A Mantra for Pleasure and Happiness

A simple Mantra which helps us heal our lives and previous experiences and also, help us become eternally blissful and happy.

Magic of Chalice – Tools of the Craft

Let’s have a look at another magical tool used in Witchcraft, the Chalice or its less fancy name the Cup. The Chalice is essentially...

10 Signs when Negative Energy is around

10 Signs when Negative Energy is around you and simple ways to remove it Negative energy is a very general term we use today to...

A Perfume to Attract Sexual Fun

How to use a perfume to become irresistible to people around you and have some sexual fun. A very simple spell everybody can cast!

Book of Shadows

Frequently Asked Questions about the Book of Shadows, by Nixie Vale

Instant Karma Cleansing

Instant Karma Spell. How to free yourself from Bad Karma. 

Wishing Stones – An Easy Wishing Spell

a simple spell to fulfil any wish

Morning Ritual for Energy and Good Luck

an express morning ritual to have blessings, success and protection all day powered by the Four Celestial Spirits of the four Elements 

Summon Magical Friends with the Witches Attraction Powder

the Witches Attraction Magical Powder, to attract Friends who are also Witches

How to Reverse Bad Luck

How to reverse bad luck. A simple spell to change bad luck into a good one. A candle magic/fire magic spell for removing all misfortune.

Find What’s Lost Spell

A spell to locate what"s missing, lost, stolen or misplaced

The Witch’s Ladder

How to Make and Use the Witch"s Ladder, the powerful Talisman of Old Witches

Love Drawing Candle Magic

A powerful Love Spell for the single ones out there...  

How to become irresistible

Ancient Indian Magic to become Irresistible 

How to become a famous poet / author / writer

How to become a famous poet, author, writer. A Vedic spell to help you become famous in literature. Summon the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

How to Banish Negativity from your Work

Whether it"s your Shop or you Work there... banish all evil from your Work place! 

Full Moon Love Spell

Invoke Love in your Life with the power of the Full Moon  

A Wishing spell for the New Year with the blessings of...

Get ready for the New Year with powerful Solstice Magic  

How to Make Magic Wards

Protect yourself and your possessions with Elemental Wards of Pure Magic

Rose of Jericho and the Water of Resurrection

The Magnificent Qualities of the Desert Rose and how to tap into its Magical Powers. 




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