Sunday, 9 November 2014

Totem Animal Symbolism: Koi Fish carp and its Golden Magic

Totem Animal Symbolism
Koi Fish
the Golden Magic of the Koi Carp

Dear readers, I am very excited to present you with an amazing article on the magical meaning of koi fish/koi carp (cyprinus carpio) and his very famous cousin, the goldfish. The word ‘koi’ comes from Japan and it literally translates as ‘carp’. The koi fish is a very old fish prevalent in many civilisations both in the Eastern and Western world and its appearance in dreams, visions and magical journeys is auspicious.   

magic totem animal symbolism
A wonderful photo from davsimon

Koi fish are very hardy creatures and have been reported to live more than  100 years (with one report of a 225 years old koi fish) and are associated with longevity and resilience.  Koi fish are cold water fish and they have the ability to survive and adapt in various climates and water conditions while they are good at swimming against the current; embodying a strong and purposeful energy.  There is a sense of making whatever conditions surround you work, however difficult they may be. The koi carp is brave and a real go-getter, while at the same time remains peaceful and calm.

Koi fish greatly increase the cloudiness of the water they inhabit because they are constantly stirring up the earth at the bottom – do you need to let things be still for a while, to allow the waters to clear?  How are you “muddying the waters”?  Or conversely, do you actually need to shake things up a bit?  Be aware of what undercurrents are operating in your life right now – the koi is encouraging you to look deeper. The koi will find food in all places (even the least expected) and reminds us to keep growing, count our blessings and look for diamonds in the dirt, all challenging aspects of life have something to teach us.

Koi carp are used for ornamental water gardens and as such are a symbol of beauty and harmony. Their rise from the domesticated common carp or goldfish to the more regal ornamental koi carp symbolises ascendance and the appreciation of one’s value.  This animal appearing in your visions may be indicative of your self-worth increasing - realising that you ARE worthy of all good things, and may also be an omen of forthcoming abundance. In Feng-Shui, images and sculptures of koi fish  are used in order to bring abundance and prosperity in the house. Remember, keep your mind and surroundings clear, both physically and psychically, in order to let true abundance to manifest in your life.  

Their colouring can be any combination of orange, red, gold, black, blue and white - red and orange being linked to creativity, sexuality and abundance, survival and the power of Pachamama (Mother Earth), gold being linked to wealth and one’s divine connection to All That Is, white being symbolic of protection, purity and divine light, blue of water, peace and communication, and finally black being symbolic of the shadow, the night, the hidden aspects of life, the dark waters of life where all miracles reside. 

Koi's bright colours put them at a severe disadvantage against predators; a white-skinned Kohaku is going to stand out a mile for predators against the dark green of a pond.  Therefore if a bright white or very vividly coloured koi appears, it may be a message to protect yourself from those who may want to take advantage of you; whilst also encouraging you to simultaneously embrace and celebrate your own vibrancy.

The shadow aspect of the Koi might be revealing itself to you - where are you being overly ornamental, or alternatively where are you not owning your own beauty and power?  There may be something here about keeping up appearances to please other people - can you show the more ordinary aspects of yourself and yet still feel prized and valued?  Is there a balance between wanting to show your best self, whilst also knowing that you are entirely loveable even if you aren’t looking your best today? Or perhaps it is a reminder to be mindful of where you are not making the best of yourself; could you benefit from making a bit more of an effort to “ornament” yourself?  

As they are surrounded by water the koi relate to the astrological water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Water denotes connection to the Divine Feminine, emotions, intuition, imagination, the moon, dreams and the subconscious, water creatures, the mists, healing and all mysterious and magical beings.  Be mindful of keeping your water clear and flowing and remind yourself of the boundaries you set - it is all too easy to absorb others’ energies and become drained by them. Do not let the waters cloud, but if you do proceed with caution.

May the koi carp’s appearance in your life inspire you to persevere with your goals and dreams, enjoy receiving abundance in all forms, balance outward appearance and inner authenticity and embrace your own value, power and Divinity.  As with any symbol given to us, we must always go with what meanings resonate with us personally.  

Love and blessings,
Astaria & The Easy Witch 

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Planet Vibes: Reed Full Moon in Taurus , November 6 2014.

Planet Vibes
Reed Full Moon in Taurus, November 6 2014
Time to see things clearly. Time to break free.

Here comes the first Full Moon after the storm of the eclipses. A Lunar Eclipse at first made us realise how fragile our existence is and then the Solar Eclipse boosted our energy and helped us perceive that Change comes from within so it's always in our hands. Now that the stars have moved different yet equally interesting things are going to happen.

After that fiery storm of eclipse this new Full Moon in Taurus helps us feel the meaning of possessions and attachments in our relationships. If you are attached to someone or something then this is no good. You have to break free. Only love can hold us together, not dependence or addiction. This is the time to make the big step forward, a step to our freedom from anything that hold us back. Is this a rotter relationship? Is this materialism? Now is the time to help your spirit fly!

astrology and magic

Astrology and Magic: 
This is the perfect time to call for magical help in your financial status and to break free from lawn and depts from the past. This is also the time to work your sexuality and bring out the best of it. What are you waiting for? Dust off your wands!

Aries: This is the time to see what is really going on with your pocket. It seems like you need to take some very serious action regarding your financial status. Break free from your attachment to material goods but also keep the balance.! 

Taurus: The stars shine directly to you and this boost of energy is not very easy to handle I admit. On the other hand this is a golden opportunity to make things better in every way. Saturn is only for a while in Scorpio and you are going to free yourself from the Saturnian burden. But all this hides a very important meaning.

Gemini: Something is going on - for a while - behind you back. Are you ready to unveil what is happening behind the scene? Open your eyes, listen - carefully- to your intuition and your dreams and you are going to get your answer!

Cancer: Friends assemble near you and your social status receive a very interesting - and sexy- boost. You hand out with people you love and you enjoy going out meeting new and exciting people. This is a very fortunate Full Moon for you!... and a very sexy one!

Leo: Your job seems to make you a bit anxious these days but all this is not something you can easily handle. On the other hand, all this mess is really temporary if you try to manage your anxiety and your will to dominate other. Try to cope with your career environment and make peace.

Virgo: This is a fortunate Full Moon in your friendly Taurus. It seems like travelling and meeting new people from the abroad is very interesting and you may probably end up having a very good time. Relax and enjoy this Full Moon!

Libra: Something is going on regarding your financial status and the money you manage - which do not necessarily belong to you in the first place. Please be careful with accounting and manage every little detail with caution! 

Scorpio: A very interesting Full Moon, drenched in the fading Saturnian power. You are now able to see what lies beneath all these last four years experiences. Little by little or the piece of the cosmic puzzle unveil and you are able to see the bigger picture.

Sagittarius: Your everyday life is changing a bit during the effect of this full Moon. You are going to experience weird feeling or even encounter weird events. This Full Moon needs you to relax, and take care of your body. 

Capricorn: With Mars in your sign the last days you already feel a burning power in your veins trying to reach the surface. Now that the Full Moon approaches this Power meets its limit and you should try to direct it wisely! It can be a very very fortunate Full Moon!!!

Aquarius: Your home seems to bother you a bit these days because all of a sudden it required more of your energy and attention. You are in a crossroad in your life and this - minor - turbulences are enough to get you nuts. Keep calm and meditate!

Pisces: Your close friends and relatives try to dominate you mind this days but you should not let this happen. It's one thing to love and care for them and another to deplete your energy deposits for every little thing. Take care of yourself.

Have a blessed Full Moon 

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

DigitaVaticana: Arcane Manuscripts Digitalised of the Vatican Library

Archivum Secretum Vaticanum
Arcane Manuscripts Digitalised
Shedding light in the mysteries of Biblioteca Vaticana 
The Gates of the Forbidden Library of the Vatican are opening

We've all heard numerous stories about the infamous "Bibloteca Vaticana" the secret Library which lies inside the Vatican Walls under the Earth's surface. For centuries, tons of sacred books, "heretic texts", grimoires and ancient manuscripts were kept there, as an arc of Wisdom, forbidden to access by anyone apart from few. Many scholars tried to guess what they could find there. In fact only in September 2012, in an exhibition Lux in Arcana (Light in the Mysteries) for the first and possibly only time in history, 100 original and priceless manuscripts were selected and displayed among the treasures preserved and cherished by the Vatican Secret Archives.

The scandalous fact that even few years ago no one could access this vast information of knowledge ended up in plenty of theories, guessing what could possibly lie there. We surely cannot easily know especially nowadays when we are deliberately stuck between diverse information in order to cause chaos.

In the Vatical Library lie 80,000 manuscripts, prints, drawings, plates and incunabula (books printed prior to 1500 AD) written throughout history by people of different sects, faiths and minorities from all across the world. The library also includes letters from important historical figures, drawings and notes by artists and scientists such as Michelangelo and Galileo which are considered by many scholars one of the most intriguing manuscripts ever. 

Pope Francis probably decided to turn his back to the scandalous past of the Vatican Library and teamed up with Japanese firm NTT Data to digitise a further 3,000 manuscripts by 2018 (now there are only 1000 manuscripts available in the Site of the Vatican).

In June, the Vatican held a fundraising event for this unique project while escorting guests an exclusive guided tour of areas generally forbidden to the public, including the Library halls, laboratories. Can we expect further change of the Vatican towards other major issues? Will we access the main core of the forbidden Library?

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Planet Vibes: Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Scorpio, October 23 2014.

Planet Vibes
Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Scorpio
The Sacred Marriage will mark a transformation of the whole World.

A solar Eclipse is coming in the first degree of Scorpio, marking the death and rebirth of a matter in everyone's life. Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, in fact another symbol of Scorpio is the sacred Phoenix, the mighty legendary bird of Fire - the soul of the Sun. A Solar Eclipse in the first - and most important - degree of Scorpio talks about a significant and maybe violent transformation happening in the whole World. 

In the sign of Scorpio dwell all our instincts, our hopes and fears and our will to evolve. The New Moon - Solar Eclipse pushes us to end something rotten and inaugurate something fresh. This is not something we are all able to do without effort or even tears. The most difficult changes is the ones we make to ourselves. But when we have changed ourselves, we have changed the whole World. 

Astrology and Magic: 
This is a very suitable new Moon to ask from the Universe and the God(-s or Godess-es) to come closer to your ideal partner. Transform yourself, put and end to anything old your want to get rid off, and welcome what you need to attract.  

Let's take a look to all the signs. 

Aries: Whatever that has to do with money - finances which are not directly connected with you (for example a dept or a heritage) are somehow very important right now, receiving a proper boost and a helpful touch. Your instincts are being reborn. 

Taurus: A new relationship? A new agreement? Anything goes with this - very important especially for you - Solar Eclipse. This New moon talks about a very important new step that you have to make to optimise your relationships, both in your personal life and your career. 

Gemini: Take care of yourself because all this emotional pressure may end up in minor health issues. Have a relaxing massage, sleep a lot and eat as healthily as you can. Your nutrition is extremely important right now. You every day life talks about an opportunity. 

Cancer: You feel like your children are messing with you and your ability to cope with their needs. Your romantic life receives energy boost but i'm not very sure that you can handle it properly. It seems like bad timing but in anyway you will enjoy it...

Leo: This Solar Eclipse - as every solar eclipse but this one in particular even more - affects your home and possessions greatly. Are you waiting to change your home or your place where you work? This is probably the time for that. 

Virgo: The people who are close to you seem to cross your... personal space and this frightens you - at least a bit. You are not welcoming this pressure although it may end up in a very profitable way. Relax and set your boundaries. 

Libra: The previous Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse had shaken your ground and now this Solar Eclipse tries to change what was left to change. In fact this New Moon may bring something new to your finances and your ability to acquire in a more general way.   

Scorpio: The New Moon - Solar Eclipse, the Sacred Marriage of the Sun and the Moon happens to conjunct with sweet Venus helping you to see the world differently... for the first time since 2010. This is the new beginning you've been waiting for and although most things remain the same, you now see what I was talking about all this months. Take a glimpse of your new life. 

Sagittarius: The veil thins, and you are now able to sense what was going on all this time behind your back. People you know - or you thought you knew better - surprise you and you are now able to see deeper inside their hearts and souls. 

Capricorn: This New Moon happens to occur in Scorpio, a helpful sign for you. It may not be very clear right now, but what is about to happen will help your personal relations and your social status. Failure may be just a mask. 

Aquarius: Your heart seems to get anxious - once again - in your work environment, but i promise these turbulances will be the last of their kind. Just try to relax and see things more objectively. In fact this might be a chance to evolve!

Pisces: This may be the beginning of a very interesting - yet hard at first - venture of your life. You will come across new people and a series of event - which may even be karmic ones - will lead you to  an open road of many possibilities. 

Have a blessed Solar Eclipse. May this transformation help each and everyone of us.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Magic & Occult News: Bermuda's Triangle & Siberian Craters share common origin as phenomena?

Are Siberia's craters related to Bermuda's Triangle?
Russian Scientists believe that have found out the truth.

Scientists claim that underground gas explosions caused the interesting phenomenon that appeared earlier this year in Siberia. These craters in Yamal peninsula were reported to be caused by missiles, UFOs, meteorites or even be man-made hoaxes. Yet the marvellous and somehow creepy giant ground holes caused kept many to wonder how all these could happen. Russian scientists now believe that they eventually learned the truth.

"Heating from above the surface due to unusually warm climatic conditions, and from below, due to geological fault lines, led to a huge release of gas hydrates" as scientists from Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum, Gas Geology & Geophysics in Novosibirsk reported to Siberian Times. The scientists believe that the craters are located on the intersection of two tectonic faults. They added up that as a main factor of the explosion - and the creation of the craters - are a huge release of gas hydrates, an icy form (like water's) which contains mainly methane. 

If fact, the scientists continues that the notorious Bermuda's Triangle is a relative (although distant and southern one) to the Siberia's craters. They believe that all these accidents are also related with massive methane release from the ocean. 

Is this the truth? This solution sounds logic enough but let's not forget other phenomena or stories people swear that it's true. Maybe all this methane release is somehow connected with other geological, physical or metaphysical phenomena. 

We'll keep you informed. Stay tuned in Magic & Occult News.

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