7 Common Aura Problems
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7 Common Aura Problems

What is the Aura? Aura is the energy matrix that surrounds all living (and not only living) creatures. Particularly for humans, aura is something that many occultists and scientists tried to study. From Kirlian photos to scrying with crystals, all who take aura as a fact, attempted to analyse aura, or even detect possible aura… Keep Reading

Orionids Meteor Shower 2019
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Orionids Meteor Shower 2019

Star Magic, the Ways of the Stars: 2019 Orionids Meteor Shower October 20 – October 22. Tonight, it will rain stars! Star Magic and Star Witches Witchcraft of the Stars has always been considered powerful and it dates back to the ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In fact, Star Magic is considered one of the oldest… Keep Reading

Practical Magic - When you Want something to Happen
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Practical Magic – When you Want something to Happen

There are so many important lessons to be taught in our School of Witchcraft. It goes without saying that Elemental Practical Magic would be a very important subject. Why? Because as its name implies, it’s Elemental, it’s a basic knowledge. Thus, ‘How to conjure each Element and Why’ is an effort to make things clear… Keep Reading

Witch's Hat. History & Magical Powers
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Witch’s Hat. History & Magical Powers

It’s very difficult to find something so stereotypical in Witchcraft as the Witch’s hat. Probably the Witch’s Broom – aka besom – or the magic wand. But s/he who wears the hat is definitely a witch in the collective subconscious. Why is it so important? Does it really have a job? Maybe the hat has… Keep Reading

Fortuna, Goddess of Luck and how to ask her help
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Fortuna, Goddess of Luck and how to Call her

Who hasn’t asked for good luck? All human beings at some point realise the endless possibilities of their lives and instinctively or deliberately ask for divine  intervention … or some good luck! Well, there is a Goddess which is the personification of Good Luck as her divine name implies. Thus, let’s meet Tyche (Greek) – … Keep Reading

What's Your Eclipse Name ?
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What’s Your Eclipse Name ?

Tonight, on Tuesday, July 16th,  2019 the Moon from Capricorn accurately opposes the Sun in Cancer. This is the Lunar Eclipse on the Summer, following  a series of weird events. This is why we’ve prepared something really interesting for you. How will the Eclipse affect you with one simple Lunar Eclipse Name based on Your… Keep Reading

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