Ceroscopy: predicting the Future with the ways of the Fire


A brief introduction to divination: I am sure that many of you have used or still use a form of divination in order to be able to predict the future and get an answer to questions that trouble your mind.

Each and every single one of us use one form of divination or another in our everyday life even if it is a symbol, a colour or a single number. Others call it superstition I call it a form of art.

The human mind always tries to search patterns in order to make sense in a world that overwhelms us with various types of information and stimuli and divination allows the person to be able to perceive the signals and connect the dots in order to understand her/himself and the world in a more profound way. The reason for that is simple and universal to all human beings: our insecurity- the fear for the unknown.  Even though it sounds a bit dramatic it is also true; however the person who decides to see into the future is a wise one as knowing the future you are also capable of changing it.

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Divination is an art that requires both psychic powers and a disciplined mind. Now when I say psychic powers I do not mean only those who were lucky enough to be born with them but all these people who try to exercise this powerful tool that nowadays is called “brain” (although we can always doubt about its existence in some people especially politiciansJ) and scrying is a form of mental exercise that will make your extrasensory perception stronger. 

As you may already know there are different forms of divination and different tools to practice them: tarot cards, runes, scrying balls, pendulums and scrying mirrors. However, there are simpler forms of divination where the diviner uses resources from their surroundings and studies their patters. For example clouds, tea leaves, smoke, the movement of birds or other animals and handwriting or random drawings. The scryer uses these resources as a point to focus their attention, perceive the signals and respond to questions or form whole stories which narrate the current situation, how it was linked to the past and how it will develop in the future. The existence of different forms of divinations highlights the fact that different people may choose different methods in order to accomplish the same goal: Get an answer to their questions. No form of divination is better than the others and you are advised to explore them freely and find the one that suits you best.

The art of ceroscopy

Here I am going to share with you one form of divination which I consider both powerful and fun, the art of ceroscopy. Ceroscopy can both be used by experienced and novice scryers alike and you are advised to consider the method that I describe both as a form of divination and as a good exercise to sharpen your skills. Ceroscopy requires two key ingredients: a candle and a bowl of water. The actual method is further simple. You hold the candle with both hands and you visualize the question or the situation that you want an answer for, then you light the candle signaling that the darkest parts of this question will be illuminated. Then you keep focusing to your question and when the wax starts melting you start dripping the melted wax in the bowl of water. The wax will start taking shapes and forms that will be the answer to your question.

Search for symbols that have meaning to you, try to see a story forming as the wax gets solid in the bowl of water. You will need a notepad to write down your experience and the shapes that you have seen in the water.

Don’t stress yourself too much if at the beginning it seems a bit confusing ( or if you are like me a bit messyJ), ceroscopy requires time but the more you use it the better you will become at it and believe me the wax at the end will start to narrate stories for you. In addition to the above, you may use a coloured candle if you want in order to focus even more in a specific aspect of your life. For example a red candle for matters of the heart, a green or golden candle for your financial, if you are not sure about which colour to use then either use a colour of your preference or alternatively a white candle. In addition, you may want to use the fabulous herbal incense Divination of Rosarium Blends to open your extrasensory perception even more and take your scrying experience to another level.

A piece of advice, try to use a bowl or any other water container that has a large surface as you will need the space (and I am talking from experience here J). In addition, the bonus with ceroscopy is that you can keep the 3-D model answers that you have created and you can use these figures in your magic to actually ensure that the outcome is the one you want in that situation.

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