The Pandora’s box Spell for a Peaceful and Blessed home !

Pandora's Box Spell

Spells for your home. Peaceful Home Spell. The Pandora’s Box Spell, She Who Has All the Gifts. An ancient blend for Blessings and Peace at your Home

John William Waterhouse’s
Pandora, 1896

Some homes are not as peaceful as one would expect, while even the usually peaceful ones, may some times look like a scene the the World War 2. Love is always your most powerful weapon you may ever possess, yet if things get out of control always, be ready to call for assistance.

Now if there is time for magic, you can try the Pandora’s Box spell.  

I believe that almost everyone knows the myth of Pandora’s Box. For those who don’t lets say few words. Out of curiosity, Pandora (whose actual name means She Who has all the Gifts), let’s say the mother of mankind – something like Eva in Greek Pantheon – opened the box where all kinds of evils dwelled but she managed to keep in the box the most supreme virtue, HOPE!This is what this spell is all about. When fights and evils crawl to your home and ruin your peace, sometimes hope is all you have. But hope is so POWERFUL! You can do whatever you want. This is what magic is for. Magic helps us express our dreams and desires to the universe! This symbolises what Pandora and therefore all mankindhas inside. The Power to change this world, even if all we see is darkness. Hope and desire to change is what it takes.

The Pandora’s Box Spell

This spell utilizes the power of Sugar, the ingredient to attract all that’s peaceful and lovely. Salt, the ingredient to exorcise evil entities, and Dragon’s Blood resin, the great cataliser, the ingredient to power up your mixture and help the family members to control their anger and express it productively.
You will Need:
* a small wooden box, a nice one though.
* 1 part powdered Dragon’s Blood Resin
* 1 part Sugar
* and 1 part Salt

When to do the spell!


Take the small box, open it, clean it and consecrate it by using the smoke of Frankincense. The box is ready. It’s preferable to do this spell during the planetary hour of Venus or the Sun! (Soon we will give you more information about Planetary Hours). 

- -
Begin by putting the Dragon’s Blood powder first, knowing that this is the key to you power. Afterwords, put the salt, and mix it. At the end put the sugar and mix it again. Do this is sunlight.

Summon the Angels who Protect the home and bring peace, to bless this box. You can call upon other entities that you trust, like the fairies, or the Divine powers/God. Chant 9 times the following spell…

Glorious Angels from Above, 
Give me the blessing of Love,
Empower the box with your Grace, 
Fill it with power to bless this Place. 
Next thing, close the Box, and seal it with Red Wax, (just let few drops of a lighted Red Candle to drop to your boxes lock).
Moreover, you can  decorate your box, with any symbols you like, or with flowers, something in general that represents peace and happiness to you.
The spell is DONE!

Use this spell for your home, your community, your company!

Just always remember, that this box, is a charm. Furthermore, if the box falls and breaks, if the box’s seal opens and in general if anything happens to your charm, you have to throw it instantly to the garbage and make yourself a new one! This charm absorbs some of the negative energy while it channels positive energy. This is why you should summon a powerful entity, to assure the flowing of the right type of energy. 
- - -