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Burning Frankincense is Antidepressant

Yes, it is! Burning Frankincense is now proven to be psychoactive. Well I bet you are thinking, “I’ve already know it as I’ve tried it from Magical Recipes Online”! Yes, not only us, but many Witches and Mages proposed burning Frankincense to uplift your energy.  “Burn Frankincense along with Myrrh and Rosemary to Uplift your… Keep Reading

coconut oil
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Coconut Oil “superfood” debunked

I bet that you’ve heard hundreds of reports in New Age and Natural Food sites that Coconut oil Superfood’s are miraculous. According to these sites, Coconut Oil Superfood can be used in almost every disease, preventing or even healing disturbing situations like: heart problems thyroid diseases prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia cure arthritis manage diabetes… Keep Reading

5 palm signs of powerful witches
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5 Palm Signs when you’re born a Witch

Palmistry is a very powerful source of valuable information. It gives us insight for both our physical and our eternal body. There are Palm signs which help us understand more about our Romantic life and future marriage(s) – see more here. Moreover there are signs which show us where are we good at. Both our… Keep Reading

find the iPhone
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Mind test: Find the iPhone in the Photo in 30”

Can you find the iPhone in the Photo in 30 seconds? This is a very popular test which has gone viral the previous weeks. And yes, in Magical Recipes Online, we love tests – see some of our Quiz here!  Find the iPhone The idea came to Jeya May Cruz when she accidentally dropped her iPhone on… Keep Reading

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Magic of Chalice – Tools of the Craft

Let’s have a look at another magical tool used in Witchcraft, the Chalice or its less fancy name the Cup. The Chalice is essentially a goblet which acts as a vessel for liquids used in magical rituals. It is associated with the element of Water and the Divine Feminine. Surely surrounded by many stories, the… Keep Reading

tea magic
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Tea Magic: Health Benefits and Magic Properties

Tea is a beverage with a very long history – probably the longest in human race. Legend has it, that the Chinese emperor Shen-nong discovered the herb in 2737 BC as the leaves accidentally fallen into the hot water he was drinking. Thus, amazed by Tea Magic, the emperor dedicated his life to the invention… Keep Reading

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Demystifying Centring

Centring is the process of focusing on the energy that is at the center of your being. Traditionally centring and grounding are used together to prepare for spells, rituals and other variations of magical work. When you are centring yourself, you are finding a place that is within you and it’s from this place you… Keep Reading

how to cleanse negativity
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9 Ways to Cleanse Negativity

Negativity is a pain in neck and every-time you try to accomplish something, negativity might block you. You must be wondering, there should be a way to cleanse negativity. Of course there is. 9 to be exact (if not more). Here we are going to present you easy ways to banish and cleanse negativity. Is… Keep Reading

grounding your energy
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Benefits of Grounding & How To Do It…

Grounding is the process in which we maintain an appropriate amount of energy by releasing any excess energy and sending it back to the earth – a good analogy would be like your house dismissing excess electricity. Grounding is a necessary release of energy that accumulates from a variety of sources that you come in… Keep Reading

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How to Bring a Little Zen to Your Life

The last article I wrote focused on was about how you can raise your own personal vibrations, and today I want to look at another concept to distance yourself from negative energies that can result in being ungrounded or having a low vibration. Welcome to my article on bringing a little Zen into your life.… Keep Reading

How to Raise Your Vibration
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How to Raise Your Vibration

In my last few articles I have been concentrating on energy and the process of grounding excess energy. This article is going to venture into another kind of energy work and look at raising your own personal vibrational frequency. So this is how you can raise your Vibration! What does “Raise your Vibration” mean? Everything… Keep Reading

Gods Gifts to Zodiac Signs
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Gods Gifts to Zodiac Signs

How Gods and Goddesses blessed zodiac signs with a unique Divine Gift  Zeus, the King of all Gods and Goddesses was believed to bless each human with a gift, one special power which could help them in their lives. Thus, the king of Olympus blessed Zodiac Signs – every single one of them – with… Keep Reading

Signs & Symptoms of Being Ungrounded
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Signs & Symptoms of Being Ungrounded

Through my Facebook posts I have written about the importance of being grounded, ways of grounding, yourself. I don’t think I ever really did anything really looking at what the symptoms and indicators of being ungrounded are, and for me this is good enough, so I am now going to tackle the mammoth-like undertaking and… Keep Reading

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Witch’s Esbats – all you want to know

For my fourth instalment of the Frequently Asked Questions series I am going to look at the questions I have been asked about Esbats.  Here you will find more information about Moon Phases and What magic is favoured in each!  Q: What is an Esbat?   A: An Esbat is a feast that has no fixed date, or day to celebrate; they move… Keep Reading

10 signs when negative energy is around
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10 Signs when Negative Energy is around

10 Signs when Negative Energy is around you and simple ways to remove it Negative energy is a very general term we use today to describe an unseen force which makes our lives harder to live. In some cultures, they will call it the evil eye, modern psychology may call it depression, medicine may call… Keep Reading

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Snow pyramid “discovered” in Antarctica

A Group of researchers “discovered” a Snow pyramid in Antarctica. This is something that could change forever what we know about Human History! Stunning photos of what appears to be a pyramid covered in snow were “discovered” with Google Earth somewhere in Antarctica. A New Amazing “Discovery” ? These amazing photos are baffling scientists around the… Keep Reading

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