The Morning Dew of May. The Ultimate Nature’s Elixir

The Morning Dew of May. The Ultimate Nature's Elixir

The Morning Dew of May. As we already mentioned the feast of Beltane is probably the favorite for most witches and mages. This is probably because of the combination of the two Active elements, Air and Fire. The powers of this day are mixed with Nature’s peak, granting Love, Beauty and Magical Force to everyone who taps into this power. 

The Morning Dew of May.

Here is a very powerful elixir for you to make in order to prolong your youth and enhance your beauty. Additionally this elixir will increase your magical powers and intuition. 

  • Start from the 1st of May, the Beltane.
  • Go out and gather the morning dew from the leaves or flowers  (extra potency for dew if you collect the Morning dew from the Beltane herbs which are listed in this Magazine).
  • Take a nice fancy (I would chose a light blue) bottle and store the morning dew from the Beltane till the Full Moon.  If the Full Moon is on Beltane then it’s extra potent!
  • Go out in the morning alone or with company for a magical walk in nature.
  • Spot the herbs listed above or any flowers and herbs you feel right and gather as much morning dew as you can.
  • Repeat the next morning just to collect more. 

Powers of Morning Dew of May

Despite the fact that Beltane is more about Air and Fire, the Water from the Beltane is surprisingly very potent in magic. Water as an element, has the power to absorb, to be in harmony with the environment. If nature is potent and magical, so is the Water around.  Store the Dew and keep it safe in a dark and cool place. You have the Key Ingredient to many Love spells, Beauty spells, Healing spells and even Jinx removing Spells! 

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Use May Dew Elixir:

  • In Love spells
  • In Beauty spells
  • In Healing spells
  • In Divination spells
  • In Jinx Removing spells

Lets see some examples on how you can utilize your powerful May Dew Elixir: 

  • Add some to a magical relaxing bath.
  • Add essential oil of Rosemary to Cleanse yourself, empower your magic and remove jinxes.

  •  Fill a bowl of Rosewater and add few drops of your powerful  May Dew Elixir. You can use just tap water instead if you don’t possess Rosewater and maybe add few drops of the essential oil of Rose. Charge the water by the names of the Angels / Fairies / God(s) / Spirits … whatever works best for you. Wash you face for seven days starting from Friday morning. Visualize yourself getting more charming, more beautiful and younger.  

May Dew Elixir is a powerful tool for Mages and Witches. We will use it in many more spells. So go out and get some.   

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