Wind Magic: East Wind


Air is a very friendly element. Without much preparation, a mage/witch can use the Air element to succeed in his/her purposes. Air is the element of friendship, communication and intelligence. Air is the element of telepathy and Universal knowledge, even the Internet is ruled by the element of Air, as it is the element that surrounds everything and connects each and every living organism of the Planet. Air circulates the cosmic energy (Chi).

In fact, the Chinese word Chi, is actually depicted as the Steam of boiled Rice. Air is also very versatile. You can use Air to Create and you can use Air to Destroy! But always Spirits and Elementals of the Air are independent, intelligent and communicative. The kingdom of the Winged creatures is also versatile, from gentle and communicative, to fierce, destructive and mean.

A Witch, a Mage, a Wizard and a Shaman has so many reasons to tap into the Element of Air. We will soon talk about all these reasons. Let”s give right now a funny and inspirational spell to connect with the Energy of the Element. A simple yet VERY POWERFUL way to utilise the Air element is by utilising the Four Winds!

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The North, the East, the South and the West Wind. All you have to do is know which wind blows right now!

Let”s start with the most “Airy” Wind possible, the benevolent East Wind, whose name in Greek is Eúros. When Wind blows from the East it”s the Wind with most Air qualities. So you can go out, on the top of your building, to a forest, or even on you balcony & window, look at the East and ask from the Wind what you desire. Enchanting the East Wind is an excellent magical way to promote your needs and wishes and to improve whatever you truly desire.

Invoke the East Wind “Eúros”:

  • to improve your friendships 
  • to improve your career ,
  • to improve your writing and speaking skills(!), 
  • ask the wind to communicate with a lost friend, 
  • send a message to a lover, 
  • ask for his healing qualities (when it comes to Health problems always consult with your expert medical doctor).

Important Note

So you already have your wish? GREAT! Go out, clear your mind, meet the Wind and Speak to him, as oral Communication is associated with the Air!

Think of your wish and tell him every detail. When you are done say your wish 3 times clearly. example “I want to Tell to John that I still Love him!”  or “I want to pass this exams!”.  The East Wind will help you a lot. East wind is friendly and kind and very Intelligent. Remember, white Magic like this motivates us! So if you feel you can do things to grant your wish, do them and magic will work much more effectively! 

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