The Perfect Love Spell

Love Spell

Hello again fellow witches! Seekers of sacred knowledge, today I am going to focus on the single guys and girls that wish to fuel their life with romance and passion. Today we try the Perfect Love Spell!

What is the Perfect Love Spell?

Those of you who wish for a companion, a partner, a dedicated lover to warm your bed, your heart and rock your world well this is your time. I am going to share with you a spell with ancient roots that have been used in many cultures and invokes the powers of the rose.

Will this Love spell Work for Gay, Straight and Lesbians? YES!

Now this spell can be used by both straight and gay witches and I am going to give all the details you need in order to accomplish your goal: to be happy and find a wonderful partner.

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  • 2 roses one representing you and one your perfect partner
  • A white candle
  • Rose water or essential oil of rose
  • Pink or red ribbon
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A knife or a pair of scissors

The spell is best to be performed either on the New Moon or Full Moon and if it falls on a Friday the day of Venus and Aphrodite even better. The spell is consisted of 2 phases.

Perfect Love Spell

Phase A

Choosing the roses

Now for this spell you need white or/and red roses. First of all lets see which rose represent you. If you are female then you are going to be represented with a white rose, if you are male you are going to be represented by a red rose. The same applies to your partner, if you seek a male partner he is going to be represented with a red rose. If you are seeking a female partner she is going to be represented with a white rose.

So if you are a gay male you need two red roses, if you are lesbian two white roses, if you are straight you will need a red and a white rose. Finally, please try to find two roses that you consider beautiful, perfect, divine and that you enjoy both their looks and their smell. After all they are going to represent two perfect people that are about to share the perfect love. Hence, put your best effort into that.


Schedule the Spell On the day of your choice. Take a relaxing bath make yourself beautiful as you were going on a very important date with the love of your life. Put your favorite perfume on. Do your hair and wear sexy underwear. Once ready take the two roses and place them in front of the candle. Put the other materials near you and face the moon. If that is not possible try at least to find its current position and face that direction. Take the candle and drop 7 drops of rose oil or rosewater in you hand.

Now dress the candle by anointing the oil from the top to the bottom. Then again from the top to the bottom as by doing that you actually invoke something to come into your life. Make sure that you don’t anoint the candle by going from the bottom to the top. Once you feel ready place the candle on a candle holder and take the rose that represents you. Kiss it and say:

love spell backfires

fortunately our love spell does not backfire…

“Perfect as a rose I am, Perfect as the Moon I shine I invoke love to come to me at this instance in this time”

Take the rose that represents the perfect partner.

Kiss it and say:

“Perfect as a rose you are, Perfect as the Moon you shine I invoke you to come in my life at this instance in this time”

Now light the candle and say:

“Holy flame as you shine so does s/he Light his/her way to find me”

Take the rose that represents you and cut it in the middle and then take the rose that represents your partner and cut it in the middle as well. Moreover, take the piece of paper and briefly describe which are the qualities that you possess and will draw the dream partner to you. Then on the other half of the same side write the qualities of your dream partner.

Take some time to think about it, what do you really want from a partner, be honest and be content. Once finished, draw a heart that will enclose the qualities (both yours and your partner’s) and then surround the heart with a circle. Consequently, fold now the paper and let three drops of rose oil or rosewater to fall on the paper. Put the folded paper on the rose that represents you and then add the other half. Furthermore, take the ribbon and bind the two half roses along with the paper. Now say:

gay love spell, lesbian love spell

Love is Sacred… no matter the gender

“Two halves are now bound Love above and Love around Perfect love will find a way None will wait another day Two hearts will beat again as one As I said now is done.”

Let the candle burn completely and proceed to Phase B.

Phase B

Finally, take the two half roses that have been left and take their rose petals out, place them in a bowl and sprinkle them outside from your house in the air. Take the bound roses and find a source of running water. Kiss the bound roses and throw them in the water saying: “True Love Will Find A Way”. Your spell is done, expect miracles.

The Easy Witch (in all possible waysJ)

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