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  • Jasmine Blossom (dried) $7.50

    Buy dried Jasmine flowers to use them in your Spells and Rituals. Jasmine has long been associated with Witchcraft, as witches loved to use it in their magical practices because of its association with the Moon and the Element of Water. Jasmine is considered a flower of attraction which in magical terms means that it can be used in spells and magic when you wish to bring something (love, money, happiness – you name it!) in your life.

  • Frankincense Resin $4.60

    Buy Frankincense Resin to use in your Spells and Rituals. One of the most famous resins of all times and part of many magical recipes.

  • Blue Mallow Flowers (dried) $8.60

    Buy dried Blue Mallow flowers to use them in your Spells and Rituals. Blue Mallow is considered very helpful in Witchcraft as it incorporates the powers of the Moon, Venus, Saturn and the Element of Water. Blue Mallow flowers are used in many dream magic, love magic and to find your Magical Path.

  • 'Come to me' oil $32.44

    A favourite oil amongst the Enchanters and Enchantresses. Spiritually-wise, they believed that by adding key ingredients like Orange blossom, Jasmine and Rose buds, this oil would help them attract what they desired. Witches used it to attract love or things they desired or even build-up their ‘attraction powers’.

  • Vervain (dried) $10.79

    Buy Vervain (dried) to use in your Spells and Rituals. Also known as the herb of the Enchanters, it was used extensively in Love spells along with spells of attraction. Interestingly, the same herb was believed by witches to be amongst the most potent ones against evil spirits and enemies.

  • Cleansing Incense (handmade) $19.31

    ‘Cleansing’ is a handmade incense which combines the use of resins, powders and essential oils. Pure frankincense is melted in a ritual way and then, when the time is right, other resins, root and herbal powders along with essential oils are added in a delicate alchemical concoction. Every blend is created under specific alchemical instructions and planetary alignments. Thus, following the old recipes of dusty books of shadows we are ready to give you an alchemical concoction we loved. This is the Cleansing Incense.

  • 'Prosperity' Oil $32.44

    Formula or ‘Condition oils’ are old as time. Thus have been used by millions of Witches since the beginning of human civilisation. To make them, Witches were picking the appropriate essential oils, herbs and roots and when the time was right, they infused them in a ‘base oil’ under certain alchemical procedures and planetary alignments. This arcane concoction was a ‘quick-fix’, easy to access ritual. One of the most popular condition oils was ‘Prosperity’. Also known as “Wealth”, “Wealthy Way” and “Abundance” oil.

  • Mugwort (dried) $12.00

    Buy Mugwort (dried) to use in your Spells and Rituals. It is an excellent herb to raise your vibrations and assist in changing your state of awareness especially when used as an incense. Ingredient in many spells for astral travel and divination yet it needs to be handled with care.

  • Aloes Wood (Aloeswood or Agarwood) $11.70

    Aloes Wood has nothing to do with Aloe Vera. It’s a mysterious wood with various fabled properties. The odorous exotic wood is believed to enhance our Magical Potential by awaking your psychic abilities. However, this precious wood was extremely rare in the ancient times and was revered by many religions and spiritual paths.

  • Agrimony (dried) $6.00

    One of the herbs that is valued by Witches as the one which can repel a curse. This is why Witches loved to use it alone or together with other herbs (like Hyssop) as a reversing or repelling charm bags. Moreover, there are several spells which utilise the properties of Agrimony to cleanse our aura from negative vibes and energies.

  • Mercury incense (handmade) $45.44

    Mercury incense is a handmade concoction which combines the use of resins, herbs, semiprecious crystals (which correspond to Mercury), powders and essential oils in order to create a unique blend. Mercury blend is created under specific alchemical instructions and planetary alignments. Only as incense over a charcoal disc. Do NOT ingest or consume in other ways.

  • Periwinkle (dried) $10.20

    Buy Periwinkle (dried) to use in your Spells and Rituals. Also known as the Witch’s Violet, this herb was used in witchcraft for Love spells and to conjure protection.  There are many rumours about this spell in old Books of Shadows and few of its magnificent properties are still known. Thankfully, we’ve learned how Witches used it back then.

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