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Ambrosia & Amrita: the Food of the Gods

Ambrosia and Amrita. Lore and Recipe for the food of the Gods: The secret for eternal life. Find out how to make your own, home-made, Amrita.

Witch’s way against Depression

Herbal Magic and Aromatherapy against Depression and Sadness. How to banish sadness with a Magic Spell

a Magic Mirror Beauty Spell

A way to enhance your beauty and magnify your charms

How to make and use the Wall of Protection oil &...

A powerful ancient Magical Recipe to protect and guard you from Evil

Beltane Spells : Love Drawing Sachet

The Sabbath of Beltane  Spells, Rituals and Lore of Beltane The Love Drawing Sachet     This love drawing sachet is intended to draw to you people that will take a romantic interest in you. It...

Gayatri Mantra

What is the Gayatri Mantra? It is said that Gayatri Mantra purifies the chanter, listening to the mantra, purifies the listener.

Herb Analysis: Peppermint, the Vampire Repellent

Herbal Magic Magical Properties and Uses of Peppermint, the Vampire Repellent     The Greek name diosmos (δυόσμος) refers to the plant Peppermint (Mentha x Piperita; the “x” in...

Sex Spell – How to Increase a Man’s Virility

Beltanes Magic - Sexual Spells : Spells, Rituals and Lore of the 1st of May (suitable for both Gay, Bisexual or Straight men)

Beltane in Ancient Greece and Rome

Celebrations of the First of May (Beltane) – A tradition more ancient than May itself.