Magic Symbols: Ouroboros (Uroborus), the Circles of Life


This symbol makes its first appearance in Ancient Egypt although many modern scholars mistakenly date it back to “Codex Marcianus” in the 2nd century bC. However, some of us know that its roots seem to disappear in the millennia. Uroborus (or Ouroboros) was used by Gnostics a lot and it had been confused with dark arts during the Middle Age. It seems like that this symbol was a sacred emblem in Phrygia in the first centuries bC.

Ouroboros Magic

But Uroborus has a much more harmless meaning. And it seems that the symbol’s energy helped the symbol itself to last through the ages. It has been used to symbolise the time continuum. It has also been used to symbolise the eternal life and the following incarnations.

  • The Circle of Life – Birth – Death – Rebirth
  • The Material Plane
  • The Karmic Circle

Breaking Ouroboros

Breaking the Circle of Ouroboros / Uroborus is the breaking the Circle of incarnations and the entering to the blessed Nirvana. Ouroboros was also been used in a way like the Taoist symbol Yin-Yang. Like the head and the tail are separated yet one, as it’s all things. Some times Ouroboros is not just a snake but a dragon which probably symbolises more the Yin-Yang meaning than the eternal time. It seems that Uroborus was used to define more earthly things that are subject to time continuum (like our earthly Incarnations).

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Ouroboros and Saturn

It symbolises the Saturnian energies and some Tarot Decks correspond the Ouroboros with the Hermit, the 9th Triumph of the Major Arcana. Other than that Ouroboros can be found as a symbol of the Eternal life of our Souls and Spirits in any Alchemical, Magical Grimoire or Sacred Text. if you want something to last for ever to meditate in your Past or Future incarnations for Karma Magic (not for the novice ones) to conjure the powers of Saturn for balance

Use Ouroboros:

  • To remember your past lives. 
  • Get back the powers from your incarnations. 
  • Remember the purpose of your life. 
  • Ease the Saturnian energies – from harsh aspects in your Astrological Chart

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