“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

Does this phrase sound familiar? Well, almost everybody would recognise the question of the evil crown and step mother of Snow White.

Of course in this case the mirror had a trapped soul, and couldn’t lie to the witch, and finally this was exactly the reason of her doom… for black magic always destroys the witch who casts it. But, mirrors that answer questions are a common tool of the diviners and the most of them are just enchanted objects.

Mirrors seem to be one of the most used objects in the history of magic, and it is so well known that folklore and literature often enough mention their use. From contacting others to teleportation, and from hexing to blessing, mirrors can do almost everything if the caster knows their secrets.            One of the most common uses of the magical mirrors is in spells of beauty. In Maurice Leblanc’s “La Comtesse de Cagliostro”  the twenty years old Arsène Lupin meets the one hundred and twenty four years old Countess who looks not older than thirty years of age. In an incident he sees the Countess looking much older, but she takes out a certain mirror, sprinkles on its surface a few drops of a liquid and sweep them mumbling something and she becomes again as young and as brilliant as she was. (It is worth mentioning that Maurice Leblanc as well as many so-called lupinologists state that Arsène Lupin really existed and the stories are real as well)            This is a real spell, or better a real category of spells. I am going to give you a simple way to cast this spell.            You will need: * a mirror, never used  before, which you will chose for this purpose and only.  * a piece of cloth (black or red silk would be the best choices, black or red velvet comes second) big enough to enfold the mirror  * some rose water or essential oil of rose (not necessarily rose attar). You can find here how to make your own rose water.

how to make a magic mirror to enhance your beauty

           Clean the mirror of all previous energies by putting it in salt water for a day or so, or use any other cleansing ritual you prefer.            Sit comfortably, and drop seven drops of the oil or the water on the surface of the mirror and using the piece of cloth sweep the surface with circular moves clockwise looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as you want to be. Take as much time as you need. Then immediately cover the mirror with the cloth and put it in a safe place.           

Important Note

black magic always destroys the witch who casts it

Repeat the ritual many times till you start seeing visual changes in your looks and then do it as often as you need it. Start from little and believable to you changes and then you may proceed to greater ones. A very powerful day for beauty spells is coming; the Beltane. Use it if you want to begin using your beauty mirror.            Have fun. Offer love to yourself and others and make yourself and the word better and more beautiful.