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The Love Drawing Sachet


This love drawing sachet is intended to draw to you people that will take a romantic interest in you. It is very simple to be made, but its power is quite strong. Use the Beltane’s power, if you wish, to make it even stronger.
You will need:
A red or pink sachet bag, or red or pink flannel to make one by yourself.
* Some dried vervainrosemarylavender and rose petals
* A small piece of paper
* Dove’s Blood ink, or Dragon’s Blood ink, or at least red ink


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* An orange candle to represent you
Four red or pink candles
* And four orange candles
A resent photograph of yourself


Chose red sachet bag (and red candles) for a more sexual “hue” of the spell or pink for a more romandic.
Sit down comfortably and relax your body and mind for five minutes. Decide what kind of people you want to attract. When you are pleased open your eyes and using the ink write on the piece of paper what you want.
Fold the paper in the middle towards you, then turn it 90 degrees and fold it once again in the middle towards you. Put it in the sachet bag. Then put two pinches of each of the dried botanicals in the bag and close it.
Love drawing mojo bag
Your bag is almost ready. If you want you can roll down to the “How to use the bag”. If you want to empower it even more do the following procedure.
Put your photograph in the middle of your altar facing east. Put the sachet bag on your photograph and next to them the orange candle that represents you. 
Then arrange the four red (or pink) candles to the four cardinal points. These are to represent the sexual (or romantic) interest you are attracting. 
Put the four orange candles in between the red ones. These are to empower your attracting powers. Light the candles starting from the Beltane’s direction, this is the South-East orange candle, and carry on lighting one by one till you light them all.
Close your eyes and focus on what you have written on the paper. Chant nine times the simple drawing incantation: “From every direction I now draw, everything I wish to draw”. Keep your focus for as long as you can. When your focus starts to fade, open your eyes and leave the room. Let the candles burn out completely.
How to use the bag:
Have the bag in your clothes. In a pocket, inside your undergarment or however you want, but not in your handbag or purse.
For the first seven days every night before you go to sleep take the sachet bag between your hands and focus to yourself attracting whatever you desire. Then put the sachet under your pillow and go to sleep.
After the seven days the sachet will have achieved its maximum power. In order for it to maintain its maximum power for long time from then on repeat this procedure every Friday night.
DO NOT ever open the bag. If it accidentally happens, burn the bag and make a new one. If you want to be certain you remember what you have written on the paper, write it on another piece of paper to have in hand.
This sachet bag is intended to attract towards you people of some qualities you desire and not a particular person. Don’t use it this way. Most probably you will fail to attract this person but you’ll surely succeed in attracting to you all the bad karma your black magic creates for you. When the sachet has served its purpose thank it and release it on fire.

Have fun and have plenty of love and sexual pleasure.

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