Astral projection, how to travel in Spirit form.


Most of you who visit our site have previously heard of this amazing ability of some people who voluntarily (or not) get out of their body and wonder in a spirit form. Some others may just heard of the term “astral projection”, making them wonder what it may mean.

So you googled it and here we are. Of course there are some who already know about astral projection and you want to know more!

What is astral projection? Imagine yourself free from the rules of physics that apply to our human bodies. Imagine yourself flying over the cities or villages you live like a bird, passing easily through walls like a ghost, wondering in a forest or the deep ocean, travelling to distant places you could never reach, visiting your loved ones who get away and watch out for them, even travelling to the Past and watch historical events like the building of the Pyramids, the sacred rites of the Druids or even take a glimpse of the Future events.

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Not until the last two decades, the access to this information was considered impossible due to the lack of reliable sources and the strict rules which applied to all these hermetic orders who taught astral projection to their initiates. Now things are different. Magical Recipes Online will once more responsibly give you the truth about the Astral World, free of charge, free of spam info and free from suspicious sects and spooky rituals.

Our first article will give you important information about what is astral projection. There will be more articles to follow as several techniques to achieve astral projection, rituals, recipes, sigils, things you can do while you are in your astral form, spirit realms you can meet and generally what you may encounter during an astral projection and many many more! We have just begun!

Let’s see some of what you may have possibly read on the Web or on a book. Some things maybe myths and some true. Let’s analyse them one by one. Please make sure to comment on our articles if you have any other questions on this subject! First of all Yes! we did Astrally project ourselves many times, not as much as we like but we have managed it many times.It would not be ethical to write an article about astral projection without managing it, would it?

And Yes! Everyone can achieve it! Astral projection is a natural gift every human possesses just because every human possesses an Astral Body (amongst other bodies) and the Will to project it! In fact that’s all we need. The will to project ourselves. Everything else is just helping us. We got everything we need Already! So I already answered the question “What do I need to achieve Astral Projection”.

Astral Projection is an ability we have to learn as we learned to stand up and walk. It's equally difficult. As babies we couldn't easily stand. We needed help at first. We couldn't run, could we? That's exactly astral projection. The ability to “stand up and walk” in the astral Plane. It takes patience to master the technique yet everyone can manage to project himself/herself in a short time! 

As we mentioned in the article on Salamanders “…there are several Planes of existence and perception. The occult and religious sources disagree on how many they are, where they are, what dwells there and how we can access them, but they agree in one thing. There are Different planes, some have more extended wisdom than our physical world and some have more restricted freedom and heavier burdens than ours.”

In the future articles we will give you more information about the Astral and Other Planes! Stay tuned!

Now it's time to answer some other major questions you all asked us and wondered about. 

“Is Astral Projection safe?” The answer is not simple and as always we want to be very sincere with our readers. Let's face our fears with astral projection by making some other plain but popular questions on 


 * “Is it Possible to Die while I am in the Astral World?” The answer is yes, but not more possible if you are not in the astral world. I mean it doesn't change anything. Moreover you should be informed that as we are going to analyze further, being in the astral plane your are in better touch with your magical powers, thus you have more intense healing abilities. Abilities you can practice on yourself! So if you ask if it's more possible to die during your astral travel then NO!

* “How will I get back to my body? Is it possible not to turn back?” The answer is no. Only the most experienced astral travelers may possess this ability but this question is pointless. You can turn back to your body because you want to and that's all that matters. Even if you are on the edge of suiciding, while in the astral plane you are very likely to encounter the truth about the miracle of life so you will return renewed, refreshed. Ever heard of all those people who had near death Experiences? These experiences are very similar to the astral travels and they all point to the same direction. Life is a Gift! When they return to their bodies, they feel like they are in a shock, in a good way! They know the truth and they change their lives to something very, very bright! So you can return to your body anytime your wish. 

* “May I encounter Demons or Evil Entities during an astral flight?” Of course you may encounter evil entities but that's not going to happen if you are not into Black Magic and take the precautions you will read in further articles. Demons like to cause fear because it's their weapon. If you “experimented” with black magic and sigils of demons with the key of Solomon or other Grimoires don't think that this is just gonna disappear. NEVER MESS WITH YOUR KARMA! It's absolutely pointless! You can achieve anything you wish without Demons' “help”. However, if you live in a place where you feel black magic was practiced (by you or others) first your should magically “Clean” the area by exorcism and other rituals (done by you or Professionals). This will make the procedure easier. But there is also something you should know. Demons have power only when we voluntarily give it to them. It's just a state of mind. Ask help from your Guardian Angel! Yes! He exists and YES! he is always willing to help you no matter what you've done during your previous life!  No Demon can stand the power of the Light! Shadows vanish just before the presence of the Light! There is no such thing as a “war” between Light and Dark, just because Darkness flees before Light! 

Overall astral projection is a safe procedure but we have to take care some things first. Face your fears and remember that you are born with the ability to achieve astral flights! 

How Can I accomplish Astral Projection?  Well there are many ways and we are going to give you the most effective techniques, the ones we use! But be patient and stay tuned! Till then repeat to your self  this daily affirmation 3 times per day:

“I can easily achieve astral Projection. It is safe for me, it is fun for me!”

The astral Projection series have just started! Tons of information are coming! Stay tuned to your DAILY FEED IN OCCULT!

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