New Moon, New Job spell

New Moon, New Job spell

The New Moon is the time of new possibilities and is the perfect timing to invoke new things in your life: new job, new love, new car, new self. Whatever you desire, the New Moon is the right lunar phase to ask for it to come in your life and manifest itself. (See here more about Lunar Phases and Magic). I am going to guide you with how to summon a “new job spell”, in your life either if you have one and want a better or different job or if you are unemployed at the moment.

Wha New Job Spell needs

This spell needs some preparation before you actually cast it. You have to be aware of the job you want to bring in your life. You are advised to research both the positions that are available in the market and what you really want from a job during this period of your life. Read newspaper job offer columns, search the web and be aware of job positions that you encounter in your everyday life. What you feel capable of doing, which job will make you happy, for what kind of job have you trained/studied before. Meditate and ask yourself what are your qualities, what have you learned from your previous working/studying experience, what is the job of your dreams, what kind of job will make you smile.

Phase A:

When you feel ready (and as you understand this will take some time) write down all the qualities you have: personal attributes, previous working experience/training/studies and any other qualifications you have and you think are relevant for the job. Imagine this as a personal CV, a CV to apply for a job in the universe of infinite possibilities. When you have finished this task, move on to phase B.

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Phase B:

I would like you to use either a newspaper page where the job that you wish to obtain is advertised or alternatively print a selection of jobs that you have found online and you think reflect your dream job. Please remember that this is going to be used as a material in your spell so you are advised to photocopy all these records before you move on to the actual spell.


  • Your personal CV (as described in Phase A)
  • The sheet containing the job of your dreams (described in Phase B)
  • 5 white candles (the only other colors you may want to use is green, orange or yellow)
  • Herbs: Cinnamon, sandalwood, basil and bay
  • Oil: Fast Luck oil (directions on how to make it can be found in this magazine)
  • Cauldron (or any other pot that is fire/heat resistant)
  • Charcoals for incense burning

Optional: a pot of chrysanthemums

The Spell

Anoint the candles with Fast Luck Oil. The right way to do it for this spell is to start at the top of the candle and anoint the candle all the way down to the bottom, to you. Every time just start at the top and place the oil all the way down to the bottom of the candle which must be held next to you. Try to visualize that the job of your dreams is coming your way. It comes fast like a horse galloping to bring you the good news.

Then, place the cauldron in the middle and place the candles in the following formation around the cauldron. One at the top of the cauldron, one on the upper left and one on the upper right side of the cauldron, one on the lower left and one at the lower right side of the cauldron. Imagine it like a star formation surrounding the cauldron. Then, place the charcoals in the cauldron and light them. Light the candles and chant three times with a smile on your face:

“Sandalwood and bay Cinnamon and basil Now I burn thee Please bring the job that I wish to me”

Add the herbs in the cauldron on the charcoals.

Now take your personal CV and placing it above the cauldron where the fumes from the herbs are coming out and chant 9 times.

“This is me. These are my skills. I now shine like a star Job of my dreams. I’ll find you wherever you are”

Place the sheet upon the charcoals and let it burn. Take the sheets where you have found the job of your dreams and place them above the cauldron in the fumes. Chant 9 times:

“I am competent I am bold Job of my dreams to me now you are drawn

Job of my dreams come this way! With every footstep With every breath I take

Job of my dreams you are now here! Moon be my witness I hold you dear

Job of my dreams you are mine now! For everyone to witness For everyone to see As I said so shall it be!”

Burn the papers at the charcoals. Be confident that the job of your dreams is now yours. Let the candles burn completely. Divide the ashes in 3 parts. Scatter one part in the wind asking in your own words for the job.

Now scatter the second part in running water. While doing the same. Moreover, the rest of the ashes bury them in the ground. While asking from the Earth to seal your spell and give you the job of your dreams. If you have used the Chrysanthemum pot in the ritual, keep them as we are going to use them in a spell when you are called to attend the interview. (I am going to post it soon so you can use it in time).

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