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Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions
In Vedic Astrology, the planet Sun has a male nature. It also considers Moon, Mars and Jupiter as Friends, Mercury as Equal (the relation of Sun towards Mercury is neutral) and Venus, Saturn and Rahu as Enemies.


Sun’s colour is golden red (and also orange, red and gold), and its stone is the ruby (and secondly the diamond) and its metal is gold. Its season is Summer, and its element is Fire.
Sun owns Leo, he is exalted in Aries, having its greater exaltation on the tenth degree of Aries, and it is debilitated in Libra, having its lowest debilitation on the tenth degree of Libra.
Sun represents general health, wealth and social status. It also governs the sides, the heart, the upper back, and the right eye of the males or the left of the females.
In the first house the Sun gives to the person, general good health, but an acidic stomach and problems with the eye. It also gives wisdom, intellect, happiness and riches.
In the second house the Sun gives to the person diseases of the mouth and a bad fortune concerning money, at least in the first half of the person’s life. If it is associated with a malefic the bad health will remain and eye diseases and a general bad health will occur. If it is associated with beneficial planets then the wealth problems will not occur and the health will be better.
In general the Sun, as a malefic, in each house represents different problems of health and on money matters, with the exception of the ninth house where Sun seems to have only positive effects, and we have a person with good health, good marriage, and great wealth, and the tenth house where the person may become famous and well respected. Finally on the eleventh house the Sun is favourable concerning money matters but gives bad health.
Of course a proper analysis of the horoscope must be done in order to find out when, where and if a malefic or beneficial aspect of the Sun occurs. Generally speaking, if the Sun is in Leo or Aries, the malefic influences most often disappear and most of the times beneficial ones appear.
The Gods that are associated with the Sun are Lord Surya, Lord Agni, Lord Rama, and the Great Lord Siva, but the Graha (the deity who rules the cosmic influence) is Lord Surya.
Therefore in order to magnify the beneficial influences of the Sun and to minimize or even undo the malefic ones one should call upon Lord Surya.
There are some simple mantras of Lord Surya one can use in order to succeed this.
Om Suryaya namah(a)
Om ghrini Suryaya namah(a)
Om hram hreem hraum sah Suryaya namah(a)
Temple of Sun in India

There are several ways to perform this ritual. The simplest one is to chose one of the above mantras and recite them for one mala (108 times) or five malas daily for one week, one month or two months, depending on the situation.

The most powerful times of the day for praising Surya is dawn, midday and during the setting of the Sun. We don’t generally perform praises to Surya during the night. In fact the Rig Veda seems to cal the Sun Surya while the Sun is over the horizon (from rising till setting) and Savitar while the Sun is under the horizon (from setting till rising).
If you prefer to use the name Ravi instead of Surya then the ritual follows the same roles and the mantras will be:
Om Ravaye namah(a)
Om hreem Ravaye namah(a)
For better results recite the mantras of Surya over (or holding) a ruby or over the planetary square (or any other yantra of Surya). Sun’s number is 1 so the magic square of the Sun starts with number 1 and here is in Arabic numbers (left) and in Indian numbers (right)
The magic Square of the Sun, a powerful talisman in Arabic and Indian numbers
The magic Square of the Sun, a powerful talisman in Arabic and Indian numbers


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More on Surya and the Surya Namaskara are coming soon.

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