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Iceland's first pagan temple in 1000 years
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Norse Gods are back: Pagan Religion is once again officially recognized in Iceland

It was in 2010 when the Northern island state of Iceland hit the headlines after the eruption of a volcano that wreaked havoc on European aviation. Along with the awe of the powerful natural incident, it was also the very name of the volcano that fascinated the public: Eyjafjallajökull! The almost unpronounceable long name of… Keep Reading

Freya (Freja) the Scandinavian Goddess of Love, Beauty and War
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Freya (Freja) the Scandinavian Goddess of Love, Beauty and War

Dear readers, as you may have already observed my colleagues have began to present you with information about the Greek, Egyptian and Hindu pantheons. After popular demand, I am happy to introduce these series of articles that will be dedicated to the Celtic and Scandinavian pantheons as well as they fall into my sphere of… Keep Reading

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