Attract what you Desire with Sugar!

Attract what you Desire with Sugar!

Sugar, is a herbal extract which comes from the plant sugarcane or sugar beet, and apart from its taste and its calorie value which played a historic rule in sustaining life, is an ingredient which is used to attract whatever a mage/witch wishes.

Attract what you Desire with Sugar!

There are many ingredients in magic which are utilized in order to charm, or to attract a lover, or money or even success. Some ingredients are exotic, some bizzare and some of them are so gross that even if you manage to acquire them, you are not very sure of what good can this bring to you.

And then … there is sugar! Plain, white, crystalic, cheap… just SUGAR! It’s role in attraction spells is irreplaceable. It has been used for thousand of years and will be used for thousand more! More over, this crystal treasure has also notorious summoning powers. Apart from attracting wealth or let’s say a quality-virtue, it is often used to attract spirits, elementals or energies! You can add it to your summoning mix, or you can just burn it to call the spirit you wish to communicate.

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Important Note

Try this! Throughout the next waxing moon, and for seven days, burn some sugar in a small charcoal or on your kitchen stove. While you burn and the smoke fills you room, say out loud: “As sweet as the Sugar can Be, I’m Charming and attracting whatever I wish to Be.”

Let few minutes for youself to visualise the Man/Woman you wish to be. Rich? Powerful? Beautiful? Charming? Wealthy? Do that in that and in the next waxing moon, for another seven days, be more specific. Ask for example money! The first waxing moon will empower your magic and attraction power, and the next waxing moon will make you strong enough to attract what you wish!

Sugar is used in Magic, Rituals and Spells to:

  • call a lover,
  • call friends,
  • attract money,
  • increase your summoning powers,
  • increase your possibilities for a promotion,
  • to end a quarrel,
  • to become more beautiful/handsome/attractive!

Just take precautions while burning sugar (this applies to everything you burn!)

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