Follow Me Boy Oil: Recipe and how to use !

follow me boy

Maybe one of the most well known hoodoo blends is the Follow Me Boy (which may also be found as Follow Me Boy! Follow Me, Follow Me!). It is said that the prostitutes of New Orleans used (or still use) this oil to attract business. Therefore, and because of its name, it is supposed to be an erotic and attractive oil.

Is Follow me Boy an Erotic Oil?

Well it is not! Most people read the name as “FOLLOW me boy” and so they think it is an erotic oil, but if you read it as “follow ME boy” you will better understand the meaning.

Prostitutes are not trying to seduce men, they don’t want their love and affection, and they don’t even try to make them horny. A man seeking for a prostitute already wants to have sex, and goes to a place that he knows he will find many women (or men) that would have sex with him (for money of course). So the prostitute uses Follow Me Boy in order to choose her (or him) instead of the others working in the same street or house. They don’t want to arouse romantic feelings to the client.

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And this oil does not encourage such feelings. Neither they want to arouse sexual desire. The client already has that in order to seek for their services. Now most of women and men around seeking for some nice romantic bedtime are not in the advantageous position of prostitutes. You dress yourself as better (and sexy) as you can, wear some of this oil and go out with your friends hoping to return home with a lover… you most probably won’t, at least not because of this oil. Unless of course you are going to a party knowing that men there seeking for a … you know, you dress as provocatively as possible, to make obvious that you are selling what they want to buy and you wear this oil. Then yes, you will have a most marvellous night!

Uses of Follow Me boy

So, I believe I have made clear that Follow Me Boy is not an attraction oil, it’s not a love oil, it is a commanding oil. Maybe the most sexual oriented mild commanding oil, but mild commanding all along.

Now, tradition has it that it can be used either by men or women, but only on men. This is also not true. Both men and women can use this oil and it will work fine on subjects of either sex (applicable to both Straight and Gay). I believe the “boy” in the name is either because men were the main customers of prostitutes or because at the days that this formula was made up, men were the people of any kind of authority.

So why should one use Follow Me Boy? Well, as most of the mild commanding oils it helps the user to build self confidence. It also will help you to do your job easier if you have to come across people of authority of any kind. They may be your boss, your parents, judges, policemen or a representative of the public body etc.

Follow me boy and Sex

In sexual affairs, except of the situation mentioned before, you can use this oil to empower your commanding powers if you are in role playing, SM, Master/Mistress – Slave games. Remember though that no commanding oil therefore neither Follow Me Boy can turn into a submissive somebody that is not. So find somebody who is already submissive and make the most out of them through the extra power that Follow Me Boy will give you.

The Traps of Follow me Boy

I should also mention two traps, one regarding the Follow Me Boy (and the Commanding and Bend Over oils), and one regarding every commanding oil.  First, Follow Me Boy is a little aggressive; therefore if you and another party both wear this oil you most probably come to an argument even without a profound reason. Also do not try to settle a brawl using the commanding powers that Follow Me Boy gives you, as you most probably will find yourself in troubles.

The second trap concerns using Follow Me Boy or any and every commanding oil with an attraction, erotic or love oil. Do never do that. Although it sometimes seems to work fine it is black magic and you will surely pay the price.

Follow Me Boy has a long lasting effect.

Although its smell may fade or even not be powerful from the beginning the power of the oil continuous to act for about a day or so, therefore if you want to use an attraction oil or something like that, take a shower before doing so. It is not just to physically wash out the oil, which maybe have already absorbed, but mostly to undo the energetic field that Follow Me Boy has built in your aura. Thus, washing just the parts of your body that you have put the oil will not do the job properly.

There are many brands selling Follow Me Boy oils under all the names as I have mentioned in the beginning of the post. I have also seen a Follow Me Girl oil. I have not tried it neither I think it is necessary for the reasons I have mentioned. There are many different smells of these oils too. With the exception of fake blends that may exist, the difference in smell it is most probably because of the added oils that have been put just for bettering the smell and are possible helpful but not necessary and indispensable.

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The Recipe of Follow me boy!

There are basically two philosophies under which the Follow Me Boy blend is made, the one cares more for the commanding aspect of the blend and the other more for the sexual aspect of the blend. The recipe I am going to give you focuses more to the commanding aspect of the blend and it is the one I trust the most. It doesn’t smell very good neither its smell is very strong, but the effects of the oil are very powerful.

  • During waxing moon take a glass jar and put in it about 50ml of sweet almond oil.
  • Then using mortar and pestle grind two teaspoons of sweet flag (aka calamus), licorice, catnip and damiana. Put the powders in the jar with the oil. And three drops of vetiver oil, no more.
  • Use dried botanicals. Licorice and sweet flag may be difficult to be powdered by mortar and pestle. Thus you may want to use a blender. But first use the mortar and pestle, as you are providing the botanicals with the energy of your intensions.
  • If you want you can use some orange or bergamot oil, or some rose oil to better its smell. Also carnation oil will do the quite a good job. These oils will not reduce the power of the original blend. So put as much as you want to achieve the desired smell, but no more than 5 ml. Unless you know that your skin can take it. Also avoid adding more than one. If you are using bergamot oil remember that it is photosynthetic and therefore avoid exposing the parts of your body that you have put the oil to the Sun’s rays.

follow me boy


Close the jar tightly and store it in a dark but warm place. At least once a day shake the jar. After a complete circle of the Moon, open the jar. Furthermore, strain the oil in a bottle and through away the botanicals. You should have about 30 ml of Follow Me Boy oil.

Generally if you have taken care of choosing good quality of the oils you should be able to use this Follow Me Boy oil on your skin. But since it is possible to have an allergy to one or more of the botanicals or the oils, if you see any skin irritation stop using the oil on your body immediately.

I do not add any oil for the sake of smell. The good news is that Follow Me Boy can be used along with your cologne. At least you are be careful enough not to spray the cologne on the same spots as the oil…  Although most of the magical oils should not be used that way if you want the maximum of their abilities. But do not use colognes that have musk or white muskin their blends. That’s because musk itself is a strong attraction and love oil. Therefore should not be used with a commanding one. Also, preferably DO NOT use any cologne using botanicals and true essential oils while using the Follow Me Boy. That’s because some of them may reduce the magical abilities of the oil.

How to Use Follow me Boy

To access the Powers of your new Follow me Boy ! oil put a drop to each side of your neck. Be careful if you have used bergamot oil!  Now put one drop in the inner part of each elbow. Or put one or two drops in each sole of your feet. The two techniques have similar but different effects. Try both and see which one suits you best, but don’t use them both at the same time.

Wear the blend with caution while respecting everybody’s free will… oh and have fun!

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