2 New Harry Potter Books

Dust off your Wands fellow witches, as by the end of 2017 we are going to have 2 more New Harry Potter Books! Probably...

Which Chalice would you drink from?

The Chalice is essentially a goblet which acts as a vessel for liquids used in magical rituals. It is associated with the element of...

Choose an Eye – See what it means

Choose an Eye Quiz! The Eyes are the mirror of the Soul, an old greek saying states and it is probably true. Through our...

Burning Frankincense is Antidepressant

Yes, it is! Burning Frankincense is now proven to be psychoactive. Well I bet you are thinking, "I've already know it as I've tried...

Coconut Oil “superfood” debunked

I bet that you've heard hundreds of reports in New Age and Natural Food sites that Coconut oil Superfood's are miraculous. According to these...

Mind test: Find the iPhone in the Photo in 30”

Can you find the iPhone in the Photo in 30 seconds? This is a very popular test which has gone viral the previous weeks....

Snow pyramid “discovered” in Antarctica

A Group of researchers "discovered" a Snow pyramid in Antarctica. This is something that could change forever what we know about Human History! Stunning photos...

How to tell if someone flirts you ! Read Signs of...

How to tell if they are flirting with you based on Zodiac Signs.  Flirting is a social behaviour we usually use to interact with people...

Repeating Numbers and their Meanings

Do you usually catch yourself noticing the same repeating numbers? Do you watch the clock and see the same numbers (like 11:11) again and...

Yin Yang QUIZ: What Are you ?

This Yin Yang quiz will help you determine if the yin and yang forces are balanced or they one is dominant over the other....

Facebook Celebrates Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary

It's been 20 years (YES 20 !) since JK Rowling introduced us Harry Potter, the Boy who lived the Curse. The Philosopher's stone changed...

Canada Legalizes Witchcraft

Witches of Canada rejoice, you can now legally cast spells ! Criminal Law against Witchcraft changes

Voldemort Movie by end of 2017 – it’s official !

Warner Bros finally gives blessings to the fan-made Harry Potter prequel: "Voldemort: Origins of the Heir" spin-off fan movie

Amazons, the Real Wonder Women

Is there any truth behind the Wonder Woman? Who are the Real Amazons?

A Comet struck Earth in 10,950BC destroying ancient Civilisations

Carvings in Ancient Temple confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC  

Numerology for 2017

2017: A Year of New Begginings. What"s your personal Destiny Number for 2017?

CIA admits Psychic Powers are REAL

FILALLY they admit what we know for millenia   

Test: Which Psychic ability is more developed in you?

Which Magical Ability is stronger in you ? Find out here!   

Spirit Deck: Magical messages from Spirits

Which spirit is trying to contact you ? Try our Spirit Deck - Oracle 

The most relaxing Music according to Researchers

Proven by Medical and other scientific Studies   




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