How to See Prophetic Dreams


We already learned so much about Magic and Divination, yet we got so much more to tell, to explain, to mention… magic is an ocean and we just started to swim her wonderful waters.

There are plenty Divination methods, some are active (like asking the Tarot for an answer) while some are passive (like Prophetic Dreams).

The Dreamworld is something simple yet advanced at the same time to cope with. Magically speaking, the Dreamworld is associated mostly with the Element of Water and secondarily with the Element of Air. Every time we fall asleep we see uncountable dreams, dreams which are just scattered images of what we saw, felt, heard the previous day, dreams which reveal the truth of some of our desires and fears and some dreams which are so weird that even when we wake up we keep on thinking of their symbolism and meaning.

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All of us have saw at some point Prophetic dreams, in a way that may reveal an actual event or in a more complicated way. But when the time is right, we understand that what we saw in our dreams was actually predicting the reality we face now. This technique we are going to give you is a basic one, practice on this and you will do miracles! Always write down what you see on a piece of paper or preferably a Dream Book (we will talk soon about the Dream Book but let”s just say it”s a journal for all our dreams).

The Technique of how to see prophetic Dreams: 

*Step 1:  Burn some Bay Laurel leaves 1-2 hours before going to sleep. Air your bedroom. Bay Laurel is associated with Prophecy and Apollo, the God of Prophets! Read more here!

*Step 2: Right before you go to sleep, lie down on your bed and do the Relaxing Hatha Yoga Breathing Technique.  

*Step 3: Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Simply breathe. Feel the air. 

*Step 4: Repeat to your self 3 times the following affirmation:

“Now I'm going to sleep, I'm going to sleep in a very relaxing and rejuvenating way, I'm going to see a Dream, a very clear and prophetic Dream, and when I way up I will remember that Dream, and I will know what ….(your question!)”

*Step 5: Write down your dream, first thing in the morning.

Your question should be a simple one. I advice you to practice every night with this technique and for the first times don't ask anything in particular, in fact don't even say the last verse (and i will know what…). Just ask to see a prophetic dream… any dream. Practice in remembering your dream. When you feel ready ask what you wish to know. Always write down what you saw in the next morning. 

This is the basic Technique. It utilizes the power of self-hypnosis and the power of Apollo's sacred herb, the Bay Leaves. We will soon post more details about Self-hypnotism. You can ask us in private for more information.

Change Yourselves, Change the World!

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