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Magical Altar – Do it Yourself

Magical Altar and how to do it! As the second instalment of my Frequently Asked Questions series, Altars is another very common source of questions, and it also has a certain about of confusion about what they should be, where they should be, and so on. Click here to read more about Altars! From all my years… Keep Reading

Vampire's Victim
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TEST: Are you a Vampire’s Victim ?

This is a Test to see if you are a Vampire’s Victim! Answering your requests one by one! We have received plenty of emails from our readers on how to identify if you are a victim of psychic vampirism and how to protect yourself and the ones you love from such entities. We have created… Keep Reading

Repeating Numbers and their Meanings
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Repeating Numbers and their Meanings

Do you usually catch yourself noticing the same repeating numbers? Do you watch the clock and see the same numbers (like 11:11) again and again? This is not a coincidence. It is really important to understand that there are very few possibilities – extremely rare to be exact – to keep on noticing these same… Keep Reading

Phoenix Animal Guide
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The Magic of the Phoenix Animal Guide

For as long as I can remember I have had a Phoenix with me, she isn’t always visible but I can always feel that she is there. It’s comforting knowing that she is always there and she even shared her name with me. It’s Varia. Varia is a little different from what most people imagine… Keep Reading

Crystal Magic
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Crystal Magic Initiation – Part Deux

This is the Second part of the Crystal Magic Initiation in order to become a powerful and wise Crystal Witch. The First part can be found here. Moreover you can get valuable information for all crystals in our Ultimate List here. You can even find a detailed article of Nixie Vale on Andara Crystals.  Q:… Keep Reading

Quiz: Are you Yin or Yang?
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Yin Yang QUIZ: What Are you ?

This Yin Yang quiz will help you determine if the yin and yang forces are balanced or they one is dominant over the other. Yin is the passive (feminine) energy, the darkness from where all begun. Yang is the active (masculine) energy, the spark of creation. This test is very important in Chinese medicine. It… Keep Reading

crystal magic, how to heal with crystals
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Crystal Magic – Initiation

Crystal Magic’s Frequently Asked Questions.Since I became a qualified crystal healer here in the UK I have been inundated with questions about crystals and crystal healing. Make sure you check here for the ultimate list of Crystals and their powers. (You can find here part two) **Disclaimer** Crystal healing is a complimentary healing method, and… Keep Reading

facebook celebrates harry potter
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Facebook Celebrates Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary

It’s been 20 years (YES 20 !) since JK Rowling introduced us Harry Potter, the Boy who lived the Curse. The Philosopher’s stone changed so many things and Harry Potter become a global phenomenon with millions of fans. Facebook presented for all of us an Easter egg to celebrate with us the Story of the… Keep Reading

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Witch’s Sabbats – all you want to know

The Witch’s Sabbats Frequently Asked Questions  The third instalment of my Frequently Asked Questions series of article looks at the magical celebrations of the Wheel of the Year. The Sabbats of the Witches!  Q: What is a Sabbat?   A: The sabbats are solar and agricultural based celebrations; they are very earth orientated. They represent… Keep Reading

10 Animal Messengers as Omens and their meaning
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10 Animals as Omens when they cross your path

If any of these animals accidentally cross your path, powerful omens are presented to you according to ancient cultures and their Old Ways. Omens and the Old Religion During the Old Times animals and plants were all associated with Gods and Goddess. Athena had Owl as her sacred animal while Poseidon protected Horses and Artemis… Keep Reading

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