual.

Now, having the written petition in your working place or altar, light the candle and the incense.  While doing so, repeat the name or a name mantra of the deity. Don’t count the times. Just keep repeating it. And you will continue doing so until the time you’ll have to say something else.

Sit down facing your altar, and close your eyes. You are still repeating the name of the deity. Close your eyes and start meditating on the deity. See his form, realize his nature and attitudes. Give this step as much time as you need. Do not rush it as it is the most important part of the job.

When you fill ready, then and only then stop repeating the name of the deity. Salute him as you find proper to do. Then say:
“I, ... (your full name), ask of you, ... (name of the deity), 
to ... (say your wish), and for this reason, 
I will be performing this ritual for ... (the selected number of days, or weeks).”

This is your contract or agreement with the God. This is something that you are going to do only the first day. Then explain to the God why you want this wish to be fulfilled, and how the manifestation of the wish will bring you joy. If you want, you can ask for advice as well.

how to call my your guardian God Gods Goddess Goddesses

When this is done, thank the God, and slowly end your meditation.

Write down your contract. It is the mental contract that is important. You are writing it down for you to remember it and honour it. Now, daily (or weekly, depending of what you have promised) repeat the ritual, but don’t re-make the contract.

You just meditate on the deity, and then tell him again why you want your wish to come true, and how this will brighten your life. If you want you can tell him also what you have done during this day on this objective, or whatever else you find proper.

During your everyday life, do whatever you think you need to do for your wish to come true, and be certain that the God will do whatever else is needed.

It is possible that your wish will come to be before the end of the promised time. This is not ending your contract though, so be extremely careful. If this is the case you should continue your daily ritual to the end of your agreement. Of course, you can now thanking the God for his blessing and telling him how happy this makes you.

After the end of your contract, you may have another one for another reason. Do not have many contracts going together, but you may ask for more than one favour at the same time. Although for beginners, one or at the most two favours are better than more.

So, enjoy the company of the Gods and have your life shine! 

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hoodoo Recipe: the Road Opener! Spell and Recipe to open the roads to happiness.

Ancient Recipe
Hoodoo Lore and Spells
The Road Opener
How to make and how to Use the Road Opener!

In occult supplies’ stores you may find several products under the name “Road Opener”, “Block Buster”, “Block Remover”, which are essentially different names for the same formula, although from brand to brand the formula may not be quite the same. Personally I have tried several brands and I could say that although I have tried quite a few of them, I am really satisfied of one or two. I am not going to review any of them in this occasion, but I am going to give you some advice to create your own Road Opener products. If you prefer to try the already manufactured oils, incenses, salts, and powders you may do so as well.

One of the most potent Road Opener is the essential oil of Orange (not orange blossom, which is an oil with very different spectrum of properties). It is also a quite economic essential oil too. Although orange oil can do the trick, maybe you would like to empower it even more. If so, add essential oil of lemon blossoms and citronella. If you are going to ask the help of certain spirits you may use lemon oil instead of lemon blossom. Although lemon oil does not opens the roads of opportunities, does help in summoning the help of benevolent spirits. Just keep in mind that lemon is not a gentle oil in nature, so if you are going to use it on your skin dilute the mix to a carrier oil at least ten times the amount of the lemon oil you are going to use. Some people would need a dilution of 1% of lemon oil (that is 100ml of carrier oil for 1ml of lemon oil) to avoid irritation. Even more, avoid direct sunlight for at least two hours after applying it to your skin.

If you chose to make the combination of the citrus oils, I would suggest using the same amount of each of the three oils. But if you are going to use it as a perfume try to make the smell pleasant to your taste as well by changing the ratio but do not add more oils (except of the carrier of course).

If you prefer a sweeter smell, another potent Road Opener is the essential oil of cherry blossoms. I have never tried to combine cherry blossom with the citrus, but if you want, do so.

If you are a gay man seeking to open the roads for a new relation you should absolutely use orange oil (or the citrus combination I mentioned before) as orange is masculine in nature and also a man magnet, not to mention a lust amplifier. In just this case you may substitute lemon blossoms with orange blossoms, as the later is also a man attracting oil, even though it is not really a road opener.

Now, for incense, you may use the oil in a burner or directly on charcoal disks. Although the last method is more powerful, it will not give good burning. What I would suggest is to mix your road opener oil with corn flour to make an evenly burning road opener incense.

If you like using powders and bath salts, just buy some talcum powder for the powder and sea salt with baking soda for the bath salts, and mix them with your oil. But these two are not necessary ingredients for the spell.

Now, whatever oil you have chosen as a road opener, and whatever the objective of your spell is, the candle you should be using, according to my opinion, is always of orange colour. I now some using a yellow candle and others are using a candle according to the kind of roads they want to open (i.e. green for money, pink or red for love, etc) but I am not font of these tactics.

Now the spell:

First and more importantly decide what you want to achieve, to which aspect of your life you need the path to clear and the roads to open.

On a piece of paper have a symbol of good luck. The Surya Yantra, the Budha Yantra, the Sri Yantra, a Ganesh Yantra, the Fool of the tarot, the Chariot, the Knight of Swords and the Knight of Wands, are some such symbols, that are in harmony with the essence of Road Opening, but you can use any symbol you trust. If you are going to use a tarot symbol, do not use the tarot cart but copy it to a piece of paper.

Now on the reverse of the symbol write your wish. I would suggest using dragon’s blood ink. Then anoint the paper both sides with the oil making clockwise circles, while thinking of your wish.

Anoint the orange candle with your oil from middle to top towards you and then from middle to bottom towards you again. While doing so, be focused to your wish. Put the candle on top of the symbol.

Light the candle and the incense. Then say 9 times:

“I call upon the Divine Grace, to come and make my wish come true. Oh please, clear all obstacles of my way, and always keep me safe, while blessing my life and day with all the luck I need”.

Now visualise enjoying the blessing you seek for five to ten minutes. Then say again the incantation, and visualise for another five to ten minutes what you want, as if it has already become reality. Repeat this procedure for a third time. Then say:

“With trust to the Divine Grace, I now know and declare, that my road has already opened and I am walking towards my happiness and success. And so it is!”

Then let the candle burn to the bottom. Of course do take all fire safety measures.

Repeat this for seven days. After the seventh candle has burned out, fold the paper with the symbol and your wish in half towards you, and with the symbol on the outer side (if necessary turn it 90ο and fold it again). Carry the paper in your wallet or pocket. Read your wish and focused on the symbol for one or two minutes at least once daily, and anoint the paper both sides with the Road Opener oil once a week, until you see the results you wished for. Then burn the paper thanking the divine grace for helping you in achieving your goal.

Even more, you may use the oil as a perfume on you, and sprinkle a drop or two each day to your shoes.

If you want instead of Divine Grace you may summon the help of your favourite deity, or a deity you believe to be appropriate for your spell.

Finally, if you see no results then try using as your oil and incense this combination: equal parts of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley, add powdered orris root (1grm for each ml, i.e. 10ml gardenia, 10ml jasmine, 10ml lily of the valley and 10grm orris root). Let the root in the mixture for at least one week before using the oil. If you see the desired results with this mixture then seek the help of a specialist, as this mixture helps you to overcome the effects of malevolent influences but does not really solve the problem.

May all the roads of your happiness be always open and free of obstacles!

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Planet Vibes: Ash Full Moon, March 16 2014

Planet Vibes
Ash Full Moon, March 16 2014
Time to reconsider the value of our energy

Clearing the effects of the retrograde Mercury in not a very easy thing and the full moon in Mach 16 2014 comes to make us reconsider the value of energy and how we manipulate it in our everyday life. This is a full Moon in the 26th degree of Virgo. 

We may be the ones who let the little things annoy us or maybe, the ones who let confused people drain our energy, leaving us dump and tired. This is something I feel that in this full moon we will clearly be more aware of, possibly in a rather frustrating way. Minor health issues, accidents and scars, flus and infections may come to make us understand the importance of liberation by vampiric and parasitic influences either that be spiritual or material ones. Are there any of those people in your work environment, do you hang out with them? This is the time to perceive this influences and make a decision!

Mars is retrograde after a long time of a Mercurian retrograde position. A "Great Cross" in the heavens start to form which will appear in its full power in April. As a human race we feel a bit tired and confused but we also feel that we cannot find a way to express ourselves. The clouds of War seem to gather and unfortunately I don't feel that there is an easy way out, at least not until the end of April which I think will be a very difficult time for mankind, once again.

Astrology and Magic. 
Global communication, banishing of parasitic / vampiric entities and habits, healing spells and peace are the most favoured fields of magic right now. Make peace with each other and help the World stay united and peaceful! Another type of magic which is favoured is asserting your sexual magnetism.

Let's all work our wands to help this troubled planet.

Aries. Both positive and negative are the influences of this full moon for your sun sign. Your governing planet is right across you in a retrograde motion reminding you that this is not a time to act violently neither I. Your personal nor in your professional relationships. Of course Venus will help things become better. Be patient, I know it's difficult for you.

Taurus. A rather fortunate Full moon for you with happy encounters and lovely meetings. On the other hand you have to be careful when it comes to your home. Were they any signs of problems lately? Look carefully in both your family and the physical facilities of your house environment!

Gemini. This is a full moon you need to be very careful especially when it comes to your close friends and relatives. I think that some kind of events or misunderstandings may bother you a lot. Venus comes to help you with opportunities possibly from educational fields and also from abroad!

Cancer. This is a full moon with mixed feelings. On one hand the soothing touch of the Moon from Virgo will give you hope and help you dream, yet on the other hand retrograde Mars from Libra may ask a lot from your ... Again!  People you love will be helpful but you need to be very careful with things which have to do with your home or houses especially if your job has to do with structures, hotels etc

Leo. A time of caution begins in your financial status with this full Moon. Some things may seem illusionary and yet are real while it might happen exactly the opposite. Manage careful your expenses especially when it comes to demands of your relatives and friends. Block all energy draining from you and protect your vitality. Let the Sun shine brightly in you again!

Virgo. Not that you have ever forgotten that but this full moon reminds you (agai and again) the importance and value of your vital energy. You are amongst the ones who know very well how to treat your body and this is the time to gather what's left from your vitality and focus on how to improve your physical well being! Stop worrying, start acting! 

Libra. Your mind seems to be very worried this time. Is there any chance you are being worried too much about changes that are in fact benevolent for you? This is the time to meditate and find your inner balance. Manage your energy and your thoughts. Finding your inner balance may require some help from people you love and fortunately this is the time to find it, Venus will do the trick!

Scorpio. The planet which is causing all this frustration the last two years is now turning retrograde once again making some more things to bother your already tired mind. The truth is that this full moon may give you a helping hand but you have to open your eyes and see the chance. The illusion of Saturn to is make you think that some things cannot change. That's a lie! 

Sagittarius. This full moon shakes the ground of your career reminding you that the balance in our professional relationships is very easily wounded. The source if your strength is your inner will to succeed and this has always been your touch of magic! Soon all will be over and your will win in this battle too but pay attention to the messages of this full moon for they are extremely useful.

Capricorn. Venus left leaving you renewed in many ways and now the full moon in your friendly Virgo will help you find your inner compass. Your the amongst the ones who are being favoured during this full moon. Your finances are being improved despite the things that trouble you in your career. 

Aquarius. Financial status. Two words of great importance for you he last months. You feel that once again someone is playing with your mental capability and patience. This is only temporary. Venus is right now on your side and will stay there for a whole month giving you the strength, and the...charms to solve and puzzle which may appear. 

Pisces. Your sensitive hearts don't easily deal with fights but this full moon challenges you to deal with your personal relationships, your marriage and some legal issues which may appear. Under these circumstances you need to clear your mind and see as much objectively as you can. Virgo challenges your mind to take many things into consideration. Be ready. 


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