Magical Newsletter

September Equinox Release Ritual by Davina Mackail

September Equinox Release Ritual: We are entering into one of two potent liminal spaces in the annual Cosmic calendar, the September equinox. Check the...

Smudging Test – Choose a Bundle

For thousands of years people have been burning herbs and resins in order to conjure forces from the beyond. This instinctive act has been...

Fingerprints Palmistry

Palmistry (or Chiromancy: from Greek Chira=χείρα & mancy=μαντεία) is the art of Foretelling the Future by “reading” the signs of one’s hands. Many people...

Summer Solstice Rituals – @davinamackail

Summer Solstice rituals harvest the fire or solar energy to carry us through the dark days of autumn and winter. Traditionally bonfires were lit...

Beltane – Igniting the fire of Spring With Davina Mackail

In the northern hemisphere the Celtic pagan festival of Beltane arrives on May 1st. The quarter point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer...

How to Replenish your Magical Energy

Magic is energy. It's the breath of life. What make the world move and change is the core of all witches belief. Hence, what...

Is your Phone Number Lucky?

Each Phone Number equals certain vibrations & energies. Hence if you are wondering if your phone number is lucky, or not, this is where you can find out!

10 Signs you are a Reincarnated Alchemist

Alchemists are usually portrayed as ageless and insanely rich yet surprisingly greedy men (yes this is also a sexist view), who thirst for more...

5 Palm Signs of Good Luck or Sudden Change of Luck

Both our talents and inclines "carve" peculiar palm signs. So does our Luck. Hence, we give you 5 Palm Signs of Good Luck or Change of Luck.