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Which Zodiac Sign is associated the most with serial killers?

People say that correlation is not causation. Nevertheless, statistics is statistics! David Jester is a British author. He recently published his novel The Clinic: A...

Chiron in Aries 2019 till 2027 – A Major Cosmic Shift

You all know Chiron. Although he is not actually a planet, he plays a very important role in our horoscopes. He is the wounded...

Astrological Predictions for 2020

Sneak a Peek on Astrological Predictions for 2020 and the amazing things that are about to happen. We were here with you for so...

Dark Times of the Zodiac Signs

How Zodiac Signs React in Times of Stress & Despair

Isis Zodiac Sign

Isis, the mother of Magic and Goddess of Healing The loving mother, the mistress of all Magic and Healings. Isis is the wife of Osiris...

Medical Astrology: What’s your Body’s Weak Spot?

Astrological Signs & health issues, diseases and accidents, From Chaldeans and Hippocrates to modern Western World

Were You Born Between Signs – On Cusp ?

Astrology is a wise art and can answer to a lot of questions. Yet it also makes a lot of sense when we receive...

Zodiac Signs and Magic. What are you good at?

With what magical powers are you born with according to your Zodiac Sign?

Birth Day of Month can reveal your Personality & Destiny

What's your Birth Day of Month? This simple question can reveal secrets we hide inside. Each day of Month is drenched with the power...